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  1. I'm still alive guys! Just been busy with many things. Trying to get my DeLorean sold after happily owning it for 7 years. I have been assembling paper model skyscrapers lately, so my own model of downtown has been put on hold. I will make some new posts in the near future! Have a nice summer!

  2. Nice shot, cfewell22! Is that 609 Main going up in lights, as well? I really need to get down there and see the construction process in person. The webcam every hour just don't cut it. Thanks for posting!
  3. That is my thinking, as well. The 3D method has been used from architecture to the medical field when it comes to printing 3D materials. The equipment to produce them is very expensive, not to mention big money for parts and routine maintenance on the machines. The former owner of the model making company that gave me the models I mentioned earlier, he took me on a shop tour of the business and I must say I was pretty impressed with the laser and 3D machines they use. One of the machines was in need of repair that week. He said the "shop call" alone was about $1,000 for the visit to even look at the machine. They may be an expensive piece of machinery to print things for our future, but I assume that the costs people will pay to have things printed in that fashion will eventually pay for the machines in no time. I will still keep making mine anyway....even if it is the "cheap" way.
  4. I began making "models" when I was 12-years of age. My uncle made a little model of the house he and my aunt was going to build in the 80's. It was only made from file folder material, but it was very detailed as far as the shape and the dormers on the roof. I fell in love with the model and asked him to show me how to construct them. He showed me, but I took it a level up and decided to use the methods he showed me, and make some of the buildings in downtown, Houston. I viewed pictures of the skyscrapers from each side, then figured out the footprint of the structure. It only got better from then on. I could just look at a building, "see" it already in miniature form, then make it from a file folder. They started warping because of the humidity, so I started buying materials sturdier than that....thicker poster board, etc. Before I knew it, I had nearly all of the major buildings in downtown made, so I drew the streets with each block and placed the buildings in their proper space. In high school, I had General Drafting, so drawing 3 dimensional shapes and blueprints helped me even more at designing my own structures. However I only wanted to make models of buildings, not get into designing them. I loved things in miniature. You will find many YouTube videos of people constructing models using foam boards and other items, and they actually show you how to join the walls, and get creative. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I don't use any certain scale in my models, even this one of downtown. I generally just make them by sight, and guesstimate the height by looking at the surrounding buildings. I truly need to get on the ball about scales. I didn't pay attention to that part in Drafting lol. A big tip to you: Patience. There will be times in model making that mistakes will be made and it may frustrate a person. But you have to realize that nothing is final in this world until you're below ground. So you just have to use another piece of paper, foam board, etc. and try again. I went through a lot of file folders, buying 4 or 5 boxes of them at the office supply store....in quantities of 300 folders in each box. When you say "grocery stores", do you mean the exteriors like a shopping center, or the interior?
  5. If I told you all, I'd have to kill you all. Do you still wish to know? *rubs hands together*
  6. Thanks, SpaceGhost! Since my last appearance here, I've managed to obtain a few more professional models from a local model maker. The owner and I became good friends and he was tossing some stuff out. Since I was showing interest in them, he let me take them! I've also made a few of my own that may interest you guys and girls. I will post pictures of them in the very near future!
  7. I am sad that I don't get to see these things you all talk about now that I've moved from the east side to near Cypress. The only view of downtown I get to see now is when I'm taking 249 to Beltway 8 east, and then I can barely make out an image similar to the opening of Gilligan's Island lol. Been here 6 years and having a massive downtown withdrawal. I will take that trip down there and make it an all day trip so I can visit each building, hug it and give it a big ol' slippery kiss.
  8. Holy cow. I am really feeling guilty for waiting over a year to log back in and continue with my modeling work! I will be posting more soon once I get photographs made and ready. I hope all of you are doing well, and talk to you soon!
  9. Indeed I was, and still at it lol. Been busy with other things so no additions have been made on it. My apologies to all for not being on here as much as I should. However, I am back in tune with modeling and will be posting in the near future!
  10. Thank you, Boob! I have it attached to my wall in the room where I make my models. I have to dust it off every once in a while!
  11. Just to let everyone know, I'm still alive lol. I've been busy with life itself, not just model making. I've made a few more projects on my own, but really haven't done anything else to the downtown model. Yes, I know, shame on me! I will post pictures of the models I've constructed within the past few months before and during the holidays. One being the 125 Haus house that was built in the high levels of Utah in order to be some sort of energy study on it. You can search "125 Haus" on Google, and it will give you results. My model looks pretty much like the house itself, yet I gave it a more "summerish" appearance with bushes and pretty trees. I even made it to where I can remove the roof in order to see the other two floors and their rooms. Of course you can't have a two story house without stairs so I knew that was going to be a tedious task....but I figured out a way to make the stairs and I surprised myself! Again, once I take some good, clear photo's of it, I will post them. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know I'm still kicking, and I hope 2015 will be a very good year with much happiness and good health for you all! Take care!!!
  12. I found this image courtesy of the Westchase District's website. Great aerial view of the complex!
  13. Thank you for the nice compliment! I'm sure I'll be adding some of the planned towers to the model once I can get some good images of the renditions. Again, I did add the Capitol Tower to the model already. I'm not even sure if it's started construction yet. Believe it or not, even the old proposal design of the Bank of the Southwest building is a bit tough for me to "see" the way in which to make a model of it. I may be stumped for a while but I usually come out with a way to do it! And I hope to find some one/some place who would be willing to put it on exhibit, and get a display safe enough to do so! Don't want to pick my model up and see it very dusty or crushed in places lol....Blessings to you and your family, Clutch!!
  14. Oh my, I haven't been on here in a month! That is cute how you said my explanation of my "scale" gave you goosebumps haha! But that's how I do all my models! I go online and read in some books about all the 1/100...1/500...etc. scales, but for some reason I can't get it through my thick skull how to duplicate those scales on, say, like a ruler! Like how many inches equal a foot to build a model of a building 500 meters tall....The look on my face while reading the instructions was the same look I get on my face while watching Jeopardy! Some day I will understand it. And I'm glad you were inspired to make some 3D models of your own! That is awesome! You will have to post some images, then I can make a model, and hey, one day we may see the Marcus-Rudy Tower going up some day! Happy Easter!!
  15. Hey Marcus! Once I get the final "pieces" together, and have pretty much made the model "final", I had thought about putting it on display....somewhere lol. City Hall? GRB? I have no idea where or even who would want to display it. And yes, I've seen those massive models of major cities displayed at various places. I remember seeing pictures of a huge model of Chicago displayed in a public building...can't remember where. I believe there is one of the entire Manhattan Island, if not, the entire New York City area! And yes, I've seen those of Tokyo, as well, and it includes EVERY structure in that city!!! That's even mind boggling to me who can find and duplicate every building for a complete model!! I'm sure if I continue on the model for some time, I will start including the newer towers, should they be built soon enough. I have added the "Capitol Tower" on its lot. I'm not even sure if they've started construction on it. And time will tell if I will start making models of uptown, midtown, Galleria area, etc. I know they have interesting buildings and such, but all my architectural interest has always been on the downtown area. Perhaps I shall be greatly inspired in the near future to do such models. As I've said in previous postings, I don't usually begin with a scale at all. Like this model, I started with the Wells Fargo Plaza, and went on from there just by sight using photographs of downtown, some at straight ground shot should I need to see the approximate height they go to on other buildings. Overall, the EXACT scale of each building is not used, but just looking at the model, you would never know...unless of course you're a professional architect/modeler lol. I pretty much make the models by sight, I guess you could say. And that answers your questions, sir! If you have any more, don't hesitate to ask. I enjoy discussing my hobby with others!! Blessings!
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