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  1. Uhhhh idk how I feel about the yellow and brown liquids next to that port-o-potty
  2. Wasn't there a furniture store that used to be here?
  3. Looks like they still plan on building 4 managed non-toll (?!) lanes for Hempstead Highway.
  4. https://abc13.com/high-speed-train-houston-dallas-bullet/10519504/ Imagine believing this is a valid argument lol
  5. Those images are form Maxar's satillite, and I don't know if that's "official" Google Earth imagery. If you have to go through the hoop to find it I would think there's more official imagery that's coming for the default view when you first launch it.
  6. If you use the time hop button in Google Earth there's updated imagery from November 2020.
  7. As long as they keep the right lane for 69 north only. They finally did that I guess for construction and it's sped things up a little bit.
  8. Not questioning, just curious, but do you have a source for the job posting? I don't see anything on their website last I checked.
  9. Not really, I don't think bitcoin is a scam, but I can smell a sh!tcoin project from a mile away lol
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