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  1. CrockpotandGravel

    New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    A Cousin's Maine Lobster brick and mortar in Houston may open at Lyric Market, the food hall in downtown , 411 Smith St. From CultureMap: He’s also in discussions with the operators of Lyric Market about having a stand in the food hall that will open later this year in downtown’s Arts District. “We have one in a food hall in Raleigh, North Carolina that just opened that’s doing very well,” Shoshani says. “The food hall seems to be a great niche for our concept. That’s something we’re targeting in the Houston area.”
  2. CrockpotandGravel

    Yale St. Plaza at Fifth Street

    More on La Vibra, the taco restaurant opening at 506 Yale Suite A in the Yale St. Plaza at Fifth Street retail strip. From Houstonia: Meanwhile, we Houstonia staffers have a spring in our step, for signage has been installed at La Vibra Tacos, set to open at 5th and Yale. The concept, specializing in tacos and sides popular in Mexico City, will soft open soon, per a representative. Instagram for La Vibra
  3. CrockpotandGravel

    Rice Village Arcade "renovation" & future mixed-use

    From Eater Houston this week on the addition of a food hall and market to Rice Village: Yet another food hall is headed to the Houston area, and this time it has a serious pedigree. According to filings with the Texas Secretary of State, the forthcoming project slated for the former Rice Village Arcade space at University Boulevard and Morningside Drive is from the same entity responsible for St. Roch Market in New Orleans, which is credited with kicking off the national food hall trend in 2014. Proposed renderings of what the space could look like have been posted on the architecture forum HAIF, which were gathered from presentations made by the developer Trademark Property. After debuting in NOLA in 2014, St. Roch Market has since opened an identically named spinoff in Miami, which prompted the city of New Orleans to sue parent company Helpful Hound since the city owns the St. Roch space and argues it had been using the St. Roch name prior to the operators launching a food hall there. That suit is ongoing, and Will Donaldson principal of Helpful Hound confirmed to Eater that the new project wouldn’t bear the St. Roch moniker. In NOLA, St. Roch has 12 vendors that offer a variety of fare including Mediterranean, healthy grain bowls and cold-pressed juices, coffee, seafood, sandwiches, cocktails, and more. The Miami outpost has a similar set up of 12 vendors but with slightly different offerings including acai bowls, a Japanese-Peruvian mashup, Israeli cuisine, and Italian pastas, to name a few. No Houston-based stalls have been announced just yet.
  4. CrockpotandGravel

    2708 N Shepherd Dr

    The name changed. The building of the old Buffalo Fred's Ice House and Bar at 2708 N Shepherd will become a tiki and tequila bar. The tiki bar's name is Tikila's. From Facebook: Coming to the Heights March of 2019; will serve cocktails, tequilas, mezcals, rum, and craft beer.
  5. CrockpotandGravel

    Rice Village Arcade "renovation" & future mixed-use

    Yes. We are sure the Rice Village food hall and market is going to be located in the former Rice Village Arcade on the corner of University Blvd and Morningside Dr. It's in both of the older renderings. The location of the food hall and market in the renderings is where the fountain is located. Also in every site plan published since 2014 to the recent one published in late 2018, that building, both the first and second floor has been designated as the food hall. It is possible the food hall could go on the second floor. A lot can change in the planning stages in three years. But going off the older brochures, the food hall and market were described as a two-level building. The two story building at 5555 Morningside may be owned by Trademark Properties, but it is not where the food hall is going. Also Swamplot published the renderings that were shared here to their website in 2016. They matched up the renderings of the changes to come to the existing buildings. And the site plan you linked above, is the same as the one I posted back in December 2018 here:
  6. CrockpotandGravel

