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  1. Lol, well thats too bad.. hopefully they're cleaned up and more replanted/grown back soon. As for the bridge lighting, yeah.. that seriously perplexes me. There are insane technically coded led light shows covering entire skyscrapers with dancing colors forming intricate pictures, and we cant even figure out how to keep 5 or 6 bridges the same colors?
  2. Wow, i didn't realize how bad the collapse was. They had to remove a huge area. To add to JLWM's list from January about problems found with the 288 project so far.. when driving south, I noticed there is no exit/signage from the main lanes to the Beltway. Only a beltway frontage road exit off to the right, even though you can exit the main lanes into the toll lanes, and then go up the toll ramp directly onto the beltway that way. Im not sure why there's no signage for that, or why they didn't make a nice defined double merge from the mainlanes and the toll lanes into one exit ramp like t
  3. Probably there to help prevent erosion around the foundation of the bridge during floods, would be my guess. Hopefully its not all rip rap and the rest of the dirt area will be some sort of natural landscaping?
  4. Wow that is moving quick. Are they working 7 days a week or do they have a day off (Considering booking a room at the Marriott for my birthday)?
  5. Ah yeah, the backpack policy is pretty standard for museums. We asked the same when I worked at the Blaffer, assuming the person wasn't comfortable with us holding their bag up front. Surprisingly, not one person made a comment to me on Saturday about my camera bag/backpack.
  6. How are y’all adding so many pictures to a post? The mobile site only lets me add 3 pictures from my phone before there’s no room left. The max file size for me says 7.31mb, which isn’t even 1/4th the file size for one jpeg picture from my actual camera..?
  7. The building is amazing. I wish I had more time to take everything in, but I had to run. Next time.. The guide recommended we take the elevator to the top and work our way down. With the flow around the open central atrium and stairs, I couldn’t help but think of Wrights Guggenheim. The Kusama infinity room is closed right now. I heard multiple variations for why, from not being able to manage capacity while it’s busy during this free grand opening week(?), but “should be open after that”, to the unfortunately more likely reason, covid. The skylights in the tunnel between the Kinde
  8. Surely thats not permanent/they're not tacking on a plywood shade structure on top of this development that they just spent hundreds of millions of dollars on.. Guess ill have to reserve judgement until I see for myself or we get more detailed information.
  9. Whats going on here? Kind of looks like they built a wooden shade structure below the trellis, but that cant be right.
  10. I guess no more downtown views from the lawn at WOMH.. though if this deal is the difference to keeping womh afloat then I guess no skyline view is better than no concert venue.
  11. From what my buddies father told me about the bid, the buildings were spec’ed around the original height in the original renderings.
  12. Thanks for all the pictures! I wonder if they plan on lengthening the boardwalk or if those stubs at the X are just design?
  13. I was a little skeptical too, but someone I know was bidding on work for the project recently, though the bidding process sounded kind of weird. Apparently they have financing lined up though.
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