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  1. I have a big problem with the stradegy of Federated... I was in Atlanta when they took over Rich's...Rich's was a historic name in the city, just as Foley's is here. Macy's ain't the grand chain it once was during its heyday. In fact I find a lot of their stores to be rather tired. I have a big problem with corporate America's obsession with increasing their bottom line by every penny possible...it's as if greed knows no bounds. The main reasoning I have heard from Federated regarding these name changes is simply to save $$$ on advertising and printing the damn store bags! Who in the hell wa
  2. Tinsley's in Bryan was located at the corner of Texas Avenue and Martin Luther King Street. The building is now a Mexican cafe. This location is across the street from the former Gath's Electrical Supply, which was formerly Gath's Fried Chicken, which before that was the original Bryan Popeye's Chicken. Tinsley's in Bryan closed in the summer of 1996.
  3. New controversies have erupted over the future Rudder High... First a battle is quickly shaping up over how attendance zones will be set up for the high school... Bryan ISD looks at attendance zone issues By HOLLY HUFFMAN Eagle Staff Writer Bryan school trustees clashed Thursday while debating the need for high school attendance boundaries to determine who will attend Rudder High School when it opens in fall 2008. Most trustees and administrators seemed to prefer creation of an attendance zone that would coincide with a liberal transfer policy that would allow students to change schools if the
  4. Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway by Jerome R. Corsi Posted Jun 12, 2006 Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn.... Link to full article.... http://www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=15497
  5. Bryan trustees approve school design plan By HOLLY HUFFMAN Eagle Staff Writer Bryan school trustees on Monday approved general design plans for an over-budget Rudder High School despite worries that they could be $2 million short after completing all projects outlined in last year's bond package. The new high school, scheduled to open in fall 2008, was the largest and most costly project called for under the $104 million bond package that voters approved in February 2005. The original price tag for the school was set at $42.6 million.... Link to full story.... http://www.theeagle
  6. Excuse me...this has taken me by surprise....since when did people of Hispanic descent become Caucasian? Last time I checked on the Census questionaire, the options to check were CAUCASIAN, NOT OF HISPANIC DESCENT and then just plain CAUCASIAN. So where did that statement come from? Does that mean that most African-Americans in Houston are Italian or Irish?
  7. No, you are thinking of a guy from the development depeartment whose first name is Joey, but his last name escapes me. Kevin Russell's position was eliminated by the city council with the explanation that the Brazos Valley Development Council should be the ones to pay his salary instead of the city, a clearly fool-hardy stance.
  8. Originally the plan was for Blinn to completely takeover the Townshire Shopping Center (the school used to be housed in the former Sears space in the center), and then there was discussion of giving the school the Manor East Mall property, but ultimately the space where it is now was chosen because of the abundance of space available for it to be able to expand. At that time there was not a big push to expand in west Bryan and the land in that area was held by a lot of individuals who weren't selling. I think the location is perfect since it offers easy access to the freeway, and that entire
  9. I would hardly call the stretch of South College between TAMU and downtown Bryan 'ghetto' (and even then the word 'ghetto' is pushing it) until you get to the area north of Cavitt, which has been be overtaken by illegal immigrants, dilapadated apartments complexes, and prostitutes. I am angered by this Muni decision also. I have stated this before, but I'm going to say it again: the development of Bryan has been on the wrong track since the early 2005 dismissal of city development planner Kevin Russell. Muni NEEDS TO GO. There are already an abundance of golfing options in this area, and t
  10. Yes Deborah Duncan's (or Debra as she was known then) show on ABC 13 was major, as Disney (ABC 13's owner) was testing the show in this market with plans to syndicate it nationally through its Buena Vista arm if it took off locally. However, while the ratings were okay here, Disney ultimately decided to go with other options (Tony Danza). Interesting sidenote: ABC 13 titled the show DEBRA Duncan instead of Deborah simply because it was easier to incorporate Debra into the logo designed for the show. I met Ms. Duncan backstage at the show during its first week and she is a perky and engagin
  11. To the previous post about the need of whites to come back to the city to save it, why is it that they have to be the savior? Atlanta is a prime example of a city with black leadership and a majority black population that is doing just fine without the savior of whites who feel the need to flee to the suburbs. A before the argument is made that crime was responsible for white flight, let's remember that when the flight began in the early to mid 60's before the riots, that flight was more the result of whites fleeing integration and the inevitable loss of power in city government due to the o
