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  1. With D&W, Harrisburg Country Club, and Voodoo Queen in the area, I think the dive bars will stand out for some people as better options than the newer spots.
  2. It may not be as substantial as the larger pours we've seen recently, but they're going to have to pour a mat to tie the piles into the base the building. You can see the rebar being laid out and all the bar sticking out of the piles, which will be connected together into grid.
  3. The property that Rich's vacated at 2401 San Jacinto is re-opening as Space Nightclub. Grand opening is tonight: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceNightclubHouston/
  4. While this one may have something remaining of it's original facade, I think you are confusing this with the Main Food Store.
  5. I guess I misheard. Thanks for the correct info!
  6. Some guys were painting a floral mural on the side of the building tonight and said this will be a bar/club named Thalia. I peeked in the windows that have been added onto the Fannin side and it looks like they're targeting mid to high end patrons.
  7. With Grant traffic not stopping at the intersection with California, I see it very unlikely that this would be approved. If they add a stop sign in both directions on Grant it might get approved. Typically I've only seen the visibility triangles removed where one way streets intersect since there's no need for visibility in the downstream direction.
  8. If South Park can have SoDoSoPa, then we truly deserve SoDoHo
  9. There is a light remodel underway for what appears to be another nightclub.
  10. I swear I know how to read... probably just reading what I wanted to see 😭
  11. The Chronicle says they opened at 8AM this morning. Looking forward to seeing their offerings.
  12. So I was at the event and tried that drink. It was surprisingly good, although a bit too spicy for most of the guests. I think this property is supposed to be live on airbnb now. The rates they mentioned were extremely reasonable for the location and the amenities.
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