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  1. @hindesky I think you got these renderings mixed up with the one on Capitol. This looks to fit there better and the other one here.
  2. You and all the other supporters out there were our heroes. Couldn't have done it without yall cheering me on. It was right after Mile 14 but yeahhhh...really not the best decision. I could walk though and was able to run some after it but I basically walked the last 10-12 miles. It was my first marathon and I was too stubborn to give up.
  3. I do remember you! You probably saw me hobbling along at that point in the race. Did something to my foot and could barely put weight on it but I finished!
  4. Got to run through the tunnels on Sunday for the marathon. Pretty neat!
  5. Back in 2013 or 2014, and sadly very likely. McNair's funded the bill for HBU's team and I'd like to think they're just hedging their bets at this point...
  6. Let's have a quick chat about how absolutely god awful this entire project has been in its execution. The switcheroo they pulled on the 610 South to 59/69 ramps was bad enough without the stupid confusing signs (59 north is the first exit, but it's listed as Exit 8B. B comes after A, so why in god's name is the exit first??) but the new ramps to 610 north are *chefs kiss* perfectly sh!tty. For drivers on 59/69 south taking the newly opened ramp to 610 north, you have all of 50 yards to merge into a line of bumper-to-bumper cars from the 59/69 north ramp. It's insane the tiny amount of room you're given to merge over, and of course this cluster backs up the ramp all the way to Newcastle on 59/69. This is only made worse by the people who wait until the last second to cut people off at the front of the line, and this isn't even in rush hour! I don't understand how you could take one of the busiest interchanges and freeways in the Houston region and just barely give it a face lift. Absolutely mind-boggling how inept this design is.
  7. If I don't see this anywhere in the lobby or in the signage of the livelifelove tower I swear to god...
  8. So that sand I see on top of the asphalt layer under the rebar is fine? Thanks for answering!
  9. Dumb question but wouldn't they want to remove the sand and dirt buildup under the rebar before they pour the concrete for that road?
  10. This is a dumb sentence and you know it's a dumb sentence
  11. Hardy yards really puts the 'hardy' in hardy plank... ty ty i'll be here all week
  12. Thanks for answering it for us Lumi. We can be surprised when we all initially thought there wouldn't be, and are now hearing for the first time that there are not only a few (good news!) but there was a point in planning where there was ~40! Hence the surprise/amazement. My surprise is not the same as disappointment; just surprised at new information.
  13. Since when has it had at-grade crossings? I thought that there were none?
  14. I think Phase 1 is the building on the right, and Phase 2 was the building on the left (closest to Richmond). Google Earth history shows the one on the left was built after the initial building and they have slightly different styles.
  15. I think we'll be seeing it more with the new on-site detention requirements. Not sure if that's for the city or county and just something I heard... inb4 "welllllll accckshulllllyyyyy" from the "experts"
  16. Uhhhh idk how I feel about the yellow and brown liquids next to that port-o-potty
  17. Looks like they still plan on building 4 managed non-toll (?!) lanes for Hempstead Highway.
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