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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/simonconstable/2020/03/24/oil-prices-could-plunge-to-10-a-barrel-swamp-storage-capacity-report-says/
  2. Oil is in the low $20s, and very likely headed to $14 at some point in the near future. This move, along with the stock market/economic recession has been in the charts since well before Covid19 was ever a thing. It just makes a convenient driver to push a move that’s been set up over the edge of a cliff. Longest bull run in history. The fed has been printing money so fast it’ll make your head spin.. they’re printing another $10 TRILLION through the end of the month. 50% of our current national debt. All of this has led to serious over inflation of pretty much every financial asset in the world, and we were due for a reset. The fed cutting interest rates so early on certainly won’t help anything now that they can’t use that to curtail the economic recession when we continue to fall. Sure if we get lucky we’ll get a bounce this summer and people will claim all is well, but we’ll be far from being out of the woods just because the virus is (hopefully) behind us, and you can thank economic policy for that.
  3. Yep.. oil is the real black swan for the next major recession, not the coronavirus. I wouldn't be surprised if any projects that aren't about to get out of the ground get put on hold/shelved. We had a good run..
  4. 1.5 million square feet of buildings in the TMC3, and a "major industry player" is taking up 1/3rd of it? Add in the university facilities, and I have to wonder where is the room left for all this co-op collaborative innovation work that the TMC3 is supposed to support? Kind of seems like they're not building this big enough..
  5. Yeah, Clarks. Ive only been once, but they had what we needed when doing some cabinet work trying to match the right wood/grain.
  6. Assuming the layout linked in the post right above yours is the new/current design, it shows it crossing OST.
  7. And connect the amenity deck to the roof top park for direct access for the residents
  8. Agreed.. I know we've beat a dead horse over this boring design, but even if they just played off of the balcony of the office portion somewhere up the hotel, it would be better than a plain rectangle. Im in Barcelona right now, and the W hotel here on the coast is quite a stark difference from our design.
  9. Don't forget the free slurpees on 7/11 day..
  10. Bummer that they waited so long.. by the time this is ready to go we’ll be in a recession and it’ll be shelved.
  11. The layout/style of this reminds me a bit of The Pearl in San Antonio.
  12. Wow, that looks nice.. Hopefully this gets going within the next year.
  13. Guess I need to visit the Marriott/pool deck before this breaks ground. Hopefully we see something like this on the strip of land next to the embassy suites.
  14. Been a while since I’ve visited this thread.. glad to see a more competent owner took over the property, and development is finally underway on a pedestrian upgrade! (The original plans i was referring to when I posted about the potential redevelopment back in 2015 were by Page.)
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