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  1. St.Arnolds Expansion

    Progress picture of Saint Arnold Brewing Co's addition and expansion of Saint Arnoldville. Located at 2104 Lyons Ave in Houston. From Facebook
  2. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    The website for Post HTX was updated last month. There is work continuing on the site's design, so it's not finished. This could be a sign that Lovett Commercial is close to making an announcement with more details on the development.
  3. More on Bisou, the restaurant replacing Taverna in River Oaks District, 4444 Westheimer, Suite A115. From Houston Chronicle: Houston nightlife operator Cle Group is taking a big step on the local hospitality scene with the announcement of its first restaurant concept, Bisou, set to open this fall at River Oaks District, 4444 Westheimer. Bisou will take the place of Taverna, the recently closed restaurant from the Dallas-based Lombardi Family Concepts, which also operates Toulouse Café and Bar at River Oaks District. No word on why Taverna shuttered. Cle Group is well known to the party set as operators of the hot spots Cle and Spire. Bisou, French for "kiss," will be helmed by chef Frederic Perrier, who Houston foodies may remember from the French restaurant Aura in Missouri City and Sugar Land. Perrier, a native of Lyon, France, is a member of Master Chefs of France. "We always had the goal of expanding our offerings as we evolve into a more diverse hospitality group with multiple brands in both the dining and entertainment space," said Andrew Estes, Cle Group partner. "River Oaks District made perfect sense for this particular concept given all the luxury brands and white-hot restaurants already there. We think Bisou will be an excellent addition to the mix and only add to River Oaks District's allure as the most sought after mixed-use destination in the city." ...The 5,500-square-foot restaurant will be designed by the Dallas-based Duncan Design Group, which is expected to inject the space with a "serious dose of glitz and glamour," according to a press release.
  4. 1344 Yale

    La Grand Rue is opening at 1344 Yale in the Heights this fall. More from the Eater Houston article linked above: La Grande Rue is expected to debut this fall (late October, early November) In the coming months, a new wine bar and boutique wine shop will bring quality bottles from across the globe to the Heights. Called La Grande Rue, the wine bar will be located smack dab in the heart of the Heights at 14th and Yale, and will be housed in a cool 1920’s or 1930’s standalone building with natural brick walls. The wine bar side will occupy approximately 1,100 square feet, with bar seating for 10 or 12 drinkers, individual tables, and additional seating on the outdoor patio. A brick wall with a connecting door will provide access to the adjacent retail space. A project of friends and industry veterans William Meznarich and Brian Doke, the duo says that a quality wine bar has long been missing from the Heights. “We desperately need a fine wine-type bar in the Heights,” says Meznarich, who was most recently a partner and distributor for Victory Wine Group. “Right now, if I want to relax and enjoy some cool wines, I have to drive to downtown or the middle of Montrose, so I find myself drinking at home a lot.” Though still in the preliminary planning phase, Meznarich says that the wine shop will have 300 to 400 different bottles on offer, with a large tasting table in the middle. A separate, climate-controlled glass-enclosed room will be constructed to house the high end wines. He anticipates offering approximately 30 wines by the glass in the wine bar. When it’s open wine enthusiasts will be able to purchase bottles from the retail side to take over to the wine bar to enjoy.
  5. Yes. The group known for the Midtown club Clé at 2301 Main St, is opening a restaurant in Houston's River Oaks District. The restaurant is Bisou and will replace Taverna at 4444 Westheimer Road, Suite A115.
  6. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Full website is up for Finn Hall in downtown Houston, 712 Main inside The Jones on Main. There are no renderings of the whole hall and upstairs lounge, but there are pages for each vendor reported: Amaya Coffee Craft Burger Dish Society Goode Co. Taqueria Mala Sichuan Low Tide Mr. Nice Pie Oddball Eats Sit Lo Yong The website has a page for Swallow's Nest, the mezzanine bar at Finn Hall, inside The Jones on Main in Houston. A cocktail is more than the sum of its ingredients. It’s the company you share it with. It’s the setting in which you enjoy it. It’s the occasion that inspired it. Distill each of these elements into one beautiful, intimate space and you have Swallow’s Nest. Nestled above Finn Hall, Swallow’s Nest is the perfect downtown hideaway for classic cocktails and good times. The ambiance is timeless. The architecture preserved to showcase its celebrated Art Deco soul, thoughtfully designed to bring old and new Houston together. And the name of the bar on the first floor of Finn Hall is St. Jac's. Located in the main hall, St. Jac’s is the perfect place to grab a craft brew or a enjoy one of our specialty cocktails and wines on tap. Belly up to the bar with delicious fare from any of our 10 local independent Houston food vendors.
  7. Allen Center Redevlopment

