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  1. Major excavation underway just west of the Starbucks site. I think the previously posted plat showed it being a strip of retail surrounded by parking.
  2. Floor plans are now listed on their website. A pop-up states June opening. https://www.carolineloftsapts.com/floorplans/#a1-995
  3. Couldn't find a thread for the blocks around Advantage BMW, but the parking lot between this apartment complex and Pierce Elevated had a core drilling rig collecting soil samples this afternoon. It's currently used by Advantage BMW for employee parking, but I'm not sure who owns it. Edit: since there's a new apartment building proposed, I will specify the lot as being bounded by Austin/Gray/LaBranch/45
  4. Hopefully this will motivate the group that bought/demolished House of Dereon to develop that block.
  5. I drove by this today and it's looking really good. I guess I assumed it would have a budgeted appearance, but there's a lot brickwork in progress that gives it an almost historic feel. It's going to blend in well.
  6. I drove by the garage recently and was extremely impressed with the level of detail and expense Rice has put into it. I can only imagine how good the future phases are going to look.
  7. I saw some new sidewalks and entry/exit ramps in @hindesky's photo on another thread. Three worker vehicles, so hopefully they get this sucker open soon.
  8. This club had their TABC license canceled. A new application is pending for Green Tree, which is a possible hint at Lebanon (probably a hookah lounge, and possibly a restaurant component based on the FB application). The LLC applicant is controlled by Maroun Sawma who is affiliated with Taiga, another midtown club.
  9. I agree about the surface lots, but I think they struck a good balance. The parking garage would be mainly for residents, the back lot for the office building, and the small lot for the retail. They can also build on the back lot if demand ever justifies it.
  10. I walked by here earlier today. The entire left side of the building fronting San Jacinto has been removed. You can see the notch in this photo. Wonder if they're re-doing the whole facade or just the portion that was damaged by the fire.
  11. That's the address for the company that filed the permits: J.R. Permits (aka Jasmine Rios). They show up on quite a few of the permits that I've seen.
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