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  1. Yeah Randall Davis does a terrible job at picking property locations. The Cosmo should have been built on the corner where this building is going up. The Astoria should have been built on the other corner where the ATT store is now. I'm sure that property will be a highrise in a few years. Check out the west side of Highland Tower. That's a pretty low risk view.
  2. Here’s a fairly terrible pic of the excavation.
  3. After a few weeks pause, they moved a construction trailer on site the other day and are beginning work again.
  4. During construction they had fences up to prevent people from crossing here, and tons of people still did, even with small children and with no regard for yielding to traffic. They still will do so without a crosswalk. People park at Dillards to avoid the Galleria parking garage mess during the holidays, and they certainly aren't going to be inconvenienced to walk down to the nearest intersection. I predict these bus lanes are going to result in a lot of people/cars getting hit.
  5. New piece of equipment arrived.
  6. RD sent out a new email about the project, basically that they're still working the design, but it will be named The Paramount.
  7. Their financials are absolute trash. I really doubt restructuring can save that mess.
  8. If there was a HAIF bingo game, Gene mentioning redeveloping Post Oak Corner would definitely be a square 😂
  9. Really great footage. I loved the video where you were like "I can feel that every time" because my place was legit shaking too.
  10. The front of it is all bashed in too right now. They were taking some stuff out on a trailer yesterday like hardwood boards and some fixtures. Probably just delayed until it's cleaned out inside.
  11. Probably parking garage. I'm about 150 feet to your right, but I'm back behind the pool so I'll at least have some buffer. Hopefully there's some decent clearance between us and the new structure.
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