    Buried in an article on Eater Houston about One Allen Center in downtown Houston, 500 Dallas St: Ono Poke is plotting a second location at 500 Dallas Street.
  8. Grocers Supply Co. - 3131 Holcombe Blvd

  9. Grocers Supply Co. - 3131 Holcombe Blvd

    This is a duplicate thread. A thread about this property was started last year: Grocers Supply Co. - 3131 Holcombe Blvd Mods please merge this thread with the existing one I linked above.
  10. Goodnight Charlie's + Parking (2531 Kuester)

    A rendering of Rosie Canonball restaurant's interior, Kuester and Westheimer in Houston. Form Good Night Hospitality:
  11. Goodnight Charlie's + Parking (2531 Kuester)

    Renderings of the additions coming next to Good Night Charlie's in Houston, 2531 Kuester. From Houston Chronicle
  12. Goodnight Charlie's + Parking (2531 Kuester)

    Good Night Charlie's, 2531 Kuester, will have more company next year. From Houston Chronicle: When Master Sommelier David Keck up and walked away from wine and opened a honky-tonk, Goodnight Charlie's, in Montrose last year, Houston oenophiles thought he'd lost his mind – or at least his palate. But Keck insisted at the time that, after years of intense studying in route to achieving Master Somm status, he would be only taking a much-needed breather from the wide world of grapes, hardly abandoning it. This was confirmed Monday with the news that he'll be opening a hat trick's worth of new wine-centric spots in early 2019: a fine-dining establishment called March, a casual European-style bistro called Rosie Cannonball and a retail shop, Montrose Cheese and Wine, that will sell, obviously, cheese and wine plus lots of other cool stuff. Keck is understandably proud of the fact that he will have a for-real wine cellar beneath the complex – a first for a Houston-area restaurant – although keeping it protected from Houston's occasional monsoons has added a layer of complication. The architectural firm of Curtis & Windham, which has extensive experience with residential wine-cellar construction around the area, is overseeing the project. March Seating only 28, it will, Keck says, define what an intimate setting looks like while "pushing the boundaries of fine-dining in Houston." Expect a wine list worthy of his talent and taste, tapping into the relationships he has established around the world during and after his pursuit of Master Sommelier status, while Riccio will create a wide-ranging menu under the "Mediterranean" umbrella. Rosie Cannonball The menu will be centered around a wood-burning grill and oven for delivering house-made pizzas and breads. Keck says the wine list will be "expansive," focusing on "affordable" offerings from boutique cutting-edge New World producers and sometimes overlooked regions such as Beaujolais and the Loire Valley. There will also be a "well-curated" cocktail program rounding out the beverage department. The neighborhood's first cheese emporium will be tightly focused on small producers with a rotating selection of 12 to 15 cheeses and 75 wines, most of them organic, biodynamic and/or naturally produced. Select beers and cider will also be on offer, as will food, accessories and wine-related gifts from Biscuit Home, many of them used personally by Keck and Riccio.
  13. 1344 Yale

    When you share Loopnet listings here, you should upload photos attached to the listings on an Imgur type service. Hotlinking the pictures from Loopnet won't work. Once the listing has been leased or sold, the photos are removed. That has been a change Loopnet implemented last year. Photos of 1344 Yale from Loopnet:
  14. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    This weeks' construction photos of the build out progress of Finn Hall food hall in downtown Houston, 712 Main St @ The Jones on Main. The photos are from Andy Simpson, co-owner of Oz Rey, Finn Hall's developers. Food stalls and bars starting to come together
  15. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    This weeks' construction photos of the build out progress of Finn Hall food hall in downtown Houston, 712 Main St @ The Jones on Main. The photos are from Andy Simpson, co-owner of Oz Rey, Finn Hall's developers. Same steel problems two weeks later