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  1. La Calle is replacing Rico's at Bagby Park in Midtown. From Houston Chronicle this morning: La Calle, a Mexico City street food restaurant on Franklin Street in downtown Houston, has leased a kiosk in Bagby Park at Gray and Bagby streets in Midtown. La Calle will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving breakfast tacos, street tacos, tortas, juices and margaritas. Greg Shaw of Heritage Texas Properties represented the tenant. Michelle Sobiesk of Wulfe & Co. represented the landlord, the Midtown Redevelopment Authority. The space was previously occupied by Rico’s Morning & Noon & Night, which closed in August. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/texas-inc/article/Retail-wrap-La-Calle-Jason-s-Deli-Olive-14024860.php More on the selection of La Calle, the food kiosk replacement of Rico's at Bagby Park in Midtown. From the April meeting the board of directors of the Midtown Redevelopment Authority: Bagby Park Restaurant Kiosk Lease Bob Sellingsloh and Michelle Sobiesk of Wulfe & Co. made a presentation regarding the Bagby Park Restaurant Kiosk. Mr. Sellingsloh reported that there were 202 inquiries, 46 property tours and 7 top prospects. The selection group interviewed all 7 top prospects, discussed their vision for the space, tasted their food and reviewed their financials. He stated that La Calle, which serves authentic Mexican food, was selected as the potential tenant. He presented the proposed terms contained in a signed Letter of Intent and advised the Board that the Staff was currently working with Bracewell on negotiating a lease. Director Goren made a motion to approve the terms of a lease with La Calle as presented and authorized Directors Erwing and Castleman and the Executive Director to review, approve and execute the final lease on behalf of the Authority. https://midtownhouston.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/MRA-Minutes-4.30.2019.pdf (archive link) From May Bagby Park Restaurant Kiosk Lease Mr. Wallace repotted that the final draft of the lease with La Calle, LLC was almost complete and will be provided to Directors Erwing and Castleman to review. Once they have completed their review of the final draft, the Executive Director will execute the lease on behalf of the Authority, as authorized by the Board at the April 3(), 2019 Board meeting. https://midtownhouston.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/MRA-Minutes-5.16.2019.pdf (archive link)
  2. I asked about this last night on a late night visit to La Calle. No one knew what I was talking about (or played dumb).
  3. @gclass In the original drawings, it was supposed to be a "tree grove" and plaza. At the corner of Travis and McGowen was supposed to be a restaurant, which they haven't even started by the looks of it I thought I something about the below post in the forum a few months ago. I searched and scanned the Midtown threads but saw nothing. So if this is a repost, please let me know so\ it can be removed. From an April meeting the board of directors of the Midtown Redevelopment Authority, there was this update on the Midtown Park, part of the Midtown Superblock in the posted minutes: Mr. (Bob) Sellingsloh reported that the Midtown Staff and consultants were exploring the possibility of constructing a food hall with multiple smaller food vendors in the area designated for a restaurant on the Front 90 portion of Midtown Park. He outlined the benefits of a food hall and stated that several of the top 7 potential tenants for the Bagby Park Kiosk also expressed interest in leasing space in the food hall. https://midtownhouston.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/MRA-Minutes-4.30.2019.pdf (archive link)
  4. Rumors are Fat Cat Creamery is expanding to Garden Oak. A second ice cream shop is going in Re:Vive's / Revive Development's Stomping Grounds at Garden Oaks, 1225 W 34th St. Construction is moving along here. From the looks of the construction progress when I passed by last week, at least of the tenants' space may be ready to open before 2020.
  5. Adaptive reuse of industrial building like these give me hope. Redevelopment is inching further the south and east loop, where there are several of these similar looking industrial parks. If and when these hit the market, I hope whoever buys them can look to this Lovett development of what's possible.
  6. From the city of Houston planning commission agenda on the variance request for River Oaks Green: Specific Variance is being sought and extent of variance: To allow a 9.5 foot building line along the west side of Buffalo Speedway to allow for architectural features, overhangs, and cantilevered habitable building area. (1b) Strict application would make this project infeasible due to the existence of unusual physical characteristics that affect the property in question, or would create an impractical development or one otherwise contrary to sound public policy; The subject site is a ± 16.8-acre tract bounded by Mercer Street on the west, West Alabama Street on the north, and Buffalo Speedway on the east. The subject site was formerly home to the ExxonMobil Research Center and is undergoing a complete redevelopment to create a new mixed-use development including residential units. The preceding plat dedicated approximately 10 feet to the West Alabama Street right of way. West Alabama is a designate Major Collector with an ultimate width of 70 feet, and Buffalo Speedway is a designated Major Thoroughfare with a sufficient width right of way of 100 feet at this location. The proposed redevelopment will be divided into two phases and eight different parcels. Phase I (see Site Phasing diagram included in Variance Package A) will include a mixed-use retail/office building and a mixed-use retail/multi-family residential building. Phase I also includes parcels three and four which remain under conceptual development. The proposed development will be a pedestrian oriented mixed-use commercial center with significant landscaping and green space including plazas. The proposed redevelopment contemplates transforming West Alabama Street and Buffalo Speedway into an aesthetically pleasing pedestrian realm to serve and enhance the commercial and residential uses. The redevelopment will establish a minimum pedestrian realm of 20 feet along West Alabama Street and a variable width pedestrian realm along Buffalo Speedway (a minimum 20-foot pedestrian realm along the Buffalo Speedway frontage will be provided). A minimum 8-foot sidewalk will be provided along both the west side of Buffalo Speedway and the south side of West Alabama Street in keeping with the pending Walkable Places and updated Transit-Oriented Development Standards. The proposed sidewalks will be variable width due to landscape buffers and tree wells along both rights-of-way. The landscape buffers provided will be a minimum of 7-feet wide to accommodate both new and existing landscaping, and to create a pedestrian environment that is more comfortable for pedestrians walking along both Buffalo Speedway and West Alabama Street. Additionally, ornamental planting wells will be created on the west side of the 8-foot sidewalk along Buffalo Speedway, as well as on the south side of the 8-foot sidewalk along West Alabama. The contemplated uses for the first floors of both the initial buildings will be commercial retail uses allowing for engagement and activity at the street level to create a meaningful pedestrian experience for both residents/users of the site and pedestrians traveling along both Buffalo Speedway and West Alabama Street.
