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  1. Does someone have a rendering of what is being constructed now vs. the additional phases to be built out later? Does that master plan exist?
  2. Plus very low interest rates that make the project MORE feasible!
  3. Poor Regent Square- they were all set to begin construction in 2009 then the Great recession happened. Then they strategically decided to table the master plan and start with a stand-alone apartment tower missing out on a decade of boom time in Houston n which this project would have incredibly successful. Then they scale back their master plan and begin construction and then a pandemic throws the retail market into limbo.
  4. Maybe Cal will name Bill O'Brien as the General Contractor on this project!
  5. You have to remember, this the McNair family we are talking about. If they approach this project like they do their football team, it will be mediocre AT BEST. I hope not...but the fact they continue to drag their feet on this one echoes how they run the Texans.
  6. Didn't they have a public event with scaled models of the whole site? This thing has already been schematically designed...we just need them to release the design to the public.
  7. Have we heard anything else about this project? It's been quiet.
  8. We are developing more like an Asian city than an American one. We will have visible skyscraper nodes in many parts of the city.
  9. We still need more walkable mixed-use elements to complement the museums, parks, and nearby residential. More restaurants and some retail would be nice to connect the buildings along Bissonnet/Binz.
  10. I also notice that when the national networks broadcast a game from here (mostly Rockets or Astros) they'll do an aerial view over downtown AS IF it was live. I'l pause the shot, and almost ALL of the times- they are using stock footage of a previous aerial. How do i know? I can easily spot the buildings that are missing...some buildigns had been completed and the aerial shows a parking lot..ha
  11. I seriously doubt that the city of Austin is making decisions that are best for University of Houston expansion into Austin, why do you guys act surprised when Houston is doing the same to protect the interests of its flagship public university?
  12. Nope..UT didn't make my final cut, despite pressure from UT family members and YES..I had the grades to get in. You'd be surprised how many have turned down a scholarship/acceptance at UT-Austin to attend the University of Houston...there are more than you think. For me, UH's accredited Architecture program within a top 5 US city, with their picky sub 10% acceptance rate, turned out to be the best choice! UT understands that Houston is the most prolific educational market in the state and that the University of Houston is sitting in the cat birds seat, long term. They have advantages the other Texas cities just don't have. Give it a little time and Houston will have the BEST private school (Rice) and the BEST public school (UH) in the State of Texas........ just give it time. And for those paying attention, 46,000 students this fall is a new enrollment record and they are building enough dorms to someday claim the title of the most dorms on campus in any school in Texas. Imagine a campus with 60,000 students, with 20,000+ living on campus and served by a redeveloped Third Ward creating a College Campus environment inside the soon to be 3rd most populous city in the United States. Quite the shift!
  13. If anything Austin is under-served.... Let's a build a University of Houston- Austin campus, a Texas A&M- Austin campus, and a Texas Tech- Austin campus...all within miles from the UT- Austin campus.
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