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  1. Jumbo Shrimp Civil War Pretty Ugly Government Organization Living Dead Same Difference Amicable Divorce Bitter Sweet Quiet Riot Okay....that's all I have for right now.
  2. I have some....mostly SLR's. In the past I've won several contests/awards for some of my images. I'd like to take it to the next level though and actually sell them!
  3. Thanks....as far as consistency, I'm in the legal field but come from an art background. I love my job now and plan to stay with the firm. The art thing is just something I've always wanted to pursue.
  4. For some time now, I've considered opening up some type of art, design and/or photography (NOT PORTRAITS!!) business. I've been thinking along the lines of an online business and trying to get my work displayed here around Houston....and see how and where it goes from there. Do any of you have an online business? Any advice or input?
  5. Houston1stWordOnTheMoon, Are you kidding me with the first photo!? WE'RE ALL lucky the second picture you posted is a 3/4 length shot....the further away from that fugly mug the better! SHE was lucky to find a concealor that covers like spackle and a photographer clever enough to use a background that takes attention and focus AWAY from her face and man-hands....but most importantly her face *shudder*!!!! No, "political crap" as you put it is not clouding my judgment. If we are using the term objective/objectivly as defined as expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived wi
  6. I do NOT think she is attractive at all. I think she looks really REALLY masculine. If a caveman and a gorilla hooked-up and had a baby the result would be Carol Alvarado.
  7. Vanilla Almond Special K - when I'm being "good" and Cinnamon Toast Crunch when I'm being "not-so-good"
  8. The Toadies did a song about this place - I think.
  9. Oh, I forgot to post that I went to Whiskey Creek last weekend and there was a REALLY good lookin crowd. My date didn't like it though....he said the music was way too loud and he couldn't hear and/or carry on a conversation. Next time I'll just go with the girls.
  10. Htowngirl: I know what you mean about Red Door....I have seen the soccer moms and last time I went there were a bunch of people there that looked like they just stepped off the set of a hip-hop video....I like all kinds of music, even hip-hop but it was just strange to see there. The Light has pretty good drinks too but is kinda hit or miss (I guess like most places) depending on the night you go.
  11. drey00: I have NEVER ever had a problem at Red Door either and I have been going there for years. The door guy is the sweetest!! I stopped by last Friday night thinking I'd end the night with an old favorite and I did notice a couple of different things: !. It was definitley not as packed as it used to be. I remember when you literally could not move in that place.... I figured it was not as crowded though because of all the new places in the area 2. The crowd was really really different compared to any other time I had ever been Red Door still has the best drinks....in my opinion. I can
  12. MidtownAg02: Do you know where Escobar is on Travis? Epic is across the street in a strip center and The Roof is right around there too. A38 is on Louisiana....it used to be Licor Lounge. I haven't seen XO Lounge yet....yeah I know what you mean about not being able to keep up!
  13. Thanks! Hmmm The Roof sounds similar to Red Door (with the view and Jon Secada music) except I have never seen anyone that looked like they were "looking for a fight" at Red Door. =) Was it just a really young crowd at The Roof? Last Friday we started out at Pub Fiction and I thought a bunch of the people in there looked really REALLY young. (It's not like I'm old or anything - I just turned 27) Anyways, I'm happy there are more places to choose from....I was getting tired of the same ole places! Looks like I need to get out more....I haven't seen XO Lounge or A38 yet either so I'll
  14. We passed by Whiskey Creek last night (next to Escobar) but didn't go inside because it looked like no one was there. It's supposed to be an "upscale" country bar/club....just wondering if anyone has been and what it was like. I've been pretty busy with school & haven't been out as much so if you've been to Epic & The Roof I'd like to know what you thought about them as well.
  15. I am already in pretty good shape (run and weight train regularly) but am a little bored with the same old routine. I tried Yoga and Pilates but even after doubling up on my adderall (add/adhd meds) it still drove me nuts!! Kickboxing/Cardiokickboxing sounds pretty interesting/fun. Can anyone recommend a trainer or good studio? Also, what exactly is the difference? I would imagine the cardio is probably non-contact and fast paced but I really have no idea. Thanks!
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