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  1. Back on track here.... Now there saying that these weapons seem to date back to the Iran/Iraq War. And that the Department of defense states that "these are not the weapons that we went to war for" that these "WMDs" are essentially harmless It appears that Santorum is getting his butt spanked(poll wise) which does explain his claim about the WMDs
  2. As much as I wanted Dallas to win just so a Championship would return to Texas and so that Dallas would finallay get a much deserved NBA championship. Mark Cuban made me wish even more for them not to win. This is kind of like "Ha HA you annoying little prick"
  3. Come on Red...you can PM me .....promise I won't moan
  4. Anyone else see this in the paper, about the Intermodal Sounds like the planning is coming along fine
  5. Ok, so I don't know jack about world cup. So the US got beat by the Czechs so is the US eliminated or is it best out 3 or 5?
  6. Yeah I notice that too. Maybe he needs to run to the order(either one) to fill up his prescription. That's why we need universal healthcare
  7. I was down there for most of the event. There was a huge crowd, and I think they didnt expect that many. but I thik the organisers have learned and will be better prepared next time when they open the next segment. As for the walk coming to an end near bayou place, i don't think that was part of the event, that segment is the Sesquentenial Park and wasn't really focused on(they should of though). As for the Sabine street bridge being cut off, I think that was because fireworks were set off from there (saw them around 7 or 8) then it was reopened when I passed by around 1130pm(well after the
  8. Great another one on the rail...just what we need
  9. Now is this the one across the street fom Foley's ? If it is....this place has diffinately changed. I ate the chicken there once back in the 80s the problem with the chicken now is that it's probably the same chicken post 100!
  10. Darnit just filled my tank yesterday....should of waited
  11. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi reported dead on ABC news The head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, who has given the US the slip since the begining of the war was killed in Iraq.....It's about time What's next? Less IEDs or attacks....or do they continue with new leader?
  12. I thought so too I was thinking "nice try Fierce Pancake, but I'm not falling for it" I guess you know where my mind is
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