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  1. Waterman & Steele are leasing a restaurant and bar space inside of Moxy Hotel Houston by Marriott ( 412 Main St ), the site of State National Bank Building in Downtown Houston. http://www.watermansteele.com/properties/412-main-street-restaurant-bar/ (archive link) Brochure: http://www.watermansteele.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/412-MainStreet_Brochure_Emailable.pdf (archive link) 412 Main Street - Restaurant & Bar For Lease 412 Main Street is a 2,000 SF lower level restaurant and bar available for lease in Downtown Houston. The site sits in the heart of Houston’s historic district. The area is a favorite destination for downtowners and visitors alike. The block will be home to Moxy Hotel, Marriott International’s new hotel brand aimed at young travelers. Innovative in design, Moxy Hotels boast playful social spaces anchored by an electrifying dining scene. 2nd generation street level restaurant/bar: 2,000 SF 412 Main Street sits alongside popular restaurants and historic bars such as Local Foods, Bovine & Barley, El Big Bad, Dean’s Downtown, The Pastry War, and Boomtown Coffee Main St. Cafe & Bar. The site is located in one of Downtown Houston’s hot spots, Main street and the Historic Market Square neighborhood. Site plan for the restaurant and bar at Moxy Hotel Houston Marriott : (direct link)
  2. Rendering of Moxy Hotel Houston by Marriott, conversion of State National Bank Building in downtown Houston, 412 Main St. From Campos Architect http://www.jtcampo.com/state-national-bank-building-moxy STATE NATIONAL BANK BUILDING | IN PROGRESS The State National Bank Building, originating from the State Bank and Trust Company, originally opened in 1923. This 12-story building will be converted into a Moxy by Marriott hotel. Located in bustling downtown Houston, the building is one of the few remaining Neo-Classical skyscrapers in the city. The hotel will feature 119 guestrooms, main lobby and bar. Campo Architects is providing Architecture, Interior Design, and Historic Tax Credit services. LOCATION: Houston, TX SQ FT: 56,700 COMPLETION: Winter 2020 (direct link to non-compressed, full-sized image: https://i.imgur.com/AfTjvQr.jpg ) Waterman & Steele published a rendering of Moxy Hotel Houston by Marriott ( 412 Main St , Houston ) in January. This is a closer cropped image showing the street level.
  3. Bumping again. @editor @HAIF and mods can we make this happen? Also with the request for a Third Ward area forum, is it possible to make a neighborhood forum for: Fifth Ward / Near Northside Hobby area Southwest Westbury / Meyerland area East Houston
  4. An updated rendering of 19 N York St in Houston from W Squared Architects. (direct link)
  5. Since this is on the site of New Potato, is it possible to merge this thread with the existing thread of that property linked below, mods @Urbannizer, @Triton @intencity77 @Subdude https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/43364-the-new-potato/
  6. From the poster for Station 3535 at 3535 Clinton Dr in Houston New Retail Center Phase I : 10,000 S.F. Phase Il : 10,000 S.F.
  7. Neat-o. Here's the flyer of Station 3535 at 3535 Clinton Dr in Houston. This is from their website. http://www.station3535.com/ And a closer view of the development in the rendering (direct link with non-compressed, full sized image: https://i.imgur.com/GH8SGmL.jpg )
  8. From CultureMap today on the Hickory Hollow building at 101 Heights Blvd, Houston. Hickory Hollow may have closed its location at 101 Heights Blvd., but the building that housed the beloved restaurant will continue to serve legendary chicken fried steaks. They’ll just be served by one of Houston’s most acclaimed chefs. Ronnie Killen, Houston’s king of meat, has leased the property from local real estate developer Braun Enterprises for a new concept he’s simply calling Killen’s. It will be the chef’s first restaurant within the Loop and his second inside the Houston city limits. Over the weekend, Killen floated the possibility of opening in a restaurant in the space on social media; in actuality, he's had his eye on the property for months and completed the deal on Friday. Unlike his other restaurants, no three letter suffix is required to explain the concept. Instead, Killen’s will consolidate under one roof the Southern-style comfort food that has been present at all of his restaurants in various forms. Whether it’s the fried shrimp that have always been one of the best dishes at Killen’s Steakhouse, the chicken fried steak that’s a favorite on the dinner menu at Killen’s Barbecue, or the brisket enchiladas that are a customer favorite at Killen’s TMX, they’ll all have a home at Killen’s. “I’m excited,” Killen tells CultureMap. “It’s the best of what we do. We’ll have some barbecue items. We’ll have a beef rib, fried chicken, chicken fried steak. It’s good comfort food.” Killen says he’s still working on the details. Sides like mac and cheese and the green beans from Killen’s Barbecue are obvious additions. He’s also got memories of eating soul food at a Pearland restaurant called Big Mama’s that served braised pork chops and dirty rice; he thinks he could put his spin on those dishes, too. Specials like meatloaf and versions of Killen’s staples like pork belly will also be included. ...When the restaurant will open is also still uncertain. Technically, Killen’s contract with Braun gives him three weeks to inspect the building and walk away if it doesn’t meet his standards, but he doesn’t expect to find anything that would trigger that option. After all, Hickory Hollow only closed in January. Depending on the timing required to receive permits, Killen's could open in as little as four months. Changes will be fairly straightforward: new paint, new floors, reconfiguring the restrooms for better flow, and opening up the kitchen (a Killen’s design signature). He’ll swap out the restaurant’s current barbecue pit for a newer model. With construction complete on the new Killen’s Steakhouse in The Woodlands, his contractor is ready to begin work as soon as possible. “We should be able to do what we need to do with what they’re giving us [in ‘tenant improvement’ funds],” Killen says. “They gave us the option to purchase [the building]. That’s what took us a long time to get it in the lease. They’re excited to have us there, and with how many other locations they have, it’ll be a good relationship with them.” The feeling is mutual, according to Braun leasing director Zach Wolf. “We are thrilled to be bringing Ronnie Killen to the inner loop,” he says. “Hickory Hollow was an institution for 40 years, and we know Killen’s will continue that tradition.” http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/03-25-19-ronnie-killen-new-restaurant-killens-comfort-food-101-heights-hickory-hollow-braun-enterprises/
  9. Ronnie Killen is opening a restaurant in the Heights. From Instagram, he's looking at Hickory Hollow at 101 Heights Blvd, Houston. From Instagram Yesterday: Hmmmm... . https://www.instagram.com/p/BvZhSF_gJPg/
  10. Construction photo progress of 2522 Yale in Houston. From Instagram last week https://www.instagram.com/p/BvFR-uDAvXP/
  11. Construction photos of 2401 N Shepherd Dr. in Houston. From Instagram yesterday: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvXGvBrAS8l/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BvXGz-WgsOu/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BvXG5v8AtR5/
  12. Construction progress pictures of 8200 Washington Avenue. Photos show the market, food hall and beer garden under construction at Railway Heights. From Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BvMs5SmA2lz/
  13. Maybe an updated rendering of Sawyer Ice House, 1420 Sawyer St in Houston. Or it could be a painting only. Posted to Instagram in December: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrHZ-G2gvIr/
  14. The beginning construction phase of Sawyer Ice House, 1420 Sawyer St in Houston. From Facebook last week: #sawyericehouse #comingsoon #htx https://www.facebook.com/SawyerIceHouse/photos/a.2240130629561581/2240130612894916 From Facebook yesterday:
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