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  1. the one that deserves the least is Christ the Redeemer
  2. Atypical by-the-book thinking. Anywho, Dubai will only grow so much until investors realize Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Doha and Muscat are nearby and equally willing to attract investors.
  3. The ones in Dubai come as Guest Workers. They are Guests. They are guaranteed certain things: $1/HR Free Health Care Free Living Quarters It is true that they get treated like crap, but thats a social problem. All South Asians get treated like crap by Arabs. Why did i relate them to US Illegals? Because unlike the US, the UAE recognizes these guest workers. On the other hand, the US government has a good estimation of how many illegals live in their country and of what sector these illegals find jobs. Im sure the federal government discusses these things and realizes the benefits illegals pose to the US economy. As for the "indentured servants" in Dubai, they chose to enter into this deal because they saw some benefit. This is the face of Capitalism.
  4. They have the technological and material abilities to play catch up but only within 20 years.
  5. Well i figure just because a nation is rising doesnt mean it cant also be a global influence. Meaning, they havent reached their apex yet, but they manage to control global affairs in their current state. Theres more to come of the inventions, culture, style, learning that China will spread over the world; they are right now in the position the US was in 1890. Israel is important in the sense they represent the Jews of the world and they have geopolitical influence. I should have made room for them.
  6. Iran has more going for it than Iraq does. If it suceeds it will be America's 51st state. If it falls, Iran will pick up the pieces. Iran and Turkey are the only ones that can do anything substantial anyways. Iraq was a European invention post WW 1, and it will probably collapse now. It cant be sustained with such a warring heterogenous population. America will stay on the top 5 list. China and Russia will probably reach a position where they can economically match or outdo the US, and militarily match Europe. India just wants to take over the smaller nations around it to recreate itsself post partition.
  7. The guest workers in Dubai have much better treatment on paper than the (illegal) guest workers of the USA.
  8. Thats definitely true. There are two things that i like about Japan though, when the US was negotiating the surrender treaty with Japan, the Japanese wouldnt allow 2 things: the loss of the Emperor (who is like Britain's Queen in modern day - politics wise) and that they would be allowed to control their own education. They gave up the military for the sake of education. And today they are rebuilding their military at a fast pace.
  9. Well, for one things the "skyscrapers" and such are in and around Downtown and Uptown. There is no equivalent of greenspoint or that west end along beltway 8 (cant remember name). secondly, the educated tourist is the one who knows what hes looking for on his vacation. thirdly, we have different ideas of tourist attractions. i dont see anything touristy in south dallas or far east dallas. i dont consider parks, lakes or sports complexes as tourist destinations. to me tourist destinations are those "things" unique to a certain city. yes dallas has a pretty lake to its east, but houston has a nice lake to its northeast as well. but the downtown, the JFK memorials and museums, the arts district and the lite clubbing district are in and within downtown and uptown. fort worth has a whole different culture of its own. No, i dont think Dallas is better than Houston, i personally like Houston for its down to earth mood and people. However, Dallas markets itself much better as some sort of tourist destination whereas Houston doesnt. In pure tourism both cities suck. But Dallas has better marketing. My mention of Cape Canaveral means NASA Space Center Houston isnt worth your time. Its a place for kids outside of their tram tours. Again, when you go to vacation you look for something unique, especially if you only vacation once in a while. As pleaseant as downtown is, it doesnt attract the same amount of glitz and glamour as Miami, NYC, LA, or Las Vegas; which are poster billboards for tourist cities. Forbes is a business magazine. What do you think their criteria is for judging tourist hotspots?
  10. Trust me, things are more centralized in Dallas. Secondly the 'type' of tourism you receive in Houston is different from tourism of Dallas. Most Americans dont think to visit Houston like they do Dallas. No, not even for NASA Space Center; Cape Canaveral blows away Houston. Anyways, Houston's NASA looks more like a child's indoor playground. The only thing an educated national tourist could get out of Houston is museums and the plays they have in Downtown.
  11. Houston is too serious to be a tourist destination. Its work here. Its also too big and barren in its fringes. Unlike Dallas, Chicago or other cities, you need to rent a ar and burn money on gas to visit this city. In the end, the negatives outweigh the positives. truth be told there are only a few cities that can bring in pure tourism: International tourism from the ends of the world: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles International tourism from Europe, Canada and South America: San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando and the above cities National Tourism: San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta and the above And then any big city like Austin, Houston, Nashville brings in regional tourism. as for the muesems, they are great but they arent a magnet that draws people in. Especially if all you want to see are the traveling exhibitions.
  12. But the family was Kurdish. You can take the Kurd out of his Culture, but you cant take the culture out of the Kurd. If your ingrained at birth to understand something is okay, then your going to be emotionless about committing the crime. Obtaining a passport and moving overseas doesnt change the way you think. Anyways, 1807, 2007, or 2207 this crime will continue until people change their philosophy of thought. Until then dont be suprised to hear stories like this, or stories of kitchen fire, or of lynchings, or rape, or anything else for that matter.
