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  1. Houston Skyline at night. There are a few of us thinking about making a bi-monthly photowalk. If interested, shoot me a message or post up. We had both veterans and beginners out with us last night. Enjoy the pics. From Bagby St. Bridge at blue hour. Near the old Post Office. Nightfall. The plane circling downtown was aerial coverage for the Rockets game. Bayou Place, City Hall, Allen Center, Chevron. BOA Tower, etc.
  2. Playing around downtown. Blue hour: At night: From City Hall: From City Hall: 1111 Main:
  3. And those are the real clouds as they looked that day. They were not "chopped" into the picture.
  4. Harsh mid-day lighting. been wanting a night shot from here, but the gates have always been down after dark.
  5. Got this one a few months ago at mid-day, was shot from Allen Parkway and Montrose area.
  6. There is an online fundraiser currently going on for a "swimming hole" project near downtown. Over $30,000 and 286 people have donated towards a feasibility study. The fundraiser is on www.kickstarter.com
  7. These were done over the past few months. Enjoy! Skyline from Hilton Americas: Harris County Courthouse: Looking south: Courthouse: Courthouse:
  8. I know you can go out on top of the Wedge Tower. They have a restaurant/bar called The 43rd, which is on the 43rd floor. It has an outdoor/rooftop patio. Food sucks though. They do not allow cameras, only phones.
  9. I use a 13 year old Canon 1Ds body for 95% of my shots. I also use a 1D Mark IIn which is 10 years old. The wider pics are multiple shots combined into one large shot. The zoom shots were done with a 70-200L with a 1.4 on it. You can also use all of Canon's high end EF zoom lenses with it. If you've ever wondered what the webcam looks like:
  10. I love the front of this building. 12/31/14
  11. The Chase Lobby is one story, but Wells Fargo has a grand two story lobby on two levels (floors 58 and 59). Really cool. It almost has a surreal feeling to it. Not many people get up there/even know about it. Legend has it, the Bank of America Tower also has a very secret and hidden skylobby that looks out towards Heritage Plaza and City hall. I have been on 20 different floors in that building up top, haven't found it yet. Still searching though, I will find it soon enough.
  12. I have been up to the Wells Fargo skylobby about 5 times now since my first post. Just dress nice and you should be fine. Worse case, they just ask you to leave. I was caught once, but had shorts/sandals on and was feeling lucky. The skylobby elevators for Wells Fargo are to your left when you walk in, on the last elevator bank. Chase Skylobby 60th floor: Wells Fargo Lobby 58/59th floor with lots of morning glare:
  13. Shot this one the other day. Four original images stitched into one. Took it from the Courthouse Complex. I got 8 cranes.
  14. Largest resolution I have is 3300x2300 on these pics. Although they look terrific, they were actually done with a 10 year old camera.
  15. Good seeing Concord 977. Nice night for the pier. These were done on a jetty right at sunset.
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