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  1. Soil samples being taken at the private park. The rig is hard to see, but it's behind the gazebo.
  2. Vapor barrier installed and forms re-installed.
  3. I literally thought I was taking crazy pills when the thread shifted to figuring out the location when I had JUST posted it. lol After viewing the video again, this project will take up the entire block bounded by Sul Ross, Montrose, Branard, & Yoakum. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7375412,-95.3915216,200m/data=!3m1!1e3
  4. The "video flythrough" shows the address as 3990 Montrose, which appears to be a St. Thomas parking lot.
  5. *Plot twist* They ARE the Caroline St. road crew!
  6. Looks like they have now realized they skipped a step. Foundation forms have been pulled and they are starting on the rebar installation.
  7. I would have used the blowout preventer as the base for the table, but maybe they have another use in mind. Cool item nonetheless.
  8. Tunneling under Franklin to add a tie-in to the Buffalo Bayou bike trail would be awesome (but is never going to happen).
  9. I predicted the poured section would be a road, but from what I can see in this picture the three sections have a stepped elevation change. Any other ideas?
  10. Not sure how big of a clue this is, but supposedly there are plans to remediate the site due to soil and groundwater contamination. I think there may have been a dry cleaner on the site at some point?
  11. Nice! I just came across the City Council agenda approving grant funds to this project. And Caroline Street remodel is getting close in this area. Full steam ahead. https://www.houstontx.gov/council/committees/housing/20210527/agenda.pdf
  12. Not before they lay rebar and post tension cables.
  13. I was actually just thinking about how all of the work seemed to slow down within a week of my prediction. 6 months later and I would still guess one to two months left on the street work! However, the final product is starting to show through and it's going to be quite the upgrade.
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