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  1. Bodensteiner Service Inc. (713-868-0050) Family owned, Heights based company. My wife and I (and multiple friends) have used Blair and his gang for many years - for repairs, check-up, and new construction. very happy with service.
  2. Ditto on the above comments... it's a big heavy battery in the brain box for the alarm system. Remove it and take it to Radio Shack... they keep them. cheers!
  3. Browsing the Houston Heights Association's Member Business listings looking for contractors. The project will be fairly sizable (adding sqft and a kitchen remodel). I see a lot of names on the list i recognize (Lucas, Southern, Bungalow, etc...) and their reputations for quality work (and top dollar) precede them. Just doing some research on the rest... Anybody out there know anything about (or have any experience with, preferably) Tonetti? I can't find much on the inter-web or on Angie's List. Thanks!
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