  13. Yeah, mostly to women. Although it does happen to men. Basically anyone who defies standards or set guidelines in his family/community. Again, these dont really have anything to do with religion, as much as it is social pressure and peer pressure. Meaning, you find this stuff in Hindu India and Christian Bulgaria as well. Also, you made the comment about love and trust: The only example i can give you is that who you are is what society judges you by. These are cultures that value family lineage, hence it is very hard to get a divorce and such. If you get a divorce, it means you break the family "chain" so to speak (imagine a family tree). Thats the way these people organize themselves. In the West they place your worth based upon the hard work you achieve; in these societies they place your worth upon where you came from. The daughter of a prostitute will be regarded as a prostitue. Even if said daughter manages to push her life out of the ghetto and becomes a certified medical doctor, she is still a kanjri (prostitute).The son of a plumber will be regarded as a plumber. His own son will also be regarded as having the status of a "plumber". You cant escape it. You have to move away and start your life fresh with a fake family history. Take Indian Society for example. They have a caste system with the Brahmans on top and the Sudras (Untouchables) on bottom. Now the Sudras can never marry the Brahmans, and people still practice this philosophy. It even colors their history: Gandhi and Nehru (fought the british for self-rule) were both Brahmans. If an Untouchable led such a revolution, he wouldnt find any support. If you guys remember about that Indian guy who was building that ugly 60 story tower for his family; somone on here mentioned about all the poor people in India and the gross inequities in wealth distribution. Karl Marx said religion is the opium of the masses. For societies like Indian, East European, or Middle Eastern it is not religion rather social culture. You will find how dirt poor and terribly treated the Untouchables are by society and government organizations (local police), they wont complain because they have been conditioned to believe that they earned their status. So you will see a bunch of homeless poor people in India living on sidewalks and such, outside of India's high profile cities: [Dehli, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore]. Going back to this topic, the family believes because the girl betrayed her family lineage (and hence Social Organization) by trying to break free from a forced marriage, she has earned her punishment. She has dishonored her family and made life for her siblings harder by negatively portraying her family in society. Now her family is officially "smeared" with a reputation of being unfaithful to marriage partners. Hence they wiped her out and punished her to show society that they want to wipe her existence off and start anew with a clean slate. In a sense, they believe society forgives them and they retain their honor. That. is. honor killings in a nutshell. Although increasing urbanisation destroys this type of social organization, you still hear of acts like these in small towns the size of Brownsville or Jasper or out in villages. Small towns breed small minds. This type of social networking works for them; it doesnt work in the big cities. Coincidentally there are alot of things that Americans/Europeans dont understand outside of their cultural realm. Thats why i believe you can never "bring" democracy to countries like India, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria. The people are conditioned to practice their politics in a certain way, and they wont change their ways because America or Britian or France attacked them to convince them. It has to be organic, like the Storming of the Bastille. As far as society goes, the educated are horrified. Others who live in the village; the Village's "Chief" or what governments in modern day call "Deputy" makes the decision as to how his village is to understand this event. Is it a plausable incident or a horrific incident? If anyone's seen RoseWood with Ving Rhames, you will understand what i mean. Specifically when the white people from RoseWood tried to cross into the other city to kill that cities black folk. The other cities Sheriff was waiting for them with a squadron of police officers to prevent them from crossing. Basically imagine that. Its a damn crime is all i can say.
  14. No, i doubt Westerners would understand how the thought process goes. I have four different ways of looking at the world due to my religious, ethnic and national background. Id have to tell you its really a clash of cultures. Their honor is tied to family prestige, and thats how they are socially organized. One dude in the family ____s up big time, and they have to get "rid" of him. European culture differs in its individualist outlook. You actually feel a personal loss due to the acts of other members, in this culture on topic. Dueling like Aaron Burr's duel against Alexander Hamilton is a totally different scenario. In an honor killing you lure the victim unbeknowest to him/her; then you attack them. It comes unannounced because its done by people you love/trust. The Black Lynchings of the South was also something totally different. That had to the with the psyche of power and being the deemed superior and civilized person against a lesser human. Look up the Stanford Prison Experiment to understand White hate against Blacks in the South. Ironically the hate was much more violent around the late 1700s when talks of ending slavery began to circulate.
  15. Yep, i made the mistake. Meant to say their instead of your. It makes more sense now, and has continuity. Culture is an interesting thing. Its fascinating how culture has the dual ability to be good and bad at different times in different situations. Basically speaking, people like doing mechanized things, and they even begin to have mechanized thoughts and feelings. Proof of this is the way they teach us theory in college, but the way the culture at the workplace is mechanized so i dont have to keep philosophizing about what to do next. I dont even use equations, i punch in numbers into the keyboard and the computer computes. Another example is the extreme liberals and the extreme conservatives. You will always find a group of unflinching people sticking it out with their political party or organization, even as they witness the negative effects of said organizations doings. Its static thinking.
  16. Stupid? I think its a perversion of their psyche. The culture around them trains to think the way they do. If your black, you understand why black people in the ghetto act like they do. The whole cultural situation will need an uplift. Some aspects of their* culture are not neccessarily great.
