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  1. From what my buddies father told me about the bid, the buildings were spec’ed around the original height in the original renderings.
  2. Thanks for all the pictures! I wonder if they plan on lengthening the boardwalk or if those stubs at the X are just design?
  3. I was a little skeptical too, but someone I know was bidding on work for the project recently, though the bidding process sounded kind of weird. Apparently they have financing lined up though.
  4. Yeah there was a plan floating around probably a decade (or more?) ago for making a rooftop observation deck on Wells Fargo with glass bottom floor that extended out past the edge where the offset/set back walls in the $ are. I would love for that to get brought back, but I doubt that’s much of a priority. I didn’t realize those tour busses made the Chase tower observation deck a stop 😳. No wonder they closed it. I would occasionally take friends or family up there who’d never been/didn’t know about it, and noticed it getting busier each time. Someone high up with Hines that I spoke with on a tour of 609 Main after it topped out confirmed that they shut it down due to too many complaints from tenants about the lobby/elevators getting crowded with visitors.
  5. 🤦‍♂️😑 it’s a box with rounded corners now. Value engineering strikes again.
  6. I guess making i10 wider through there isn’t part of the redo plan for the highways around downtown? You’d think they’d leave space to accommodate for future expansion.
  7. I like how the 45* angles on both new towers play off each other in this angle.
  8. Ugh.. speaking of ugly. I’d take Arabella over Bowen any day.
  9. Right? Breaking ground right before the economy crashes and we tumble into a deep recession? Ballsy Great point! I wonder if they considered that option.
  10. I know the construction has been a mess with the different stages they're doing things in, but I honestly think that after its all finished that this could end up being the best designed highway in Houston. I really like how the entrance, exit ramps for the interchanges come up on the left side, in between the free lanes and the toll lanes so they can both merge together up onto the ramp instead of ending up with a mess like the Katy Tollway where you exit off the toll lanes and then have to cross over a half dozen lanes of traffic to get to the exit on the far right. Sure it'll take a while for some people to get used to the exits being on the left of the main lanes, but its a much smarter transition to get both the toll lanes and the main lanes onto the interchanges for the Beltway, 610, etc.
  11. Back in 2015 i was on a tour of some downtown developments with the urban land institute and the person giving the tour commented on this property and how steep the ramp in the parking garage will have to be (I believe he said the steepest parking garage in the state?).
  12. Any new info on this? My buddies father said they had started doing bids on this and that the financing was lined up?
  13. But a corner is sliced off! /s
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