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  1. Creating this thread as a catch-all for any new restaurants that open up east of 61st. The building at 728 Seawall was remodeled just before the pandemic, so it's good to see they finally found a major tenant. https://www.lapeskagalveston.com/
  2. Interesting observation. And I guess I'm the silly goose now...
  3. That's the railroad right-of-way, ya silly goose.
  4. I doubt they ran out of money mid project, since bids are reviewed and modified to fit their budget. This sounds exactly like the cluster**** going on along Caroline. I would pin blame on the contractor for not properly planning/executing the project.
  5. Google has superimposed the demolished buildings over the current view of the site. The AI probably assumes they are obscured by clouds and stitches them in from an older view.
  6. I found his email in the source code of that website. PM me if anyone wants to contact him 😉
  7. I walked by yesterday and peeked inside. Looks like they were close to finishing...
  8. You would think one would need a permit to knock a hole in the side of building.
  9. @zbrow17 located construction documents, which include a rendering of the Starbucks that's currently being framed and the site plan:
  10. The permits mention partial demolition. I wonder if that means interior only or if they are going to knock down everything besides the two main structures to match up with the proposed site plan.
  11. Saw this while in Galveston for a day trip. Looks to be a major catalyst for this side of the island. http://blockcompanies.com/projects/the-oleanders-at-broadway https://cw39.com/news/texas/new-photos-more-affordable-housing-coming-to-galveston-in-2023/
  12. I just noticed they cut down the oak tree that used to be next to the telephone pole. 😢
  13. I think this info was posted in another thread a few months ago and I believe it was ITKHouston that posted about it, so they may have more updates since then. https://www.instagram.com/badastronautbrewing/
  14. The long-time Midtown home of Wonton Food Corp (2902 Caroline St) appears to be shutting down operations soon. The cookie smell is still coming out of the building, so this is still operating as usual for now. Anyone have info? @Urbannizer posted this replat in 2015.
  15. They've finished grading the parking area and placed some of the forms.
  16. It's considered a sculpture because no one would actually live in a structure so close to an active train track. Even deaf folks (who wouldn't be deaf after a year living here) would be startled from their sleep because of the vibrations as the engine and cars roll by.
  17. That's a stairway railing, but it looks like there's enough room to walk around it.
  18. This is a strange response to a compliment, gratitude, and a question about image processing.
  19. Silly reporters. Their TDLR filing states "2106 Dallas St Ste. 100," which is next door to Indianola/Miss Carousel instead of across from. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022010773
  20. Me too. Their eventbrite listing states that this will be downtown across from Minute Maid, so not sure if having anything at the old venue even makes sense logistically. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/st-patricks-day-festival-2022-tickets-94555204161
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