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  1. A few more renderings here: https://www.archpaper.com/2020/01/akon-finalizes-cryptocurrency-city-senegal/ He's really going for that "alien fungus taking over The Watergate" look.
  2. Yeah, in the most urban version they build their own functional public transit system to other residential and business hubs. The downside is that they set aside 60% of residential units for foreign investors who will leave the unit empty, and they peg the price of groceries to a NYC Whole Foods.
  3. I'm surprised the promo map doesn't show the proposed Post Oak Bus Rapid Transit expansion running along the west side of the lot. I would think that's a major selling point for most likely buyers of that lot.
  4. Thanks! The trick with Imgur is to upload the image, then right click on the image itself to copy the image URL. Don't copy the sharing link that Imgur gives you or the URL from your browser. Then you can add the picture to your HAIF post by using the "Insert other media" in the lower right corner and pasting in the image URL.
  5. The Goodyear building is no more.
  6. The HSPVA red is no more. Long live AIMS emerald green!
  7. The tallest cherry picker I've ever seen is reaching over the top of GRB right now. I hope someone a little closer can take a picture; it's got to be twice as tall as the building itself.
  8. https://houston.eater.com/2019/5/15/18624879/canopy-montrose-closing-woodbar-may-2019 I'm sad to see them go; it sounds like the proprietor just wanted to focus on her other projects.
  9. Chain link has been up around the site for a week or two and now the green fence "liner" is up as well.
  10. Bell has dedicated in-street ROW in the Interactive Bike Plan Map. It is in the "Potential Short Term Implementation Opportunities" layer. Edit: I buried the lede here; the relevant info is that this section is relatively high on priority list for bike infrastructure. I agree that this is a very realistic addition in the next few years.
  11. I like this idea for Houston, but I'm not sure a location with a 48/100 transit score will give it the best chance of success. Maybe this is a design based on street parking and not transit?
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