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  1. phillip_white

    Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    As inconvenient as it is to have that sidewalk closed for so long, I'm pretty sure they have a sidewalk closure permit. If not, code enforcement will just require them to apply for one or renew their expired one.
  2. phillip_white

    Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    And maybe we could put a gondola in there too for when the next flood happens.
  3. phillip_white

    Block 436 & 437 (Formerly Milhaus Midtown)

    From this weekend.
  4. phillip_white

    Upcoming construction on I-45 and US59 near downtown

    From this weekend.
  5. phillip_white

    2404 Austin Street, thanks for liking my post! That enabled me to find your Instagram story on the restaurant! The food looks AMAZING! Let us know of any other details.
  6. phillip_white

    2404 Austin Street

    They recently installed a grease trap and appear to be working on finish out of the interior now. Supposedly going to be open by the end of March.
  7. phillip_white

    3015 Bagby St. - More Midtown Infill

    Ummmm... I really appreciate your contributions, but this paragraph needs to be removed. I'm really shocked that you think nice bars/clubs prefer "white or white-looking" customers and that black customers are the last lifeline for struggling businesses. Just wow.
  8. phillip_white

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    Highlights: Variance requests for a 13.6-acre mixed-use development. Just south of Buffalo Bayou, between West Dallas and Allen Parkway, near the small Autry Park and South Shepherd Drive. Plans show a hotel, residential component, office building with two floors of coworking space, retail space, activity lawn and plaza. Variances requested include extending Marston Street and adding another street, Buffalo Rising, to extend from West Dallas to Allen Parkway. Site plan shows two additional proposed roads, Autry Park Drive and Buffalo Park Drive. Also requesting zero ft setback building line.
  9. phillip_white

    3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 30-story, 336-unit high-rise

    Larger rendering and highlights of info from the link: High-rise with approximately 328 residential units and approximately 1,380 m² of retail space on the ground floor. The project will take approximately two years to build. It is planned that the project will be sold after it is completed and stabilized. Leasing of the units is expected to start in Q4 2019.
  10. phillip_white

    Block 436 & 437 (Formerly Milhaus Midtown)

    For those who don't have access: They see the market demand for a 20 story structure 20 vs 12 stories will be based on construction costs A restaurant is planned for the ground floor, but no other details are available Dirt should be moving on phase 2 by Q1 2020
  11. phillip_white

    2404 Austin Street

    Another Instagram story photo, with this one showing 3 different types of pizzas. I took a screenshot, but too lazy to post right now. Let me know if you're interested and I will post later.
  12. phillip_white

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Looks like fiberglass.
  13. phillip_white

    The Recenter: Phase I & II

  14. phillip_white

    Midtown Common @ 2403 Caroline

    That's all I know for now. I believe the lot is owned by Common Ground.
  15. phillip_white

    Midtown Common @ 2403 Caroline

    Looks like there was a disagreement between the owners of America Gardens and their landlord. Their Nextseed funding has been pulled, which I believe would imperil their other funding. It was fun while it lasted but, without a Christmas miracle, I think this one is dead.