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  1. I've been meaning to come back to this thread and say the same thing .
  2. Hopefully 93' Til sees more business from this.
  3. Exactly, it's a cool idea and kind of captures the spirit of what the Ion District is supposed to be; innovation.
  4. Oh wow I didn't realize another one had gone up, thanks for the info.
  5. It's still odd to see two cranes all the way out in Cypress.
  6. My fiancé and I considered it as a venue but the logistics just wouldn't work. We want a small wedding (around 100) but you could only fit around 80 people up top. They also make you rent each floor out and if you want to cater food and drinks that requires a permit. Not difficult things, just another headache to deal with and deciding how to hold the ceremony then the reception on the roof (for the views) just made it too difficult to mess with.
  7. No one lives up to their username better than you @IntheKnowHouston cheers for the hard work
  8. I'm fine with this turning into Brewery Row or more specifically Space Beer Row
  9. They've been doing soil remediation here for years. Looks like it's almost finished.
  10. The impact of swamplot's death is really being felt. This explains why I've started to follow Austin's RE market more; yall have more exciting things happening.
  11. Is this close to what's happening? That's wild
  12. Turning into a very poplar method of construction too
  13. Not to flex or anything (totally flexing) but I guess us Marathon runners were/will be pretty lucky to be the only ones to walk/run through these
  14. Gotta respect the pride they have in being "value engineered" lol
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