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  1. They've been doing soil remediation here for years. Looks like it's almost finished.
  2. The impact of swamplot's death is really being felt. This explains why I've started to follow Austin's RE market more; yall have more exciting things happening.
  3. Is this close to what's happening? That's wild
  4. Not to flex or anything (totally flexing) but I guess us Marathon runners were/will be pretty lucky to be the only ones to walk/run through these
  5. Gotta respect the pride they have in being "value engineered" lol
  6. There's a brochure on the website with a decent amount of parking in the back.
  7. Whomever* is on the floors directly across from MST's pool are going to have a fun view and vice versa. You can practically see straight into the rooms at Brava *or whoever I can't remember
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