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  1. I mean isn’t the NIMBY-ism pretty strong along this area? They were pretty vocal about not wanting the HSR to extend into downtown via that train route (above or below)
  2. I know it generates clicks and that’s what the Chron really needs right now, but it’s odd how much of a voice they’re giving to the opposition. Not saying they don’t deserve to get heard, but the same overly dramatic fear mongering points get multiple chances in a majority of the HSR coverage compared to any pro-HSR comment, which, a majority of the time, is usually a canned “We disagree” comment from TCR.
  3. All those retirees are gonna break their surgerically replaced hips on that terrible stretch of road 18th from TC Jester (one of the worst intersections in Houston) to Shepard. 19th and 20th are terrible too
  4. sup girl wanna check out that rooftop bar peep the planning commission agenda for deets
  5. Oh man that would’ve been awesome but I guess they would have had to tear down the existing buildings?
  6. It looks like a copy paste of the one downtown
  7. Hoping this comes thru it’s the street view element. Edit: NOOOOO ITS NOT DAVID UGH mods can u fix my fat fingers plz edit2: nvm I got it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Item 107 on the planning commission agenda is for a 21 story condo tower (6 stories of garage 15 of residence). There’s a render of the street view element.
  9. Is it just me or are none of the pics showing up anymore?
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