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  1. I'm cautiously optimistic that something is already in the works here. The SWPPP posted at the jobsite entrance on San Jacinto has a work end date of December 2025.
  2. The developer, Rice Management Company, control's Rice University's $8B endowment. They're not wanting for funding.
  3. In my opinion, they are building a dock. You are correct about the bulkhead, which appears to be multi-leveled. And at the back of the excavation you can see where they auger-ed out holes for pier forms which I assume is for a retaining wall. I wonder if they're imagining a water taxi from downtown.
  4. Check out the other thread. This was originally pitched as a high-rise with a restaurant on the ground floor. Now it appears they're doubling down on the comical architecture which most likely means no GFR.
  5. Interesting. I had heard rumors about this brand opening a resort on the East End of Galveston, but this makes much more sense.
  6. So this is just site work and the nightclub build out? No word on possible phase one tenants?
  7. More info here: https://buffalobayou.org/our-vision/buffalo-bayou-east/
  8. Any chance this one will start rising at the same time as the Broadstone Eado project? East Downtown/East End are on fire with multifamily at the moment.
  9. I've never seen a rendering with all of these proposed items together. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/transportation/2022/09/21/433518/could-central-houstons-proposed-downtown-amenities-make-the-i-45-project-more-palatable/
  10. Agreed. Which leads me to believe asbestos remediation is next in line.
  11. According to the demo crew, the building is also coming down but they didnt know how soon.
  12. There is a large stack of HEAVY structural I beams on the sidewalk outside the fence. Under the tree in this photo.
  13. It looks like in two weeks your photo update will introduce the EMBASSY SUITES. Well done, Skanska.
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