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  1. Assuming the layout linked in the post right above yours is the new/current design, it shows it crossing OST.
  2. And connect the amenity deck to the roof top park for direct access for the residents
  3. Agreed.. I know we've beat a dead horse over this boring design, but even if they just played off of the balcony of the office portion somewhere up the hotel, it would be better than a plain rectangle. Im in Barcelona right now, and the W hotel here on the coast is quite a stark difference from our design.
  4. Don't forget the free slurpees on 7/11 day..
  5. Bummer that they waited so long.. by the time this is ready to go we’ll be in a recession and it’ll be shelved.
  6. The layout/style of this reminds me a bit of The Pearl in San Antonio.
  7. Wow, that looks nice.. Hopefully this gets going within the next year.
  8. Guess I need to visit the Marriott/pool deck before this breaks ground. Hopefully we see something like this on the strip of land next to the embassy suites.
  9. Been a while since I’ve visited this thread.. glad to see a more competent owner took over the property, and development is finally underway on a pedestrian upgrade! (The original plans i was referring to when I posted about the potential redevelopment back in 2015 were by Page.)
  10. Thanks for the updates! Seeing the progress makes me so happy, after all the years of discussion.. this will be a nice place to take my son.
  11. I was wondering this too, once I realized they weren’t just punching holes for windows, but starting to chip away the roof of that portion. Had to revert back to the renderings.. looks like that floor will be removed, for a flat roof across the whole building. Could have been a cool indoor/outdoor type rooftop terrace.
  12. Right? From suburbia to 25 story residential towers. The low rise E shaped apartments are a little odd though.. not sure why they didn’t want to do more of a wrapped garage/podium for the low rise portion, utilizing the rooftop space for a larger amenity deck.
  13. It did look rough, but maybe they’re removing each section as they finish punching out the holes behind them?
  14. Common amenity deck, straddling the road like Greenstreet and Houston Center?
  15. Is it supposed to be an abstract map of Houston, or the tunnel system?
  16. Have there actually been any updates about this? I haven’t heard anything since 2012.
  17. Thats a good point about “the only reason we have the buildings we have from the ‘70s”.. Speaking of Gehry.. I just got back from DC, and I’m still not sure what to think of his Eisenhower Memorial design. Hopefully the rescheduled meeting for this project won’t be pushed back again.
  18. I assume that will be for residents only? That looks like a fantastic place to grab a few drinks/enjoy the views.
  19. Honestly, I never even knew the condo/hotel tower was supposed to “twist”.. it just looked like they flipped a parallelogram over for each stack, to mirror the one below it and stagger the angle of the balconies/views. When can Houston start expecting to get some projects like that epic Gang tower? ...50 years? Houston is so far behind in architecture/design, it’s sad, especially after being at the top in the 70s.
  20. Agreed. Unfortunately, the economy will crash before oil gets back to those highs, so a new tower probably won’t happen for a while..
  21. Like Gene already said, the Cosmo is in this rendering. I’m not sure why you still think they left it out? Zoom in/look at the building set backs. That’s a view of the Cosmo that I can get used to.. heh
  22. That was my initial wonder, as well. Vacating those 2 towers would dump over a million square feet of office space onto that sub market.
  23. Has there ever been an official announcement for what this is? I hadn’t noticed if there was anything confirming it’s still the plan from September 2017.
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