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  1. Are there plans to renovate or at least repaint the old Hilton building to match the new one? They don’t mesh at all..
  2. I still can’t believe they would want to/are going to build an apartment complex there 😳
  3. Ugh, I was selfishly hoping the recession would can this project. 🤣
  4. Even worse sign is the current economic conditions/recession were possibly heading into..
  5. So glad to hear that.. I was recently wondering about this/was afraid they fell victim to the BRT.
  6. Apparently im even more late.. just stumbled onto this architectural travesty by means of the TMC3 thread. WTF, this was by far the best tower in the TMC, and one of the best designs in the entire city. This seriously saddens me way more than it should. What a disgrace to Pelli.. RIP.
  7. It really is. By far the best toll road/highway layout in the city now. I’m moving to Katy and not looking forward to swapping 288 for i10.
  8. https://fb.watch/7ov0gp_ZLo/ The last 30 seconds they talk about potentially adding residential and/or office developments on the surface lot spaces, and more connections to the bayou/city in the future. I also noticed this on a Facebook ad. Hoping 713 Music Hall isn’t the official name, but saw there are 5 other concerts scheduled in addition to the 2 Rufus shows. http://713MusicHall.com
  9. Nothing amazing, but coming out better than I initially expected. I like how the massing of this building almost perfectly respects the views of the nice glassy facade portions of Randys tower.
  10. The "latest rendering" on Pinterest? Interesting.. hadn't seen that one before.
  11. Ugh I know. Best festival ever. 😔
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