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  1. >> Maybe, I'll put in steel doors with the little square rifle holes, like on the Brinks trucks. To protect the generator huh? I guess the a generator is going to replace the Plasma TV as the newest Bling item in Houston. An Ace Hardware near FM1960 had 40 generators arrive on Thursday evening all presold.
  2. >>>I have been planning an "above ground bunker" to replace my termite's nest of a garage for over a year. It will be concrete block, with a second floor gameroom, with either storm shutters or plexiglass windows, and be strong enough for hurricane winds. Dig the foundation about 6 feet below the ground and then drill about 10 piers below that. Pour yourself a concrete wall about 1 1/2 to 2 foot thick from underground to about 4 feet above ground. When you lay the cinderblock on top of that set rebar every fourth hole and fill up with concrete. Odds are its will be there no matter w
  3. >>> If I was a betting person I would say that Target was the one on South Main near the dome. And the reason being is that I have heard more bs and sob stories by people panhandling at that store than on the San Felipe location. I cannot even go to my car without being hit up for money. But your mileage may vary. I go to the San Felipe location now and all is well. Why does everyone try to bring the racial element into this. I don't see anything in my post that insinuates race. For those that have worked in the dome area you will recognize the great improvements over the past years
  4. According to the news.... There were 16 arrests in Houston for looting, 8 of those at a Target. If I was a betting person I would say that Target was the one on South Main near the dome. Does anyone know which one was hit?
  5. So I guess Austin, Dallas, Little Rock and St Louis should now be under a CAT 5 storm watch? Hunkerdown!
  6. 1. Food banks should be overflowing with canned items in the next few weeks. 2. Grocery stores should have record profits after nothing will have to be rebuilt due to storm damage. 3. Maybe more lanes are not the answer. Maybe learning how to read and use a map is. 4. Generators are now becoming common place. Lets find a way to make them quieter. 5. During your 15 minutes of fame interview, try not to make your legacy 15 minutes of looking like a dumbassmoron. 6. Pissoff Southwest Airlines, we want our Texas TGV!!!!
  7. >>> No cars at all. I drove yesterday from Jersey Village to the Heights in 5 minutes down 290. Wow, thats about 207mph! So I'm guessing you have a Mclaren F1, or a Bugatti EB110, or a Koenigsegg? Thats 17.4 miles in less than 5 minutes, amazing. http://maps.google.com/maps?spn=0.129577,0...+TX+77007&hl=en
  8. I'll take them. I've decided not to look at my neighbors anymore, and besides Windex was getting a bit too expensive.
  9. They are not allowed to sleep on the sidewalks between 7:00am and 11:00pm. It is called the civility ordinance
  10. What about Ferrari and Maserati of Houston? Someone has to help move those cars to higher ground. I think I do my part in a Quattroporte.
  11. I'm thinking of setting up a windmill and selling power to Green Mountain Energy. -Alan
  12. I left the "Upper Kirby" area at approx 10:00am today. I had a hunch about taking Old Hempstead Highway and was pleased with the results. With minimal traffic (like a light rush hour at some points) I was able to arrive at a friends house an hour and 30 minutes later. I hit Hempstead Highway via Westscott. (Rice Military area) I ran into one tie-up (a light out) and took West 43rd back around to OHH. Drove it all the way to Jersey Village and turned left on some back roads over to HW529. I took this over to Jackrabbit road and got back on OHH until Huffmeister. Obviously time has passed since
  13. I've got CAT 5e, does that count?
  14. oops thats 1 shot not $5 dollars! Okay, since there may be many that are going to tough it through I propose a Rita/Channel 2 drinking game. Here are the rules. 1 shot for everytime they use the term Missiles to refer to items in your yard. 1 shot for the term "double-doppler" 1 shot for an on-camera interview with a Gas Station owner. 2 shots for everytime a meteorologist uses the term "wiggle" in reference to the eye. 3 shots for hearing the term "eyewall reformation cycle" 2 shots for a shot of Bill White and Robert Eckels together. 3 shots for a live feed from Galveston's San Luis "bunker"
  15. >>I plan on taking over the Theater District. Eelimon, you can take the South Side. Sorry, I tied up the exclusive rights last week. The knock at your door at 3am Saturday will be me collecting my protection money.
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