  17. This whole argument about dictators and such is a complete waste of time. To me it sounds like this criticism comes from a people who increasingly feel marginalized in world affairs. As for Dubai, i have heard from locals that they prefer Dubai open herself more towards Easterners rather than Westerners. Easterners (Malays, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, etc) tend to share some of the cultural nuances and idiyosyncrecies of the Arab World. Btw not all the towers are for business, some are for residential. And yes, it is indentured servitude building those megatowers. However i wouldnt place 100% blame on the government. The government in its ideals of increasing business investment allows companies to have a direct relationship with their employees with minimal government intervention. Remember, it isnt the government who hired these workers, its independent Construction Companies. It is truly free trade with no government intervention. Some blame, not all, can be shifted on the government.
  18. Its more of a cultural thing than a "Muslim" thing. Meaning its a practice of culture. Its a society based around family lineage, who you "know", etc. Families begin to act less like Families and more like Mafia Organizations. Betray the house vote, and your dead. Thats why uncles, aunts, fathers, etc will get into it. They feel a sense of vindication to their "honor" once they have committed the crime.
  19. Thats your new population count. From the 1,960,000 in 2000 to 2,150,000. Congratulations. http://www.census.gov/popest/estimates.php
  20. Yeah, Editor is right. Although Urban Areas within India dont tend to have a caste system mentality as they used to; it still happens to be "in the air" so to speak. There still are many Indians that dislike marrying into a caste higher or lower then them. Yep, some Indians from a lower caste dislike marrying into a higher one. Its ingrained within their mental system like a computer's harddrive. No changing it. They actually have a riot over who is more "less" within society. Youd think it be opposite. Race to the Bottom: Low Castes fight to be Even Lower http://www.pr-inside.com/race-to-the-botto...ian-r143578.htm http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/06/01/asia/india.php http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4998274.stm Once i got into an argument with an Indian of a more conservative Indian-Aryan nature. He was arguing how "unnatural" it is for people of different ethnicities to be married and have children. I commented that Americans can appreciate diversity. He answered: "Why? Doesnt a white kid with frilly afro hair look distorted to you?" Asians in general place heavy influence on family relations and "who you know". From their point of view we look mismanaged and unorganized in our dealings with each other but they scratch their heads because they cant figure out why we became succesful in the past 500 years.
  21. Ive noticed one thing, American families are really degenerate and out of control. If i ever tried to hit my mom, my whole family would take turns slapping me. Then my extended family, the neighborhood, the milkman, the trashman, and the mail man. I guess its due to difference in culture. But Central Asians also have a high sense of independence, we just dont allow it to get in the way of filial piety and social harmony. Limits on everything. American women are afraid of being "bad mothers" because the use of force is seen as a loss of control of your kids in the first place; or deconstructive child rearing. My mom always thought that humans have the potential to go in infinite ways i.e. any 360 degrees in a circle; and it was a mothers job to steer them in the right direction, using force if neccessary.
  22. nmm


    This is what Ugly looks like. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...+Nine&hl=en 10 minutes that may make you appreciate what people have gone through.
  23. So maybe this is what a more approriate list looks like? 1. United States of America 2. United Kingdom 3. China - Zhongguo 4. Japan 5. Russia 6. Germany 7. Israel 8. France 9. Saudi Arabia 10. India 11. Iran 12. Australia 13. Brazil 14. Mexico 15. South Korea Again its hard to exactlly point out who is an infleuntial nation, but i think my criteria is to realize who is one of the bigger "movers and shakers" of our time.
  24. Nice. Definitely, Russia and China will be big players this century. China more than Russia (it had its chance). Iran is the little guy with a big mouth. The only reason it has any influence is because Iraq is majority Shia and Iraq traditionally used to be a province of Iran, along with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (all the -istan nations). Moreover, most of Central Asia speaks some form of Persian (Bastardized Farsi). Iran also happens to be the most aggressive Muslim nation at the moment, but i think things will change internally. Plus they want to bomb Israel for some reason. I think it has to do with politics. I chose Brazil because of its rising economic status, its population, and it being the anchor nation for South America. Mexico is important too but not as much as Brazil. I forgot about Israel, definitely should have been on the list, in which case Brazil would bump off. India im not to sure about. They are still corrupt, extremely corrupt. They do have an exploding economy, but draconian government establishment. Plus i have a hard time understanding how that nation is supposed to move forward with such a huge population. All in all, India will become the Canada to China's "USA" status. However, its hard to deny it anchor's South Asia and it has a huge population. Greater India stretches all the way from Indonesia and Malaysia to Afghanistan. It has a huge sphere of cultural influence. India is to South Asia & SouthEast Asia as the Roman Empire was to Europe. Germany is the financial center of the EU. Frankfurt is the center of the EU economy. France has a huge cultural influence. In parts of Africa and Asia people actually use French as a prime ways of communication. Most of the nations on my list have been Imperial Nations in the past 20th century.
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