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  1. It looks like the contractors got a kick in the rear because the pace of street pouring has really increased. I would guess there's a month or two left for the street works, then the focus will shift to sidewalks and later landscaping. I also noticed this while walking in the area: 2406 Caroline has been completely scraped clean. Has anyone heard of something being developed here? It's a weird spot for townhomes, but a low-rise condo tower might make sense. Paired with the lot next door, this would have amazing potential. Google streetview of the site:https://www.google.com/maps/@2
  2. While we were eating at Bonchon, my wife noticed a Pizza Hut Express sign affixed to the Main Street side of the bus station. I'm assuming this is new? The Google page shows it is takeout only.
  3. Soft opening was yesterday. They are offering a free 12 piece boneless chicken for Instagram followers, which was pretty sweet. Service is obviously a little shaky, but they did a great job with the space.
  4. With all DUE respect, this chain of corrections has been quite entertaining.
  5. This group HAS TO BE friends with the folks who attempted to open the Next Level gaming bar in Midtown. The level of clusterf*ckery between the two projects is unbelievable. With that said, I wish them the best with this endeavor.
  6. Maybe the additional competition might push some of those vacant buildings to consider converting a portion to residential?
  7. They are training this week and will have a soft opening next Monday, 1/11.
  8. The glass block windows have been there the whole time.
  9. Not to dismiss Crystal City, but Caydon's development is based off of the laneways in Melbourne, Australia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lanes_and_arcades_of_Melbourne
  10. I'm glad that Caydon's Laneways approach seems to be spreading to other developments. More photos from the link: Not 100% sure on who the client is/was, but the upload data appears to show this was added to their site last month.
  11. Not sure how much you know about this, so any info is appreciated. Is the door that's down in the second pic just a security door? And then the actual flood door comes down from above like a garage door? Or is this a two door system with the second acting as a fail safe?
  12. They did initial soil sampling last year. This may just be to get additional data points.
  13. Ha! I spoke to their realtor yesterday and she clarified "Spring 2021". If @Paco Jones is confirming with an April start date, no way in hell I'm sticking with a 1st quarter bet.
  14. I'm sure covid hit that initial date like a kick from a full grown kangaroo.
  15. This is what they are telling potential condo buyers. As someone who works with salespeople, they always over-promise. However, Caydon does not seem like the type of developer to wait for pre-sales to get dirt moving. I would put money on a 1st quarter groundbreaking.
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