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  1. Re: 1766 Pasadena This thread died three years ago, but perhaps someone is still interested. I dated one of the "animal house" boys for years, and not everyone was blind to the beauty and potential of the home. Lots of great memories there, just never enough money to do what needed to be done. There was a main staircase, a steep and scary back stair case, stained glass in a cuppola (oddly roofed over) if I recall correctly, the kitchen was falling apart... Back in the early 90s, all underwear running was confined to the actual property, and we didn't dare park on the street. Thank you to everyone who posted about the history of the house. It's a testement to its beauty that 20 years later, I still enjoy reading about it. eta: We were told the house had been built by a "railroad baron". Non-factual, but lends to existing research.
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