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  1. Have there actually been any updates about this? I haven’t heard anything since 2012.
  2. Thats a good point about “the only reason we have the buildings we have from the ‘70s”.. Speaking of Gehry.. I just got back from DC, and I’m still not sure what to think of his Eisenhower Memorial design. Hopefully the rescheduled meeting for this project won’t be pushed back again.
  3. I assume that will be for residents only? That looks like a fantastic place to grab a few drinks/enjoy the views.
  4. Honestly, I never even knew the condo/hotel tower was supposed to “twist”.. it just looked like they flipped a parallelogram over for each stack, to mirror the one below it and stagger the angle of the balconies/views. When can Houston start expecting to get some projects like that epic Gang tower? ...50 years? Houston is so far behind in architecture/design, it’s sad, especially after being at the top in the 70s.
  5. Agreed. Unfortunately, the economy will crash before oil gets back to those highs, so a new tower probably won’t happen for a while..
  6. Like Gene already said, the Cosmo is in this rendering. I’m not sure why you still think they left it out? Zoom in/look at the building set backs. That’s a view of the Cosmo that I can get used to.. heh
  7. That was my initial wonder, as well. Vacating those 2 towers would dump over a million square feet of office space onto that sub market.
  8. The Emporis height was from when 2929 Weslayan was originally supposed to be 35 stories, I believe?
  9. Has there ever been an official announcement for what this is? I hadn’t noticed if there was anything confirming it’s still the plan from September 2017.
  10. I’m no “fan” of the tunnels, either. But they admittedly serve their purpose, and it seems a bit naive to simply ignore the thousands of office workers who utilize those tunnels every day (and utilized them well before this tower was ever a thing). IMO, any attempt at opening up the tunnels/mole people to the street level is a win by me. Ive long wished there was an entire block in western downtown that was essentially a sunken open air plaza, down at the tunnel level, with connectivity to the street level at the corners/cross walks, with retail facing inward along the 4 sides, along with tunnel connections, as a way to help open the tunnels up to the street level.
  11. Smart move. They should have a much easier time getting visitors to come to their museum at Midways East River development, vs out at the ship channel turning basin.
  12. I love the greenery setbacks, but the two phase aspect of the build has me worried that it will be quite some time before we ever see the finished product. When the economy finally tanks, a lot of these projects that still haven't gotten out of the ground will end up getting shelved.
  13. Houston has a rooftop soccer field.. it’s just on top of a parking garage at Phillips 66 campus on Beltway 8 west. I was oddly excited when Phillips 66 announced it, after seeing the Tokyo rooftop soccer field in movies for years.
  14. It seriously is mind blowing how awful Randy’s garages are. At least he’s finally started incorporating (a tiny strip of) glass into them. That wall is so stark without the shopping strip in front of it.. can’t wait for this development to spruce up the view on Post Oak northbound.
  15. I noticed that too.. too bad. I agree that it wasn’t “necessary”, escapecially with the new Allen parkway pedestrian improvements, but there was just something cool about the idea of a private developer directly tying in their project to Buffalo Bayou Park.
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