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  1. Developer: Hines Design Architect: Pickard Chilton Size: 350,000 SF Micro Center: Here to stay...just not same location
  2. Patrinely is the developer for the Phase I residential tower
  3. They should go to the 16 acre postal service site being marketed by CBRE on the northern edge of downtown...
  4. I've heard rumblings that they may be partnering with a large national office developer for some of the HWY 6 frontage. Anyone else heard that? It would be great to get some momentum over here with more corporate users. I think it would be a great spot and I believe this is where Nalco Champion recently announced their new HQ office.
  5. Yep, 600,000 SF in two buildings. Who's the different company for the mid size deal?
  6. Neither. Adjacent to that nasty "TEXAN" office building and north of the horse stable. Feels like some rich hermit probably owns and offices in that building. Just too bizarre. I've seen Range Rovers, Mercedes, and other nice cars with ones that appear to be rotting in there.
  7. Like Exxon taking 500,000 SF in a single building? Seriously, heard that was happening.
  8. noticed that at&t is now taking this space. did icon bank end up leasing/selling to at&t? i think they may have changed the awful green color on the side of the building, too.
  9. That design is old and was done for Mariner Energy when they bought the site from Dow Chemical. Apache purchased Mariner and elected not to move forward with the plan. Apache sold the site to Cameron. Gensler beat out Kirksey for the design of the new Cameron campus.
  10. Zoning requirements? Come on, this is Houston. Likely will be 12 story mid rise buildings surrounding some amenity space/central green area
  11. I noticed their 12 story building in Westway Park recently changed the signage to read OneSubsea, their JV that was announced earlier this year with Schlumberger. So maybe they're coming out of that. They also own a building in Westway Park...the former Baker Hughes facility. Can you name any of those companies that will be looking in the next 12 to 24 months? Will they be out west?
  12. Rumor on the street is that Cameron acquired 25 acres from Apache. I believe this location is the former Dow Chemical HQ at 400 West Sam Houston Parkway. They have real estate all over the city, particularly in Westway Park. This must be a large consolidation for them. Apparently going to include over 1 million square feet of office. Patrinely will develop it for Cameron...you have to believe the architect will be Gensler. Same team currently developing Southwestern Energy's new HQ in Springwoods Village. How many energy companies are left to build new campuses for?
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