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  1. It seriously is mind blowing how awful Randy’s garages are. At least he’s finally started incorporating (a tiny strip of) glass into them. That wall is so stark without the shopping strip in front of it.. can’t wait for this development to spruce up the view on Post Oak northbound.
  2. cloud713

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    I noticed that too.. too bad. I agree that it wasn’t “necessary”, escapecially with the new Allen parkway pedestrian improvements, but there was just something cool about the idea of a private developer directly tying in their project to Buffalo Bayou Park.
  3. More of the left/top have been painted in your update.
  4. I think the walls with different materials/depths are tricking people’s eyes. I think it’s basically a rectangle following the existing garage footprint, but with the southwest corner “sliced off”, for a pool area/amenity deck I’m sure.
  5. Its not. The curve on One Market Square is planned to face west/north west. The curve on that rendering is the southwest corner of the building. That must be the “twisting balcony” design element that I was told about. Admittedly I’m a bit underwhelmed with it, but I’m sure once we get more info and detailed renderings it will look better.
  6. Seriously.. we need an 800 footer in our lineup.
  7. “An elliptical space tentatively being called the Urban Pavilion will face Jones Hall at the corner of Texas and Milam and be used as a gathering place that Hines managing director Philip Croker describes as a “high-end coffee bar by morning, wine bar by evening, and event space as needed.”
  8. For some reason I always assumed the open tunnel-lobby atrium would be on the north side, facing Capitol St.
  9. The conder block wall the tree mural was on?
  10. cloud713

    McNair Mixed-Use: ~6-acres at 3200 Post Oak Blvd

    It wasn't originally as obvious, but I noticed in the image on the Rosewood website that Naviguessor linked that the hotel+condo tower seems to have trees/vegetation at the top.. I assume the pool/amenity deck for the condo portion of the tower. That rooftop terrace would have quite the views.
  11. The residential tower is Block 42. I haven't seen the previous indication of 46 stories, but I've been super busy and haven't been very active around here lately. Sounds like it should break Houstons unwritten rule of the 40 story threshold for residential towers. Yeah, I wasn't sure if he was getting the block number and the number of floors mixed up, hence the "could be off by a couple stories" note.. heh. Hopefully we should hear something soon since people are bidding on the project already.
  12. I heard someone mention 42 stories for the residential tower? That floor count could be off a couple of stories. "Twisty" was one of the words used to describe the design.
  13. cloud713

    Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    It took me a while to realize, but its actually completely hollow. I thought it was a shallow concave on the north side, but its totally open to the inside of cloud column.
  14. Bids are being taken/awarded for the block 42 residential tower. I can’t wait to see this design everyone keeps talking about.
  15. Looks like they added 10 floors to this tower from their original plans. Maybe that means the other tower will end up closer to 50 stories?