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  1. Point well made! Downtown dose need to be just Downtown, but it would not hurt to incorporate some things to let all people of Houston enjoy Downtown. I live in South Park, but my family all lives in Katy and Cypress and they do not enjoy Downtown as much as I do.
  2. I was just wondering what Garden Villas is like now. I say this because my family used to own a house there. It sat vacant for years untill someone set it on fire, then my family sold it. I was young at the time, and I was just thinking the other day I would love to have had that lot still. I just wanted to know if that part of town is starting to rebuild upgrade thier house's. I might be intrested in a fixer upper if so.
  3. I did not know they were from Dallas. I like to see companies move here especially from Dallas since they already have almost every technology company and insurance company in Texas.
  4. Well I be glad when I actually see construction starting. Then it is just a matter of time untill it is completed. Start already!!!
  5. I agree, I think there are many things Downtown could learn from the burbs considering theres a big portion of Houston's population that live in the burbs. I also think the park is a good idea because any green space that can bring quality to life in an urban setting is a good thing. The garage I also think is a good idea because it took one ugly surface lot and turned it into a park, and took away no parking spots. I just think its neat a park over a parking garage. It dose sound almost like putting a freeway under a park. Could That Happen?
  6. I would also. I'm glad Houston's rules are strict, because although all of the homeless and/or BUMS are not all bad. A majority of them are just crack heads looking for an easy penny to get there crack or booze, and do not want anything else. If they really want help they will seek it. Not that I do not like bums, I just agree with the new laws for the folowing reasons. At least Houstonians are not taping them doing dumb ish and fighting each other for a cheap buck. Has anyone heard of or seen those bum fight videos?
  7. Yeah I was at a Rockets game and I wanted to take a look at The Shops, but it was depressing because there was no street level retail shops. I was just dissapointed because it looked so empty. I'll be glad when I can actually see progress going on between the Houston Pavillions and The Park Shops.
  8. I agree, although it is nice to say how many people live in your city. But when it comes down to it I would rather quality than quantity. Thanks for opening my perspective danax
  9. Nice picture. It would be cool to see buildings of that size in Houston.
  10. I remeber when I was little coming from south park down OST to Holcombe with my grandpa on his way to the VA hospital. We would pass the Nabisco building and he would tell me stories about when he used to work thier.
  11. Intresting article, I wonder if Houston will be like that one day. With a bunch of pedestrians actually giving up there cars to walk. I guess they would if Houston actually starts densing up. I just wonder what it will look like if that dose happen. Nice article
  12. I disagree, Vince was In-Vince-able last night. He showed that he should have won the heisman. Not to metion it was on the biggest stage. I do agree, that he will have to learn the professional style of game play. But I think that if the Texans drafted him skys the limit. It would be great to have Houston's own Vince Young playing blocks from his old high school. Then we would have a great pitcher from Houston pitching for the STRO's and a great quarterback running the offense of the Texans. The media did say Vince would be better suited as a running back and then he comes out this year and shows he can pass too, albeit it is college not professional.
  13. I'll be anxious to see what 290 and I-45 will look like when they are done. I think they could have done a better job designing these freeways, especially 290 since I hear it was built around the same time as 288.
  14. Thats exactly how I felt about this season.Welcome to the club of Texans Fans.
  15. I have seen this before just passing by and I thought "Thats Odd" but now it just makes perfect sense. Well anyway thanks for the info. Its nice to see the city fixing up Buffalo Bayou, I just hope that they acutally do most if not all of the projects they metioned on the BBP. It would make Dowtown great especially with the new park and the Houston Pavillions.
  16. I don't know what the Texans will do. All I know is what everybody else knows(they need lineman). I really dont care if it is Bush or Davis or anybody else for that matter. I just want my team to win. Yea Im A Texans Fan.
  17. Yea I can see how you would think that. People probably thought the same thing when people first started saying Cool, Cooler. Oh yea, I would never say cooler either, I had a lack for better words. I also thaught the article was good to hear. It was an itch waiting to be scratched.
  18. I believe that White so far has done a good job, although I do not agree with everything the Mayor has done. But he did step up his game during the Katrina/ Rita evacuations. Albiet, Rita evacuations were a far cry it was really assuring to see our Mayor taking charge and working closely with the other officals to make sure that everyone was on the same page and that our Officals were not just sitting and waiting for one another to do something like what happend in New Orleans with Katrina
  19. Last year was great. I will never forget the STROS' going to the world series or the Rita evacuations. I just hope 2006 brings even better things than last year. Now they can start on the Houston Pavillions and maybe the Rockets/Texans will start winning games.
  20. I got to travel more. I always thaught Tulsa was like a small Katy/Cypress type town. I knew someone who lived there, but they always complained about the city/town. Saying there was nuthing to do in that city. It reminds me of a nicer Midland. Nice photos.
  21. One reason murders are going up is that the people that are moving here don't realize everyone in Texas pretty much carries a gun. DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS TEXAS IS THE HOME OF THE PLAYAS AND PIMPS
  22. MAIN would I love that Train. Too Bad I can't afford it. I know someone with money will be on my train.
  23. How about "Spoke City" because the loop is like a rim with all the other freeways as spokes. I got this from that Houston Freeways book.
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