    2708 N Shepherd Dr

    Buffalo Fred's Ice House at 2708 N Shepherd in Houston Heights Photo from Swamplot in 2016 Photo from Google Maps. June 2017 From Swamplot, August 2016 After a month or so on the market at $3.75 million, the asking price on Buffalo Fred’s Ice House has dropped by half a million as of early last week. The 37,500 sq.ft. property, positioned right across the northern boundary of the potentially moistening Heights dry zone at 2708 N. Shepherd Dr., sits a few blocks north of the ongoing culinary redevelopment zone near the recent Fiesta Mart breakup. The HAR sales listing notes that leasing the space is an option (and a matching LoopNet leasing listing has been added for the property in the last few weeks). The listing claims the early-1980s ice house is now running on a month-to-month lease; the bar building is up for grabs along with the 2,100-sq.-ft. building formerly occupied by Speedy Cycle Lube.
  7. Heck yeah, it would. There was a mechanical bull at the country-themed bar at Bayou Center. It was part of that one-in-four bar place. A mechanical bull within a block of two of the Convention Center or near the bars on Main would be a draw for tourists.
  8. CrockpotandGravel

    Park JJ - NEW Air bnb COMPLEX between Empire Cafe and Agora!

    Cool renovation.
  9. CrockpotandGravel

    4306 Yoakum - New Office w/ Retail

    The Pit Room Barbecue dudes are opening a restaurant in the place of Cane Rosso, 4306 Yoakum. From Houston Chronicle The domed pizza oven at Cane Rosso in Montrose barely had time to cool after it closed on Dec. 30 when a new operator assumed the lease at Richmond and Yoakum. But the new tenant is a neighbor, and just happens to be one of the hot new restaurant groups in Houston. Michael Sambrooks of Sambrooks Management Company announced Monday he will take over the Cane Rosso space and create a new Tex-Mex concept there. "I felt like the space is perfect for Tex-Mex," said Sambrooks, the owner of The Pit Room whose company purchased the assets of the former Cherry Pie Hospitality restaurants including Star Fish, Pi Pizza and the former Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts (now Sam's Fried Chicken & Donuts) in September. Sambrooks' new Tex-Mex doesn't have a name yet but he expects it to open in the summer.
  10. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'm able to search the site with Microsoft Edge. Everything loads quickly and no crashes. I followed the suggestions here and clearing out everything, disabling extensions, and updating browsers to new versions didn't fix anything. The site continued to crash or freeze.
  11. CrockpotandGravel

    Rice Village Arcade "renovation" & future mixed-use

    The food hall and public market shown in older renderings and brochures for Rice Village District may be a go. This may become St. Roch Market Houston are something related to it. There is a St Roch Market in New Orleans and Miami. This was created last month: Rice Village F&B LLC. It's connected to St. Roch Market. A food hall is opening here. As seen in the renderings, it is going in the southeastern part of Rice Village, on the corner of Morningside Drive and University Blvd. From the renderings, the food hall and market will take over the spaces facing University Blvd. If that is so, retail on the first floor may be gone soon. On the website for St. Roch Market is a vendor section. Houston is listed under as one of their markets.
  12. CrockpotandGravel

    1919 Washington Avenue

    From Houston Business Journal last week: The tenant for the Washington Avenue corridor's first dedicated coworking space has been revealed. Washington Office Co. signed a seven-year lease for just over 8,000 square feet at 1919 Washington Ave., according to previous HBJ reporting and building permits filed with the city of Houston. Washington Office Co. will open at 1919 Washington Ave. by February 2019...
  13. CrockpotandGravel

    Rice Village Arcade "renovation" & future mixed-use

    The food hall and public market shown in older renderings and brochures for Rice Village District may be a go. This may become St. Roch Market Houston are something related to it. There is a St Roch Market in New Orleans and Miami. This was created last month: Rice Village F&B LLC. It's connected to St. Roch Market.
  14. Photos showing the construction progress of Bravery Chef Hall, 409 Travis in Aris at Market Square in downtown Houston. From November, photo of The Blind Goat Photos of construction progress from December The Blind Goat The Secret Garden at Bravery Chef Hall
  15. CrockpotandGravel

    Rice Village Arcade "renovation" & future mixed-use

    Here is a leasing site plan of Rice Village from the beginning of 2018 And an updated leasing site plan of Rice Village in Houston from this fall: The legend key as a color code for a hotel. Does anyone know what hotel will open in Rice Village? And the five retail spaces on Times Blvd and Kelvin Dr, across the street from Beautique, but next to Talbots and Chico's are being consolidated into one space for a restaurant from the updated site plan.