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  1. Didn't that part of downtown used to be known as Frost Town? that would be cool if they brought that back.
  2. I really don't know what developers are waiting for but the Third Ward could be the best tapped area in the city. It is close to downtown, it is in the loop, it is close to mass transit it is anchored by the third largest university in the state and many have eagerly been waiting for this area to properly develop for decades!! In my opinion, efficiencies for this low of a price is setting the bar pretty low. I envision this becoming another EADO in a decade or two. Look for developers to start to test the waters....imagine if it got an InTown Homes townhouse development, imagine a large mixed use project along Scott Street across from the campus. Imagine, a run on the lots with nice homes. This all could be reality. In know, the catchment area right now doesn't support development but many UH grads, professors, students, etc. have been waiting for the Third Ward to get its act together and catch up with the rest of the booming parts of the city. There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't. Let's home this project starts the momentum...because it is happening ..just a matter of WHEN not IF.
  3. Yep, Cities develop in layers...always have!
  4. Currently under construction. Anyone have information or renderings of this. Are they building an upgraded prootype or their basic one? I haven't see anything and I'm thinking it could go either way since it is bordered by MidTown, Museum District & the Third Ward but I hope they realize the location potential and build a nicer one.
  5. Don't forget the Ismaili Cultural Center which is supposed to be an Architectural landmark...they only select one city, per country, for their center.
  6. I hope both Nancy and the developer read this thread to realize how off base they are. Uptown is considered an urban nightmare to anyone with even close to a little knowledge of urban design. I'm thinking dodging cars along a giant thoroughfare is NOT what Jane Jacobs had in mind. On this site, I'm pretty sure Hines current Market Square tower and the new one under construction will demand the highest rents in the city. True, this one isn't IN downtown but its close enough for those rich buyers who want the downtown proximity without being in the middle of it. The $600k asking price for a 1 bedroom and $1million plus for a two bedroom back that up.
  7. I wonder what is the agenda for this article....it seems very off for coming from someone respected, like Nancy Sarnoff. “For a developer, it’s risky. It’s not Uptown. It’s not River Oaks,” Contreras said this week, No, Contreras..it's a place called Near Town..nuzzled in between downtown, River Oaks, and Montrose. For its residents its a short drive, or uber ride, or private car to all of the cultural districts in the city. His concerns are ridiculous...I'd rather live here than Uptown anyway. Plus, you will have the Regent Square development, the Hanover development, and the Ismaili Landmark just down the street. "While the location of the project is a short drive to Houston’s cultural and sports destinations, the medical center and upscale housing, it lacks the walkability of areas such as Uptown or inside the West Loop near San Felipe, where multiple towers have been built or are under construction." Well, that's the first time I've ever heard Uptown described as "walkable". Its one of the LEAST walkable "major" districts in the United States. Walk from Boulevard Place to the Galleria and tell me how pleasant of a walk that is. Seriously, Nancy is better that that. You know Houston is in trouble when we point to Uptown as a model for a pedestrian friendly, human scale district..lol
  8. So, how many new residential/hotel units are we adding along Allen Parkway, in the next 5-10 years? Regent Square- 600 Apartment Units, per article The Allen- ?# Condo Units The Allen- ?# Apartments Units The Allen- ?# Hotel Rooms Hanover- ?# Apartment Units Hanover - ?# Hotel Rooms Ismaili Center- ? Any residential units or hotel rooms as part of this project?
  9. This is drastically different than the original layout from 10 years ago. Will this be on the same blocks as those or is this a different block?
  10. I wonder if they have a figure in mind for the price of the condos and more importantly, the monthly maintenance fee.
  11. Ha...Never thought I'd read an Oliver Cromwell quote in a downtown Houston thread... Now NYC..that would make sense since he had the Duke of York's father beheaded. Yes, that Duke of York that named NYC after himself.
  12. The Texas Constitution should be amended to allow equal access (25%) to the Permanent University Fund (PUF) for the following systems: University of Texas, Texas A&M, the University of Houston & Texas Tech University. That still gives UT and TAMU a huge head start plus those two have built up two of the largest endowments. All other public schools in the State of Texas should be given a clear road map of what they need to improve to elevate themselves into that top tier worthy of the PUF in the future. But right now, UH and TTU are the most worthy of making that leap into UT and TAMU tier We all need to look at this big picture, from a collaborative point of view. The state of California, with their UC system, is running circles around the state of Texas with our "fund TWO systems and let the rest fund themselves" attitude. Had this really been thought out, ALL state schools would have filtered into either the UT or TAMU system from the beginning but that isn't how it worked out. This gap will only grow larger if we don't find a way for a state, with 28 MILLION residents, to have FOUR Main campuses (UT, TAMU, UH & TTU) to compete with the California Public Universities. Most states have MORE prestigious public schools than Texas with a fraction of our population. Show me one Texas politician that even brings this let alone demands the PUF be open up to UH and TTU. UT and TAMU have had their share of the PUF for long enough. Adding a UT-Houston a few miles from a nearly 100 year old UH campus that is striving to become a really good public school is the absolutely WRONG thing to do. Just as adding a Texas A&M-Austin or UT- College Station next to the opposite would be the WRONG thing to do. Each region should establish a premiere Public and premiere Private school in the region. Houston has ALREADY ESTABLISHED BOTH with UH and Rice.
  13. Trrae, this is bigger issue that just not allowing a UT-Houston, it revolves around HOW the State of Texas funds ITS public schools. Read up on the PUF (Permanent University Fund) and how the ONLY Public schools that have access to the HUGE pot of money is the UT system and TAMU system. Even among those two UT gets more of the share. Its written into the Texas State Constitution. All other STATE schools were not allowed to get a penny from this fund...that includes UH, Texas Tech, Sam Houston, Texas State, North Texas, etc. so each year these schools would essentially beg for THEIR state to fund THEIR state schools. Eventually the state did create a secondary pot but that is a much smaller pot is divided among all the non- UT/TAMU system public schools in the state. So, you can imagine UH's position....when a nearly hundred year old state school in the state of Texas that has to BEG for state funding each year found out that Texas was going to build a new campus for UH with the excess funds from a pot that the other state schools do not have access to ..they just had to put their foot down. As for the State of Texas, there is ZERO reasons why the university of Houston should not be as prestigious as say a UCLA......this is a State government issue This whole issue revolves around how the state of Texas manages their public institutions of higher learning. They CHOSE not to have a collaborative system as say the UC system in California....that was their decision. It was also their decision to leave certain institutions to fend for themselves instead of helping to build them up into the premiere State system in the United States... This a state issue..not a city Houston issue....
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