  7. The conceptual landscape plan of the River Oaks Green plat in the city of Houston planning commission agenda. This is The RO, part of the former Exxon campus at 3120 Buffalo Speedway:
  8. There is also this map and site plan on River Oaks Green in the city of Houston planning commission agenda. This is part of the former Exxon campus on Buffalo Speedway:
  9. Braun Enterprises and Baker Katz are selling 1919 Washington Ave. The building is has been renamed to Washington at White, according to a new Loopnet listing. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1911-Washington-Ave-Houston-TX/16662546/ (archive link) Brochure: https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/MSelqGumsv9P4FnkbaYWprAKPIsRW0-m88lRrKrXp4Y/document.pdf?dl=1 (archive link) Site plan
  10. From the 7122 Old Katy Road thread: From the Galleria Expansion thread: The food hall first proposed for Heights Market at 7122 Old Katy Rd, the warehouse redevelopment project Braun Enterprises originally planned for a food hall, offices, and mixed-use will probably go here. In an interview with Houston Business Journal in 2017, Dan Braun discussed why he nixed those plans. He also said there may be some aspects of the canned Heights Market project implemented in the Galleria property he bought at the time ( 5353 West Alabama, previously Yorktown Plaza), including a food hall. From recent filings and a tip from @HNathoo, there may probably be a food hall or a food hall-style space at 53 West, 5353 W Alabama St. The food hall may be a Galleria location of Conservatory from Silent Theatre Group, Company of Nomads. Possible exterior rendering of the food hall at 53 West, posted last month: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/39170-renovations-coming-to-yorktown-plaza/?do=findComment&comment=592829
  11. This makes more sense. I wondered how that would work with the ice rink level food court. When I plugged in W Alabama and Sage on Google and ran a search on Loopnet, the Yorktown Plaza at 5353 West Alabama (now dubbed 53 West ) came up several times. I overlooked it because I forgot Braun Enterprises purchased the building to renovate. And Moku Bar is shown as clear as day on the site plan for 53West or 53 West. How did I overlook that and forget about it? Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Mods, @Urbannizer, @Triton, @Subdude, @Montrose1100, @intencity77 please move this post and the two above to the thread for 53 West: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/39170-renovations-coming-to-yorktown-plaza
  12. Probably because they're going to raise capital from the public through crowdfunding efforts. Night Shift, the bar & restaurant going in the redevelopment building at 3501 Harrisburg Blvd (Houston) may not going to the online crowdsource route, but is looking for investors. That's the reason for the SEC form. This was published last month after Night Shift's SEC filing: Night Shift I, Ltd., Limited Partnership just released form D for $450,000 equity financing. This is a new filing. Night Shift I, Ltd. is expected to fundraise $450,000 in this fundraising offer. The total private offering amount was $450,000. The private financing document was filed on 2019-06-03. The reason for the financing was: unspecified. The fundraising still has about $450,000 more and is not closed yet. What is Form D? What It Is Used For Form D disclosures could be used to track and understand better your competitors. The information in Form D is usually highly confidential for ventures and startups and they don’t like revealing it. This is because it reveals amount raised or planned to be raised as well as reasons for the financing. This could help competitors. Entrepreneurs usually want to keep their financing a ‘secret’ so they can stay in stealth mode for longer. https://makdaily.com/night-shift-i-450000-fundraising-patrick-e-murphy-released-jun-3-form-d
  13. Construction photo of Southside Commons, the mixed-used development replacing Palace Bowling Lanes, 4191 Bellaire Blvd or 4189 Bellaire Blvd, Houston. This is a screenshot taken this morning from their construction live feed. The shot shows that a part of a second floor went up this week.
  14. In the thread for the Zone D'Erotica redevelopment, someone posted about the possibility of a food hall in the Galleria or near the Galleria. That most def could be a possibility. There are entities for a possible food hall from Company of Nomads or Silent Theatre Group (Conservatory, Railway Heights Market, Bravery Chef Hall) either at the Galleria or nearby. There is a LLC for Conservatory Galleria and Moku Bar Galleria. There is also one for W Alabama & Sage, which could be the area this will be built.
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