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  1. sorry for the zombie thread, but I came across this photo today and remembered the discussion. A photo of the grand opening of the Ingrando home, July 18, 1954. Photo was just listed for sale yesterday, here.
  2. I could be completely off, but the angle of the Gulf Building to the Esperson as well as the far left placement of the Texas National Bank makes me think it makes more sense for that road to be 59 instead of 45?
  3. This is an Historic Images photo from the Houston Post with no other information than the Post stamp on the back dated April 18, 1967. Can any one tell me what street it was taken from?
  4. Lots of Almeda photos here along with a bit of history until it was torn down in Feb. 2016 http://southbelthouston.blogspot.com/2017/06/south-belt-spot-skate-ranches-almeda.html
  5. I'd read Kathryn Casey's Deliver Us: Three Decades of Murder and Redemption in the Infamous I-45/Texas Killing Fields a few years ago, particularly interested in the case of Kim Pitchford who was abducted January 3, 1973 from my alma mater, Dobie High School. Just a heads-up if you've followed any of these unsolved murders along I-45 during the early 70s, A&E is premiering a series on the man who has confessed to eleven of them. It's prompted the opening of two of the cold cases. The series starts this Thursday night if you're interested. http://www.ae
  6. there've been several threads over the years on Corll. This one probably has the most memories:
  7. undated photo from the South Belt Leader offices (never printed that I've found) I can't remember when Wolfe left Almeda Mall, but likely when they opened up at Baybrook. edited to add, found this: https://www.arivify.com/property/search/ru6JDq0VQ with Wolfe nursery listed in sale dates in 1984 and 1986 (name changes) and then sold again in 1991, probably when they left for Baybrook.
  8. The UH Special Collections was the recipient of all of the Foley's docs in 2006, so there is a ton on Greenspoint available to discover. They have a ton of stuff not related to Foley's as well. Here's the list (center column entitled Collecting Areas): Special Collections
  9. Almeda Mall history put together a compilation of photos and some docs from 3 years worth of Almeda Mall research from my various sources if anyone is interested in the video (linked above). One of the newest discoveries was an aerial taken on the preview day of Foley's Almeda Genoa opening, at the end of September 1966. You can see the Breeze-Way Dance Hall at the top of the photo
  10. You Know You're From Clear Lake if You Remember... Facebook Group has quite a few photos people have shared from back in the day
  11. Northwest Foley's definitely had the shoe ship, same as Almeda. Between the two and a generation of kids (it lasted at Almeda for almost a decade) that memory comes up a lot. And it would have been Woolworth's you remember. Only photo I've found thus far:
  12. John Nova Lomax's Texas Monthly piece in this month's issue is about Northwest Mall: Scenes from Inside a Houston Zombie Mall
  13. An aerial shot published 5/3/78 in the South Belt Leader: Baybrook Mall Coming This Summer The Macy's opened in 1985. I was in the Dobie Band and we played at the Grand Opening, marched through the new store, and out into the mall that day to great fanfare.
  14. 1961 Aerial Got the high resolution aerials from UH today. Oldest is linked here.
  15. Interior Shakey's Pizza Parlor snapshots
  16. Back from the trip through the UH archives and here's the result: Foleys Almeda Docs and Photographs 1961 - 1976 Love the Special Collections room here! If you can get over there and are interested in Foley's, from their downtown store and outward, it's worth a visit. They will make up to 250 photocopies of docs for you for free, as well as requesting a limited amount of high resolution digital scans of photographs from them. It's in the main library, second floor at the back, very quiet and secluded, and on three different days, every librari
  17. Well, if anyone searches for this information, here's a comparison: Briscoe Center: requires a week lead time to request specific boxes to be pulled from offsite. Currently requiring appointments. They will require you lock up all your belongings but you can take your cellphone. I was allowed to photograph negatives for personal review, but to publish any of them (anywhere) it was $50 per photograph. Took six weeks to get those from the time I gave them my list (15 photographs) to download. Houston Public Library (Julia Ideson Texas Reading Room): asks a few days notice to pull mate
  18. It's currently a work in progress, but here is a link to the index. Houston Area Yearbook Series Currently has 16 active links: Houston Skylines and Aerials Houston Street Views (largely from parade photos) The Houston Zoo Houston Airports Houston Kiddie Rides, Amusement Parks, and Playgrounds Houston Area Diners, Drugstore Soda Fountains, & Drive-Ins Houston Area Gas Stations Houston Area Grocery Markets Houston Area Music Advertising Houston Area Mystery Places Houston Area Restaurants Houston Area Shopping Houst
  19. Related new post: Picadilly in its first month of operation at Northwest: http://southbelthouston.blogspot.com/2016/03/november-8-1968-newly-opened-picadilly.html
  20. Ha! I love these little hand drawn maps! Been spending the winter culling photographs from what started out as just the near SE high school yearbooks, and that's blossomed into pretty much Harris and every surrounding county (climbed to over 1100 photos last night!) There was one of these in the 1940 Lamar book that caught my eye, with Lamar, River Oaks Country Club, River Oaks office, River Oaks community center and gardens, Memorial Park, and Tall Timbers as the only markers of the area. Priorities!
  21. Very happy to share! And thank you for the kind words! I am always on the lookout for new sources that might yield more photographs of the area in its earliest days. I'm planning a visit to the U of H holdings when I'm back in town in April to see what their Foley's holdings might yield. Is there possibly a similar repository for Penney's hiding out in a library locally, I wonder? I've spoken with management at Almeda Mall and there is nothing to be found of the early days still in existence at the Mall offices. Wherever folks went from there, they must have taken the bits of history
  22. Photographs from Bob Bailey Studios finally cleared for publication on the Archive of the Foley's groundbreaking and grand opening 1965/66: http://southbelthouston.blogspot.com/2016/03/foleys-fourth-almeda-groundbreaking-and.html
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