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  1. Those images are form Maxar's satillite, and I don't know if that's "official" Google Earth imagery. If you have to go through the hoop to find it I would think there's more official imagery that's coming for the default view when you first launch it.
  2. If you use the time hop button in Google Earth there's updated imagery from November 2020.
  3. As long as they keep the right lane for 69 north only. They finally did that I guess for construction and it's sped things up a little bit.
  4. Not questioning, just curious, but do you have a source for the job posting? I don't see anything on their website last I checked.
  5. Not really, I don't think bitcoin is a scam, but I can smell a sh!tcoin project from a mile away lol
  6. I heard recently that either CoH or Harris County (or both) plan review departments now require drainage on site for any plans submitted after March or April 1st. Now obviously these plans must've been submitted before but maybe they had to work out some deal. I expect a lot of onsite drainage retention for projects in the future.
  7. The bike lane is easily my favorite part of this whole thing
  8. The outlet section was nixed back when Rosenburg had proposed their own outlet mall. That ended up falling through though...
  9. $11k is a bit greedy too! Yikes, you could get a unit in another high rise for that much
  10. I still can't get over how bad the new 59/69 north flyover is from 610 with the convoluted signage. It makes you think the exit is after the 59/69 south exit, and that the lane you're supposed to be in is an exit only for the south exit. Going north used to be quick because you could drive in the third lane and pass all the cars stopped going south. Now you have to wait in line with them. It's quicker to exit Westheimer and go through the light to get onto the new on-ramp than it is staying on 610.
  11. What Big E said. The contractors will go back and add barriers to block it off like you see on many unbuilt exits (the 59/69 North to I-10 West ramp for example had at some point a planned exit to Elysian street but the letters have been removed from the sign. You can still see it if you take that exit.)
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