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  1. I’m not in any hurry to see the bank building destroyed. I.M Pei designed it to be the child of the TCB Tower which was the father and the building building next door with the parking garage was the mother. That’s how he described it. They are a trio and were designed that way.
  2. I think its a shame to lose the banking hall as originally designed by Philip Johnson. In my opinion it is the most majestic interior commercial space in Houston. Interersting when similar renovations were proposed for Johnson’s AT&T building in NYC the outcry was such that the building was awarded protected landmark status and was thus saved from any “improvements” on the original design.
  3. Love it !!!! Funky retro vibe. Good fit for Montrose.
  4. So this one is shorter than 609 then? Disappointing for such a prominent site. Props to Hines but it has become clear that they do not intend build in Houston to the heights that they were 35 years ago.
  5. I don't see anything happening even approaching the scale of Sugarland's Town Center. For whatever reason there just isn't any commercial activity out that way. Might change with 99 and the area around Bridgeland but I suspect even that is years away.
  6. Saw that demo driving home tonight and was wondering the same thing about the new Carls Jr.
  7. I wasn't familiar with this particular bank so went to google maps to take a look. Really hate to hear that they took this one down. It will be interesting to see what they put up in its place because this was a very nice building in my opinion.
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