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  1. Let me re-phrase: This is dangerous, as it will create an obstruction between bikers and cross traffic (concerns allayed if space is maintained for visibility); drivers will look to ensure no cars are coming [in the direction of the one-way street], then plow ahead without looking for traffic in the bike path [coming from both directions].
  2. Yeah, from what I've seen/heard the plan is create a two-way bike lane "alley" between the existing curb and a new parking strip. This is dangerous, as it will create an obstruction between bikers and cross traffic; drivers will look to ensure no cars are coming, then plow ahead without looking for traffic in the bike path. And once it's built, it's hard to modify because of the permanence of concrete. And all of this because some Midtown residents are afraid to lose the precious parking spots in front of their door... as though that is somehow guaranteed to them.
  3. I think this is from the original design. The protected bike path on Austin in its current iteration will be two-way. https://www.midtownhouston.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Midtown-Special-Report.pdf
  4. This website apparently doesn't care about take-down requests: https://skyrisecities.com/database/projects/district
  5. You never know with Caydon. These Aussies could single-handedly merge the downtown and med center skylines.
  6. I hope this is true, as it makes me feel a lot better about the swastika on the roof.
  7. Soft opening is scheduled for June 7th.
  8. Either way, I'm just glad they're almost done. We've been waiting to use this plaza for almost a year now.
  9. What's the HAIF discount code??? 😆
  10. 206 Accessible Routes 206.1 General. Accessible routes shall be provided in accordance with 206 and shall comply with Chapter 4. 206.2 Where Required. Accessible routes shall be provided where required by 206.2. 206.2.1 Site Arrival Points. At least one accessible route shall be provided within the site from accessible parking spaces and accessible passenger loading zones; public streets and sidewalks; and public transportation stops to the accessible building or facility entrance they serve. Advisory 206.2.1 Site Arrival Points. Each site arrival point must be connected by an accessible route to the accessible building entrance or entrances served. Where two or more similar site arrival points, such as bus stops, serve the same accessible entrance or entrances, both bus stops must be on accessible routes. In addition, the accessible routes must serve all of the accessible entrances on the site. Advisory 206.2.1 Site Arrival Points Exception 2. Access from site arrival points may include vehicular ways. Where a vehicular way, or a portion of a vehicular way, is provided for pedestrian travel, such as within a shopping center or shopping mall parking lot, this exception does not apply. 206.2.2 Within a Site. At least one accessible route shall connect accessible buildings, accessible facilities, accessible elements, and accessible spaces that are on the same site. Hey there, I haven't blocked you (I try not to live in an echo chamber made up of only those who agree with me) but I decided to not to reply to your previous post as you seemed to be certain of an unpredictable outcome. I appreciate your further info on building codes; I will likely look more into this as I find this kind of stuff interesting. You and I have no beef. I appreciate your contributions and perspectives on urban design/architecture. With that said, I drove by again today to get a better idea of what is going on. It seems they have removed the darker bricks that were laying on top of the pavers and somehow (perhaps using an industrial router or tile saw?) cut out the pavers. It's not 100% certain, but I'm still betting the whole plaza will be at the same grade with the darker bricks.
  11. That's the western portion. Still unsure what's going on with the eastern side. The bricks are raised a full inch above grade so it might be a section that's inaccessible for pedestrians with retention for the fountain water?
  12. I was thinking this as well and hoping I was wrong. I would not put it past the MRA to split a huge park into two sections and then close off one to the public.
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