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  1. I am not a fan of the surface parking lot. That's prime space that can utilized for something else. The lots could be turned into the site of another component to Post down the road, but I hope this isn't their final decision.
  2. The updated renderings above are screenshots from this Houston Public Media and Houston First feature on Frank Liu. It's in celebrations of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The renderings are of Post Houston ( or Post , Post HTX ). This is the readaptive use of the old Barbara Jordan US Post Office in downtown Houston at 401 Franklin. The project is from Lovett Commercial ( Frank Liu and Kirby Liu ) , possibly designed by Rem Koolhaas' Office for Metropolitan Architecture ( OMA ) . The video feature also shows construction and renovation work inside. The video gives a small walk-through tour of some parts of the building. Liu also discusses Post Houston (or Post , Post HTX ) in some detail. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/generations-on-the-rise/
  3. Here are a few updated images and renderings of Post Houston ( or Post , Post HTX ). This is the readaptive use of the old Barbara Jordan US Post Office in downtown Houston at 401 Franklin. The project is from Lovett Commercial ( Frank Liu and Kirby Liu ) , possibly designed by Rem Koolhaas' Office for Metropolitan Architecture ( OMA ) . These are all from screenshots from a recent video spotlighting Kirby Liu of Lovett Commercial. These may or may not be updated renderings. It's possible, these could be older, but the video these screenshots were taken from is recent. The video was uploaded this month. A site model of Post Houston ( or Post , Post HTX ). Updated renderings of Post or Post Houston of Post HTX Retail Creative offices Food Hall at Post Houston ( or Post HTX , Post ) Previous renderings, conceptual drawings, and site plans: Previous rendering 1 Previous rendering 2 previous rendering previous rendering previous rendering previous rendering previous rendering previous rendering previous rendering previous rendering previous rendering
  4. It does seem that way but I remain hopeful. The Lius have a vision and I feel want the best for Houston. They know what a big deal this project is and are taking their time to get it right, or make sure everything is in place for their big reveal. I know I have been one of those people who lost faith in this project, but not as much now. After hearing more details from a few people who have signed on to open projects here, I have a renewed hope. But then again, if Midway can do a big project like Buffalo Heights and East River (sending out near quarterly updates on the project, update renderings often), then Post Houston, Post, Post HTX, or whatever its new name is can do that too.
  5. I have proposed this to mods when I report a thread to change the title in Going Up mostly (or others where the project has longevity). Sometimes they'll slightly change it to include the name of the development. Other times, they ignore my message or report, don't see my request, or won't add it. I could see when the name of a major project isn't known, that the name of the development or project isn't added, but the address if it's known should be in the title. Also when changing threads to include new of the development or project and address, it breaks the existing link to the thread and doesn't redirect to the thread under the new name. That's a problem when people share links to threads of project and developments to other sites. When other reference the link a month or a year later, the link is broken because the title has been changed, which causes the url of of the thread to change. Because of that problem, I add the address to non-Going Up threads so the url will remain the same. In those threads, it's properties and developments that undergo changes more often (change in tenants, demolition, etc) than the bigger projects and developments that takes years to shape and eventually build. That's my line of thinking: making the forum more organized and functional for more than the daily HAIF user, but the first-timers and occasional users. It also fosters discussions on the specific topic (or property) instead of multiple threads on the same subject (mostly due to poor titles that don't indicate the topic or property and doesn't include an address). And to @nate4l1f3 and @Urbannizer, I said what I said, so... And yeah, @Urbannizer, you are quick to change titles of threads when YOU want to, but I have asked several times to include the name of the project and address and many times you've either ignored me or didn't change. But I stand by what I said, you and others did know the apartments were part of the M-K-T development before yesterday. And upon knowing, should have merged the thread then and there. And it's not like the M-K-T thread was dead. It's been very active. But again, that goes back to utilizing the search too, which is why as annoying as some find it, I try to always include as many identifiers of a project as I can in posts (address, name of project, area of town, neighborhood, etc) so it's easier for people to find when searching the forum or when Googling and they'll see the post about whatever and click on the thread link. Also very telling that the comments sidetracking about M-K-T and comments dumping all over me that have absolutely nothing to do with the development are still here. Mods usually delete them. But I supposed when all the mods are dumping on me and others liking their comments as their way of "showing me" or "giving me the bird," then to hell with the rules, huh? That's cool. Message received.
  6. Oh well. I'm going to continue doing it. So... Also when people search for projects, development, whatever, if the address is part of the title, that's what appears as the website heading in Google. That makes it easier for people to see the topic and read the forum or participate it in. And since this is DUMP THE F ALL OVER CROCKPOT DAY, the reason in non Going Up forums I add the address is because many of the developments, businesses, or whatever change over fast, the project dies and someone else buys it, and on and on. Posting the address in the neighborhood forums keeps that in order and prompts people to post about whatever is going on there. But continue to gripe and talk crap about me.
