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  1. Just gonna go out on a limb here, but I don't think Houston needs ANY pubic transportation. 😅
  2. From the rendering you can see that the plaza behind the main structure leads down to a grassy area, which I'm guessing is designed to be a usable space instead of burying the required volume of stormwater detention. https://imgur.com/kagjQGK
  3. Exactly. But the problem with even dreaming of controlling sprawl is that most of the new development is not only outside COH, but also Harris County.
  4. You can only do so much downstream if the developers continue to pave over everything that previously absorbed a portion of the rainfall upstream. Hopefully the groundwater retention requirements for new large developments within COH will more than offset the burden of new suburban development.
  5. Permit issued for the parking garage foundation work.
  6. A structure itself can be historic because of the architectural style and still have the interior updated. In fact, most of England's listed buildings have interior updates as well as additions (e.g. the Heights historic district). I would imagine a residential property with no interior or exterior updates that is "frozen in time" would be best suited for a museum of that era. Circling back to the listed buildings, I believe the baseline for their "historic" designation would be anything prior to WW2, depending on architectural significance.
  7. I'm not sure about elsewhere but, in Houston, you can only call something historic if it was demolished using an antique wrecking ball.
  8. And in Austin you charge 5x the market rate for someone to tell you what the steak tastes like.
  9. Even if it was originally, everything of historical value has been destroyed.
  10. The entire site is the size of City Centre, so I don't see why you would have to raze everything to redevelop it. And it would actually be nice to preserve the community feel of the neighborhood. So why not tear down one building at a time and rebuild denser with a parking garage or two on each end and place community amenities/stores on the ground floor? Plus you could create a mix of housing stock so you would have low income renters mixed with upper middle class condo owners. It doesn't have to be highrises either, just an entire neighborhood of buildings similar to the Baldwin & Gray section of Midtown. I know this will never happen, but it seems really simple in front of a keyboard.
  11. Looks like they have signed a tenant called "The Lumen Room," which appears to be a photo studio. This would be for the smaller structure adjacent to the main loft building.
  12. It's not hard to follow the rules when the aircraft's programming doesn't allow you to take off... 😁 The only way I've been able to get around this is to get off the ground before the satellites lock on. I think it limits you to around 50 feet, which is better than nothing (and not a danger to air traffic).
  13. Walked by yesterday and there was a parking attendant there who made several statements while referencing "my boss" and "the investors" so his information sounds reliable considering the movement we've seen on the lot. The development in progress is for a food truck park that will include a bar, which should be open in the next 2-3 months. There are several quirky ideas they have that will be used to attract customers. The multi-story building on San Jacinto is also being targeted for activation, but he didn't have any details on prospective uses or a timeline.
  14. Anything MMD/MRA do is half ass and should be expected.
  15. Imagine how beautiful the trees would be in they had been planted 7 years ago!
  16. @hindesky, here's a tutorial on how to build your "UFO launch pad" 😆
  17. That's a bummer. To be honest, I haven't stopped by since late summer so I'll have to go throw them some dollars sometime soon.
  18. When have you driven by? They seem to have a well-curated event schedule with a lot of regulars for weekends and UH/pro game days. I've been to several events and it has always been the bustling, but never so busy that it detracts from the customer experience.
  19. Good find. If you zoom in on the plans, there is the name "El Centro de Corazon." That location is confirmed here: https://www.elcentrodecorazon.org/locations/
  20. An efficient bus system cannot come to everyone's front door. A 3 block walk to Polk on a protected hike/bike trail does not seem unreasonable. But, for what it's worth, East End Management District is looking into either adding an additional light rail stop or adding bus service down McKinney. And the closest light rail stops are currently Leeland on the Purple Line and Coffee Plant on the Green Line. But at half a mile away, I would say those are unrealistic commuting options without a bicycle and lots of courage to deal with cars/trains.
  21. Even if they don't have off-street parking, the city has systems in place for restricting parking to residents only during peak times. My neighbors and I are in the process of that now.
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