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  1. shasta

    UT Research Campus

    The Texas Constitution should be amended to allow equal access (25%) to the Permanent University Fund (PUF) for the following systems: University of Texas, Texas A&M, the University of Houston & Texas Tech University. That still gives UT and TAMU a huge head start plus those two have built up two of the largest endowments. All other public schools in the State of Texas should be given a clear road map of what they need to improve to elevate themselves into that top tier worthy of the PUF in the future. But right now, UH and TTU are the most worthy of making that leap into UT and TAMU tier We all need to look at this big picture, from a collaborative point of view. The state of California, with their UC system, is running circles around the state of Texas with our "fund TWO systems and let the rest fund themselves" attitude. Had this really been thought out, ALL state schools would have filtered into either the UT or TAMU system from the beginning but that isn't how it worked out. This gap will only grow larger if we don't find a way for a state, with 28 MILLION residents, to have FOUR Main campuses (UT, TAMU, UH & TTU) to compete with the California Public Universities. Most states have MORE prestigious public schools than Texas with a fraction of our population. Show me one Texas politician that even brings this let alone demands the PUF be open up to UH and TTU. UT and TAMU have had their share of the PUF for long enough. Adding a UT-Houston a few miles from a nearly 100 year old UH campus that is striving to become a really good public school is the absolutely WRONG thing to do. Just as adding a Texas A&M-Austin or UT- College Station next to the opposite would be the WRONG thing to do. Each region should establish a premiere Public and premiere Private school in the region. Houston has ALREADY ESTABLISHED BOTH with UH and Rice.
  2. shasta

    UT Research Campus

    Trrae, this is bigger issue that just not allowing a UT-Houston, it revolves around HOW the State of Texas funds ITS public schools. Read up on the PUF (Permanent University Fund) and how the ONLY Public schools that have access to the HUGE pot of money is the UT system and TAMU system. Even among those two UT gets more of the share. Its written into the Texas State Constitution. All other STATE schools were not allowed to get a penny from this fund...that includes UH, Texas Tech, Sam Houston, Texas State, North Texas, etc. so each year these schools would essentially beg for THEIR state to fund THEIR state schools. Eventually the state did create a secondary pot but that is a much smaller pot is divided among all the non- UT/TAMU system public schools in the state. So, you can imagine UH's position....when a nearly hundred year old state school in the state of Texas that has to BEG for state funding each year found out that Texas was going to build a new campus for UH with the excess funds from a pot that the other state schools do not have access to ..they just had to put their foot down. As for the State of Texas, there is ZERO reasons why the university of Houston should not be as prestigious as say a UCLA......this is a State government issue This whole issue revolves around how the state of Texas manages their public institutions of higher learning. They CHOSE not to have a collaborative system as say the UC system in California....that was their decision. It was also their decision to leave certain institutions to fend for themselves instead of helping to build them up into the premiere State system in the United States... This a state issue..not a city Houston issue....
  3. shasta

    Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

    Also, maybe because it's closer to Hines' cluster of top buildings. Look at where they are building their new office tower, close to this building, close to the location of 609 Main and BP Place, plus close to their older buildings. Those are within easy walking distance and have tunnel connection. Plus, an easy walk to the Theater District, the historic stretch of Main and light rail stations and not too far from MMP. I'm guessing the rents in this spot is a little higher than midtown. It makes perfect sense that Hines has picked this Market Square area twice to locate their residential buildings. Maybe, they want to heavily influence this neighborhood also.
  4. shasta

    Giorgetti Houston: 7-story Residential Building

    Since Uptown has blocked light rail multiple times (Post Oak and University lines), I'm really hoping that the next legs focus on the "spines" that continue to density INSIDE the loop. 1st on the list would be Allen Parkway/Kirby. It could connect to the Theatre District stop.....go up Allen parkway with the currently and planned developments (i.e. mixed use near FRB and Regent Square) and then down Upper Kirby, which is quickly becoming the "Broadway" of Houston. It would then continue up Kirby to Rice Village. You'd get a lot of points of interest along that route and it would alleviate traffic. Midtown appears to be in good shape with the cluster of dense development along the Main Street Line. Other Inner Loop 'urban' corridors that Metro should consider as they are really densifying quickly include...Washington and Montrose. Uptown had their chance....
  5. Save this these type of designs for downtown or the inner loop. It will get lost, and underappreciated, in a place like Kingwood.
  6. Apartments or condos? If condos, have they started presales?
  7. shasta

    The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    This may be the best looking new building in Houston. I'd love to see something like this, only taller, in downtown. It would really break up the monotony of the grey and greyish blue glass buildings downtown.
  8. Anyone know how much these units go for?
  9. shasta

    New Park for the Southern Area of Downtown
  10. to me, the first notable piece of the 'downtown revival' was the addition of the ballpark at Union Station/Enron Field/ Minute Maid Park. There was a HUGE debate over whether the new baseball stadium should be built downtown or near the Astrodome. Pro urban renewal supporter pointed to the renaissance that Baltimore, Denver, and Cleveland experienced over their downtown location and the missed opportunity by the Chicago White Sox, who decided to build their new stadium outside of downtown. I never expected it to happen overnight, but a neighborhood is forming around MMP and that piece is connected to the other pieces...Discovery Green + Convention Center upgrades + Market Square, etc.
  11. They could have a section of the Hall for Houston inspired sports movies or movies featuring Houston sports/athletes/venues.. - Bad New Bears II/ Astrodome -The Batttle of the Sexes/Astrodome -Friday Night Lights / Astrodome - Boys Life featured an Astros game at MMP. Also, weren't the two main golfers in Tin Cup, former teammates at the University of Houston? Oh, and Jamie Foxx's UH character in Any Given Sunday and I'm sure many more.
  12. This is just the garage? Have they broke ground on the office building?
  13. shasta

    Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Seriously. what is the developer's game plan here? I understand putting the project on hold in 2009 but many mini boom cycles have happened since then. This would be a HUGE success if it was currently online. The developers have owned the land since the 1980s, they demolished most of the Allen House (income producing property) and yet the lots remain vacant. Let's hope 2018 IS the year. Sadly, those Chines developers are going to one up Regent Square, once again, by building their mixed use development on Allen Parkway giving them another "reason" to delay.
  14. shasta

    40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    The brick rendering doesn't shows the Marriott Marquis as a parking lot so I'm going to say that is the older rendering. I like the brick facade better than the stucco or whatever panel system that is.