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  1. There was an icehouse on Washington Ave about a mile east of Memorial Park (near Pig Stand??). It was old when I went there in the mid 60s. It catered to the semi-pro and amateur Soft ball crowd at night and the locals in the afternoon/evening. One evening the owner came to each table and apologized because he was gonna have to start charging a quarter for a longneck. I think they had been 22c.
  2. Looking through really old memories. I was at Hebert's Ritz a number of times but always at lunch with Dad and business associates. I seem to remember a specialty was a slice of prime rib cooked like a steak ,which was very popular with our group. ALWAYS a pleasant experience.
  3. My Grandparents lived in the Woodland Heights 67 years. In those years from the late 1920s they had the same 4 last phone numbers. First ##41, then T##41, then UNderwood ##41, and lastly 861-##41. Papa also reserved (They set it aside for him) his address number for his license plate number many years with the help of the service counter folks at the grocery store.
  4. I am wondering when the phone number went from six to seven places in Houston. I have a pic of a family homes for sale sign with the number MU-0216 I am guessing 1948 in Oak Forest, but am looking for verification. Any help out there?
  5. If you want to know more about Meyer & Arrowhead Speedways check out the history sections of this site www-lonestarspeedzone-com I helped with safety 1969 'til it closed It was a busy place on Saturday nights.
  6. I lived in Woodway Square some years before the fire. I saw the smoke from the Katy area and saw the details on the TV news. It was a big deal and it did change rules regarding construction including shingles. Indelible in my memory is a phone call I got from a buddy a couple of days after the fire. Friend : Do you know where your old apartment is?" Me: No "!?!" Friend: "In your old parking space!" It was a sobering commentary about the hardships that a whole bunch of apartment dwellers were going through that week.
  7. Logic tell me that title continues to be clouded in the area. If you look at an aerial, there is still lots of underutilized real estate in the area. Except for Pinemont Park(?) and where we built Forest Pines sec 2., most parking lots, structures, etc. can economically be cleared away for "higher and better use".
  8. I have some answers to these questions. Many of the 25x100 lots were, indeed, sold. Most were bought in response to ads in National magazines in about 1910-15. The area was platted but never incorporated into a town. Most owners bought "a little piece of Texas" through mail order and never saw there purchases. When Forest Pines was platted, homes were built from South to North and clouded titles began to appear when individual houses were sold. The builder then spent over ten years "curing" the title. This included sending agents all over the country to secure ownership. The Builder had move
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