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  1. That would have been Hwy. 290 but I do not recall a Gabs anything and I'm a native as well as an Aggie so I traveled Hwy. 290 frequently. Guess I just missed it.
  2. I worked the 'grave yard' shift (11 p.m. - 7 a.m.) at a U-Tote-M in College Station, TX, right across from where I was attending school at Texas A&M University. My friends would come by in the middle of the night and keep me company or we would study together and smoke cigs all night. That was my one and only experience working retail.
  3. The top 20 best things about Houston in the 80s: Los Troncos Restaurant on Westheimer (now Marco's) The ORIGINAL Westheimer Art Festival The Rolling Stones at the Astrodome Elan Ninfa's on Navigation Midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Alabama Theater The San Jacinto Inn Confetti Urban Cowboy (stereotypes and all) the ORIGINAL Armando's on S. Shepherd (long before the socialite invasion, when Armando actually knew who you were) Watching Divine perform at #'s Cruising Westheimer on Fri. and Sat. night Mary's Biker Bar Cody's Boston Sea Party Margo's LaMode and Sakowitz But
  4. Cougar and Kerleq, thanks SO much for your contributions! The information you both provided is fascinating and I especially enjoyed hearing about your Aunt's personal experiences with Freedman and his associates, including movie stars from back in the day. I do remember my first visit to Las Vegas in the mid-60s with my parents and we stayed at the Sahara Hotel, which is now long gone. The entertainers performing there were Pat Boone and Harry James. My mother was beside herself because she saw both Harry James and his wife, the old Hollywood movie star, Betty Grable, at the hotel bar. And kee
  5. I KNEW someone would know what I was talking about. Yes, that IS the structure and it's still pink, albeit somewhat faded after all these years. I definitely got the impression it was cheaply built and I started seeing it around June 2003 while there was still some construction going on. This place does not look like an apartment building to me. It does look like they put in a driveway because before, there was only dirt and scrappy grass with building materials and some black wrought iron scattered around. I was convinced it was either a church or a restaurant that never opened. An apartment,
  6. Back in the early 1980s, I worked as an ad agency account supervisor who handled the regional Weingarten grocery store account (Texas, Okla and La). Among my many tasks was to produce the weekly television commercials which were in a "donut" format, meaning the beginning and ending stayed the same and I dropped in whatever products were being featured that week in the middle. That required me to actually secure the featured items for videotaping which became a huge and ongoing problem. I literally could NEVER find the products Weingarten wanted to promote in their TV spots AT a Weingarten's s
  7. I did not know where to post this so I decided to roll with Historic Houston. There is a very odd, three-story, dark pink building on the east side of the North Hardy Toll Road. I used to drive to Spring regularly for a former job and passed it all the time. I cannot remember what exits it was near. At first I thought it was a church because of the steep-pitched roof, then a restaurant, then a club. Back in 2004-05, there appeared to be construction going on but everything stopped abruptly and the building materials that were left there began to rot. It also has a lot of decorative black wroug
  8. Although I cannot remember where it exactly was located and I find nothing about it on the Internet, there used to be a Log Cabin Restaurant in Houston that served huge, family-style meals. They provided different menu selections every day, grew many of their own vegetables and baked fresh bread and rolls from scratch. It was quite good and very popular back in the 70s and 80s. If you didn't get there early, there was a line out the door. It was also a favorite of Marvin Zindler. I am wondering if this is what you're seeing. Unfortunately, I could find nothing about it online.
  9. We now live in Westbury and for awhile, there appeared to be some 'hold-out' residents living in the second floor apartments at Westbury Square, most notably in the front section facing W. Bellfort near a main entrance overlooking the parking lot. There were two balconies filled with potted plants and a TV dish. But around early 2010, those balconies were cleared off and it appears that this iconic shopping center may indeed be getting closer to demolition. My husband grew up in Bellaire and vividly remembers his teen years 'hanging out' at Westbury Square and the even cooler people who rented
  10. This home is perfect in every way. I WANT IT!
  11. Life Magazine Images Gosh, I hope I inserted the link correctly. If not, my apologies, but the link should take you to Google's Life Magazine Photo Archives that has some terrific shots of everything Houston, including interiors of the Astrodome and Hofheinz's private suites and entertainment rooms. Or Google this, houston astrodome source:life. I think the photography is stunning.
  12. I'm not sure why my comments didn't show with the photos I downloaded, but I found these in the HUGE Life Magazine photo archives under McCarthy. These were the only ones I could find of the family at home but I knew I had seen at least one photo of them inside, in addition to the ginormous covered porch.
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