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  1. There's a huge pile of dirt and at least one piece of digging equipment on the block planned for the food truck park.
  2. I don't see them starting in January if they've only raised $850. I think these groups usually leverage the crowdfunding haul as part of financing. Fingers crossed they have deep pockets!
  3. Technically you don't need an exemption if you take off and operate within 400 ft of a tall building. The ceiling is measured from the top of the structure, not ground level. Since cityliving appears to be flying at around 1,000 ft, they should have notified (and received approval from) the FAA regarding day/time and flightpath.
  4. They were clarifying that cityliving's posts are for a different project/thread.
  5. So random how they added delineation for each floor with the number of fillets in the trim corresponding to the top of the floor level.
  6. If they're planning to install a retractable roof, I see lots of noise ordinance fines in this club's future.
  7. One would think that the required remediation would put it even higher on the list. With city funds allocated to that portion of the rehab, the developer would have a financial incentive to get started.
  8. Either this footage is 2 months old or that U-Haul has been generating significant parking revenue.
  9. I actually really like the esplanade-esque parking idea, except with a bike lane added. It holds everyone accountable. Of course it would only work on wide, two-way streets but maybe those are exactly the type of streets you would want them on. Think South Congress in Austin or Washington Ave in Houston. --------------------------------------------------- sidewalk --------------------------------------------------- <--- car lane <--- ---------------------------------------------------- / / / / / / / parking / / / / / / / ---------------------------------------------------- protected bike lane ---------------------------------------------------- / / / / / / / parking / / / / / / / --------------------------------------------------- ---> car lane ---> --------------------------------------------------- sidewalk ---------------------------------------------------- *not to scale
  10. That's true that some universities contract portions of an apartment complex to cover overflows from on-campus housing, but I don't see that being a major issue at UH or TSU. I would imagine that it's not illegal to rent only to students as long as there is a defined policy saying so and all student applicants are treated equally (part-time vs full-time, not required to attend a specific school). I think that's the same premise as senior citizen apartment communities, but those may have government oversight similar to low-income housing.
  11. There's quite a few posts in this thread that can merged with this one.
  12. Those are just to sift trash from going into the storm water drains, right? Eco food truck park seems like a solid guess.
  13. I am so confused. The pixelated look was bold and tacky, but this is just sloppy now.
  14. Permit issued yesterday for buildout of a manufacturing space & warehouse for Kraftsmen Manufacturing.
  15. They've started the interior finishing on the South side. Exterior looks almost halfway, with a driveway pour likely next week (assuming they don't start digging for the pool next).
  16. So much for my asbestos theory. They have started clawing into the office building and I would guess it will be completely down by the end of the week.
  17. This is 100% the corner of the building at Lamar & Nagle.
  18. https://www.chron.com/food/article/eadough-bakery-houston-17499366.php
  19. In my opinion, this development will actually improve most of the issues you mentioned. New dense construction usually requires upgrades to sewer and utility systems, so that would likely take place in the near-term (before or during construction). The city now requires developments like this to install underground detention for stormwater runoff. More residents will add eyes and feet on the ground to report the dangerous activity. And increased activity usually causes the bad actors to relocate. I'm not sure how you know the mindset of every person who lives in a high-end apartment complex in a diverse city. Who knows, maybe they will patronize the LGBTQ bars and increase their profitability. I try to remember that the identity of a neighborhood is fluid. Change is not always a bad thing.
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