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  1. Houston Skyline at night. There are a few of us thinking about making a bi-monthly photowalk. If interested, shoot me a message or post up. We had both veterans and beginners out with us last night. Enjoy the pics. From Bagby St. Bridge at blue hour. Near the old Post Office. Nightfall. The plane circling downtown was aerial coverage for the Rockets game. Bayou Place, City Hall, Allen Center, Chevron. BOA Tower, etc.
  2. Playing around downtown. Blue hour: At night: From City Hall: From City Hall: 1111 Main:
  3. And those are the real clouds as they looked that day. They were not "chopped" into the picture.
  4. Harsh mid-day lighting. been wanting a night shot from here, but the gates have always been down after dark.
  5. Got this one a few months ago at mid-day, was shot from Allen Parkway and Montrose area.
  6. There is an online fundraiser currently going on for a "swimming hole" project near downtown. Over $30,000 and 286 people have donated towards a feasibility study. The fundraiser is on www.kickstarter.com
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