  12. I will get down there in the next few days to take some pictures to post. Stay tuned.
  13. Construction has begun on the eagerly anticipated new justice center for the city of Bryan. Bulldozers have moved in and begun clearing the various tracts for the center, which will occupy several blocks between Texas Avenue and Main Main Streets at the southern edge of downtown, with the entrance being across 29th Street from the municipal building/city hall. The justice center will include a new police department and jail facility and municipal court space, bringing the three together again for the first time in nearly fifteen years or so. Currently the police department is located caticor
  14. Two points to make... Last year I got the chance. along with my mother, sister, and fifteen other citizens in the City of Bryan Citizens Leadership program, and one of our sessions with the city leaders dealt specifically with the overhead power lines issue. The head of city devlopment at the time (whom I thought was just the kind of aggressive and innovative leader the city had been in dire need of for twenty years) stated that one of the main reasons for Bryan losing out to College Station in competition for new businesses in the past decade could be attributed to the fact that CS has no ov
  15. Actually, the signal broadcast in the Chicago area for WGN operates as the city's WB affiliate (Tribune Broadcasting owns both WGN and a heavy stake in The WB). The WGN signal beamed via satellite to the rest of the country (the Superstation) does not carry WB programming...this was the result of litigation filed way back in the late 90's (pushed by UPN). When The WB launched in 1995 WGN beamed the network's programming out to the entire country, bascially making The WB available in far more households via cable rather than over broadcast stations (affiliates). The other broadcast networks
  16. Although I was not thinking like a buzzard feasting on the remains of the dead, after Katrina wiped out the Big Easy, I was holding out hope that the city leaders in Houston would make a serious play for New Orleans's huge and highly lucrative convention business...unfortunately, Atlanta seems to have beaten them to the punch... Atlanta lures conventions from New Orleans 14 gatherings make the switch so far By LEON STAFFORD The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 10/21/05 Almost two months after Hurricane Katrina stormed through the Gulf Coast, Atlanta continues to add conventions prev
  17. In another sign that College Station city government is headed to hell in a hand-basket... There in the past few weeks been a calls for the city council to take the issue of whether to put up $25 million of taxpayers' money to build the hotel/conference center to the ballot box. At first it seemed as if the council would put the measure on the ballot for voters to give it a yay or nay... Then came the city council meeting on August 29, at which time the newly-elected council (made up of a majority proclaiming fiscal conservatism) rejected the ballot proposal, giving the lame excuse that since
  18. Actually, we didn't come off looking like country bumpkins on Entertainment Tonight...they showed the protesters outside the TCA Cable headquarters...it was really surprising that ET came to B/CS, as the MTV/TCA debacle had grown into a national story since TCA served many different areas across the nation, and had removed MTV on all their systems. This was yet again another instance in which I, a middle school student at the time, wrote a blistering letter to the editor of The B/CS Eagle (it seems like as a kid the only thing that seemed to get me heated up was the disruption of my regular T
  19. Actually, B/CS does have WB affiliation...the FOX affiliate, KYLE, also doubles as The WB...WB programming can be seen every night beginning at 9:00PM following the FOX schedule on KYLE. As for all the new local affiliates, the only one I consider to be truly local to B/CS is KHRD ABC40, and even it has its limits. Although the station maintains a "newsroom" out of an office in the Galleria tower on Briarcrest Drive, the local newscast is broadcast from the KXXV-TV studio in Waco. However, the newscast is devoted to B/CS news and not Waco/Temple/Killen. KMAY-TV (NBC) and KYLE (FOX/WB) are si
  20. In B/CS on Cox Cable, KTRK only is shown when the programming does not overlap with what is being shown on KHRD-ABC40...the overlap being ABC network programming. This is because of the FCC's must-carry regulations...you see, since B/CS has its own ABC affiliate in ABC40, that station's signal takes precedence over that of KTRK (as in if a station is to get the ratings for ABC programming in an area, it has to be the region's home station). Therefore, when ABC programming is being shown on ABC40, KTRK's spot on Cox channel 3 is taken over by the TV Guide Channel. I know KTRK is popular and h
  21. Actually the owner of University Tower, as very successful and wealthy developer from the West Coast, has repeatedly offered to renovate and upgrade the property to serve as the hotel component of the hotel/conference center the city leaders are so desperate to see built. He also owns the land beside the Tower that he has offered to donate to construct the conference center. His offers have been repeatedly spurned by the city, although taking him up on his proposal would save College Station millions of dollars in construction and operational costs of a hotel. In the past few years the guy
  22. I was reading a news account (possibly CNN.com or AJC.com) of Miss America leaving Atlantic City due to severe financial difficulties, mostly resulting from losing the tv contract with ABC, and it stated that the tv rights now belong to Country Music Television (CMT) and most likely the pageant is going to end up in Nashville, Tennessee.
  23. Once again, the above statement RE: Ted Turner has nothing to do with Nielsen markets. In fact, cable has nothing to do with Nielsen markets. Therefore even if there were several cable channels based in Houston, it would have nothing to do with the area's Nielsen market ranking. However, I have always firmly believed that Bryan/College Station should be part of the Houston market and not Wace/Temple/Killeen, which is #94 in the rankings. B/CS is closer in region to Houston, and the addition of nearly 100,000 more households would greatly enhance Houston's ranking. Plus, KTRK happens to be
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