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  1. I found a website called kprc history.Facebook. lots of old pictures on it. The only picture that looks like the man has the name Alan parcel.I don't remember him but so many people have been on the news at channel 2.
  2. I just found it. Aug 19'1983 in the chronicle. It was shumate reality at 16007 memorial. I remember this on the news
  3. There are so many old cases out there. We need to start a page about this and see if people reply with stuff they know about and remember. I myself would like to hear about things from 40s and 50s.
  4. True. I hate to see these high rises come in. Its starting to look like new York. I guess I worry about air planes hitting them cause they fly so low before landing at easterwood.
  5. I've been watching this place get built. I only hope that when cars crash at that bad intersection that they don't end up in the buildings.every one tries to drive so fast to get thru the lights and there is always a wreck.
  6. The one I remember was after he did the news and was on his way home. The wreck was on the freeway. I saw it on 13 the next day.
  7. I remember him being interviewed while he was in the hospital. I still think that she should have gotten the same treatment after all she's been there a long time also.
  8. I am glad that she is ok. I guess 13 didn't care enough to do a story on it. They showed Dave wards wreck a few years back. She has been at channel 13 a long time too just like Dave.
  9. There was a del taco on dacoma or magnum near 290 in 82. I also liked sals pizza near 290 on Antoine. Worked at charlies hamburgers and the champs on 290 and bingle.
  10. The video said April 2014. Don't know how long he has been there. He did a good job of warning people. The video only lasted about 2 minutes.
  11. Just saw a tornado video on you tube of gene giving live coverage. It was Cbs 42 in Birmingham Alabama. It was very detailed and he was calm telling it.
  12. thank you. its been so long ago.i just hate it when i cant remember the name of something even though i drove by it almost every day.
  13. does anyone remember the old car dealership that sat out there on 290 north of town back in the 80s? what was its name and where did it move to?
  14. well this is very interesting. gadi west is brother to my third great grandfather richard west. i did nt realize that any of the west had been in houston during those days.i guess you learn something new every day.
  15. thank yal for the info. i guess i read too many true crime books, i always read the ones that happen in houston, especially if it was near my old neioghborhoods. i still wonder what happened to the houses from the zabolio-duff smith murders, susan white house,issac payton sweats house, the campbell house, and we all know the hill mansion is vacant again.houston is so full of homicide history.
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