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  1. I was gonna say to reduce runoff (turf absorbs more water than dirt), but I bet both are true. Wonder if that's required as part of their stormwater management plan.
  2. They should be working on the amenities deck right now, then switching to residential floor plates.
  3. Went back to take a picture of the brick paving before it was covered up again.
  4. BP on the permit type means Brew Pub and PE is for a cartage permit (transporting alcohol from a different location). So perhaps one of the local breweries is adding a new location? Or better yet this will be a new standalone brewpub. Cool find either way!
  5. It looks like the pad is ready and all excavated dirt has been removed from the site. This is going up soon.
  6. Wow. And those renderings were created prior to the possible buyout of the Kroger site. The plot thickens.
  7. Based on what he said, the issue arises from the double sets of tracks along Sampson, York, and Milby. This makes the logistics and funding so far out of reach they are focusing on literally anything else. You would think they could do one half and then the other, but not much changes noise-wise after upgrading only half of the crossings.
  8. I spoke to one of Councilman Gallegos's assistants (maybe 3-4 months ago) who said the federal funding has dried up and they are not confident that they will be getting more any time soon. Some of the tracks in East End were converted, but sadly all of the crossing in EaDo will stay super loud.
  9. Here's a colorized version of the rendering above. Located from @Urbannizer's link in some other threads: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/c48a167c25b34b91aab2aedd56636624?cover=false The link also seems to imply that NHP and Magnicat Housing will be involved in this property.
  10. I hope the horses that live on this lot don't have to mosey too far away.
  11. If I had to guess, the red tops add visibility for forklifts and crane ops. Also, I see two ice machines so at least one of those containers is a break room. I would guess this gets kicked off before the end of April.
  12. In my opinion, temporary community use of the site is a pretty big bullet point. They have nothing to gain from allowing that, but it's a major win for the neighborhood.
  13. There is now a huge hole approx. the size of the building footprint by 6 ft deep. Dump trucks were on site this morning dropping off sand in the hole and leaving with the excavated dirt. Another interesting nearby observation: The road crew that is upgrading the intersection at Caroline and Wester uncovered a fully brick-paved road just under the asphalt. I understand they can't change the scope of work to re-install them, but what a bummer that was under there the whole time. One of the workers said they were told to collect all of the unbroken bricks so they could be sent somewhere fo
  14. Not sure if this is new "roiling" or a known development (also technically EaDo), but I'm adding it here: Sunrise Lofts - 89 Units with 81 designated as Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief https://csd.harriscountytx.gov/Documents/Table of Selected CDBG-DR Affordable Rental Projects 051920 - website.pdf Recent (3/22/21) plan review permit states 64,086 sq ft apts with amenities. Currently an empty lot.
  15. Just confirmed this is the project further south on Caroline which is in partnership with Magnificat Housing: https://nhpfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Magnificat-Funding-Announcement-FINAL.pdf
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