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  1. If Rice pays taxes on their endowment gains they need close their business school. That's the whole point of being a non-profit entity.
  2. According to the article, this is opening in 3-4 months (late Jan 2022). I'm assuming they meant Jan 2023? https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/new-houston-lofts-provide-housing-youths-aging-out-foster-care-system/285-dd5d5f60-d52a-432f-a91a-ae7393b5fc22
  3. Isn't that the section of the building that's being removed for the parking lot?
  4. With the lifting loops coming out of the top and the plastic sheet below, these are definitely temporary. It appears they are experimenting with concrete pigments.
  5. There's literally pallets of reddish bricks in the photos... where are those going?
  6. I'm not sure how they are still able to lean on that issue, as the whole situation was uncovered during the survey phase. MRA issued a change order a couple years ago (I want to say it was before construction kicked off) that increased the project scope to include the removal of the abandoned utilities. Nut this whole project has been a joke (both in terms of the MRA and the contractor). I have seen many instances where they poured curbs or sidewalks one week, then their crews have torn it up within a couple weeks. And the architects didn't seem to plan for drainage as some of the curbs don't have sewer openings so they just pool water on the road.
  7. Building permit issued for "Opening Day Bar" in the former Lucky's Pub location.
  8. Is this out of the ground yet? I'm seeing permits still trickling in.
  9. I'm starting to think there is a guy/gal on the payroll whose sole job is to go floor-to-floor, window-to-window, changing out all of these displays in the old tower. What is "5th" supposed to reference? 5th Ward?
  10. From the aerial photos it looks like one of the telescoping sections is bent, which led me to believe that it was going to have to be disassembled before they could remove it from the site.
  11. They've started bolting together the erector set.
  12. When I rode my bike by here around 830 last night, all of those round balls were lit up. Gonna look great from the street.
  13. Is this heading to the "NIMBY" storage facility, the "you deal with my useless stuff" storage facility (Goodwill), or the "out of sight out of mind" storage facility (landfill)?
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