  7. Maybe more details and finally official renderings of Post HTX or Post Houston at 401 Franklin may be on the way. Their Instagram page posted half of the development's name in a grid layout. Well, more like their torturing us with a post once a week until the name is spelled out. The website is still asking for photos. Who know? Lovett Commercial may surprise us with an update very soon. But if they're posting a teaser once a week, I doubt we'll hear anything until after the 4th of July holiday.
  8. Photos of completed construction and progress of Bank of America Tower (previously Capitol Tower) and Understory. This is located in downtown Houston, 800 Capitol St. From Houston Business Journal, there is more in the slideshow attached to the article. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/05/23/photos-newly-named-bank-of-america-tower-places.html 7,000 sq ft fitness facility at Bank of America Tower (previously Capitol Tower) in downtown Houston. 800 Capitol. The Houston office of San Francisco-based Gensler designed the tower with the aim of offering employees areas where they could relax in between work. The first-floor rec area features foosball tables. SkyPark
  9. Photo showing progress and completion of Understory food hall in downtown Houston. This is in the Bank of America Tower, previously Capitol Tower, 800 Capitol St. Photo is from BisNow Houston's article linked in the post above: The Assembly in the Bank of America Tower, previously Capitol Tower in downtown Houston, 800 Capitol St.
  10. From Houston Business Journal yesterday on the name change from Capitol Tower to Bank of America Tower, downtown Houston 800 Capitol St. After nearly two years of waiting, downtown Houston’s newest skyscraper has an official name. The 35-story Capitol Tower at 811 Rusk St. in the city’s Central Business District will now be called Bank of America Tower, officials announced at a May 22 press event. The tower takes its name from its anchor tenant, Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), which preleased 210,000 square feet of space in the tower. Bank of America is vacating 700 Louisiana St., commonly called Bank of America Center. A new name for that building has not been announced yet, but Bank of America plans to move into its new offices in June. The bank will have more than 600 employees in the new space, consolidating three downtown Houston locations. The May 22 press event was hosted by New York-based Skanska USA Commercial Development, the developer on the project. Rest here: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/05/22/new-name-revealed-for-skanskas-capitol-tower.html More from BisNow Houston this morning: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/office/skanska-unveils-new-name-of-35-story-office-tower-99092?rt=69302
  11. Thanks. I see that as I read the documents that entities Lakeside Place and Standard in the Heights entered into a lease for the property as part of a partnership. And if you KNEW this was part of M-K-T , then why didn't you merge this sooner? No one in this thread brought that up at all and the thread about it was very visible. But when I bring it up, everyone wants to gang up on me by liking all the comments directed towards me as a way to flip me the bird when I have been actively adding to the M-K-T thread since last fall, posting info no one else bothered to post about M-K-T. The least you could do @Urbannizer is add the address back in the title which is 600 N Shepherd Dr . You ALWAYS leave that out when you merge or rename threads, mostly ones from me. Thanks.
  12. I don't because I don't think this is part of The MKT. I'm looking in the county records and this isn't connected to any of the developers of M-K-T. Standard in the Heights at 601 W 6th or 612 Waverly St isn't part of M-K-T. So please, @Urbannizer unmerge.
  13. Map from another listing showing more tenants for the new retail center development at 2401 N Shepherd Dr in Houston. From Braun Enterprises' website: Spenga (fitness gym) Nails of America Club Pilates Zoomed in Also updated marketing brochure for 2401 N Shepherd from Braun Enterprises' website: https://www.braunenterprises.com/s/Braun-Enterprises-2401-N-Shepherd-ebbd.pdf (archive link) More tenants (either proposed or leased): Spenga Club Pilates Eyes of the Heights Optometry Nails of America Phenix Salon Suites
  14. Mods @Urbannizer, @Triton, @intencity77, @Subdude. There are posts in this thread that have nothing to do with this topic, the apartments called Standard in the Heights. The following linked posts are about phase 1 and phase 2 of The M•K•T (the readaptive use redevelopment of Shepherd 10 Business Park ) at 600 N Shepherd Dr in Houston. Phase 2, like Phase 1 will convert the existing buildings and also build other additions. Please move the posts below to the Heights forum where the there is an existing thread for The M•K•T here: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/44474-shepherd-10-business-park-600-n-shepherd-dr (further discussions of The M•K•T or photos of The M•K•T should be posted in the thread for The M•K•T is in the Heights forum here). https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/31343-6th-waverly-the-heights-new-mid-rise-building/?do=findComment&comment=590080 https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/31343-6th-waverly-the-heights-new-mid-rise-building/?do=findComment&comment=590109 https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/31343-6th-waverly-the-heights-new-mid-rise-building/?do=findComment&comment=590549 
  15. The apartment component of The M•K•T is Standard in the Heights at W 6th St and Waverly. It is part of Phase 2 of The M•K•T (the readaptive use redevelopment of Shepherd 10 Business Park ) The apartments are shown in an updated brochure for The M•K•T (further discussions of The M•K•T or photos of The M•K•T should be posted in the thread for The M•K•T is in the Heights forum here). Let's keep this thread specifically on the Standard in the Heights apartments, please. Phase 2 is shown on an updated map and includes residential at W 6th St and Waverly. There is a thread about it here. (direct link)
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