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  1. Huge piles of dirt down the center of the site and formwork in place to pour an entry road off Cullen.
  2. The Preston touches a small sliver of Preston Street, so the only thing that would be blocked is maybe 10-15 degrees directly across from the cantilever pool. I would imagine the overall view will be mildly affected.
  3. Found some recent photos of inside with the floors cut out and skylight/tarp installed.
  4. That's a pretty small screen, but anything would be better than the curved surfaces they're projecting onto at the silos drive-in.
  5. Considering the lack of parking in the area, I'm guessing the neighborhood residents would say this is not enough.
  6. Doesn't look like the phase 2 tower will be starting any time soon. They have put in form work for what I'm assuming is a sidewalk.
  7. New Hope Housing: https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Affordable-housing-project-breaks-ground-in-East-15377040.php#photo-19617943 Here's the thread if you would like more information:
  8. If everyone waits, they may spend a fortune in property taxes before they hit the jackpot. The valuations are gonna get insane with both Drewery Place and this new tower on the tax rolls. Totally agree, but there's not much to walk to on this side of the tracks at the moment. I can see that being a headache as the other lots are developed later.
  9. Just the building under construction is going to have a profound impact on the immediate area. Maybe this phase will finally kick-start the neighbors to develop their lots so that there will be multiple projects turning dirt before this tower wraps up. Which reminds me, I haven't heard anything else about the AMCAL tower that was planned down the street.
  10. I did preface my original comment with affordable and left that descriptor out of the last one, so I forgive you for suggesting Whole Foods.
  11. The closest grocery stores to Fiesta are Kroger (1.5 miles), HEB (2 miles), HEB (2 miles), Randalls (1.5 miles). That doesn't sound far, but that is 20 mins on the bus or 30 min walk each way. This is the closest store for me to bike to and it takes around 5 mins to get there, but I am limited on what I can purchase. Those other grocers are offering delivery services, which may be leeching clientele from Fiesta.
  12. You think people are excited a business (that is surrounded by empty parking lots) is closing because it has a parking lot? If this was 5-10 years from now when Rice has completed developed every other phase of construction, I could see that. This closing will only add to the emptiness in the neighborhood and remove an affordable grocery option for a large swath of central Houston. I understand that negotiations were not successful, but this is not a good turn of events for any stakeholder (Rice included).
  13. Your link 404s now. Here's the active one: https://realtynewsreport.com/from-kabul-to-historic-downtown-houston-another-construction-job-and-another-corporate-headquarters-for-space-city/
  14. Hallway fire prank sounds very specific... perhaps something from personal experience? 😬
  15. From what I remember seeing on an Instagram story, 8th Wonder already had that banner and let them borrow it.
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