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  1. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Yeah obviously that’s what I meant to say; idk why I wrote my post in the exact opposite tone as your correction and with the completely opposite viewpoint, but hey thanks for fixing that for me and trivializing it in a totally non passive aggressive way.
  2. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Unfortunately it feels like they’re not losing, even when they should be. TAHSR’s claims are wildly overstated and grossly untrue but all you have to do is spread fear and propaganda and you can convince anyone
  3. Lower Westheimer Reconstruction

    Actually...I think there might be something happening with that
  4. 45 NB Ramp to 59 NB to Close for Six Months

    Are these not going to be torn down for the upcoming 45 project?
  5. Hughes Landing in The Woodlands

    Oh and I gues this means that apartment tower is shelved? Rip in peace
  6. Hughes Landing in The Woodlands

    ...why not call it Two Lakes Edge though or at least spice it up a bit and call it One Lakes Edge 2: Electric Boogaloo
  7. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    I was wrong on so many level...
  8. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    Maybe it’s the perspective but it looks like there’s two more to go
  9. Over/under on how long this gets cancelled?
  10. Oh is the mixed use building where the church was?
  11. The Mondrian at The Museums

    Monday morning; time to see who’s blue balling us with all these fresh HAIF links
  12. That is a solid insult and should be used more often
  13. I’m telling y’all I think I’m on to something here
  14. Potential Mixed-Use Downtown Designed by Handel Architects

    Tfti Bob dang
  15. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    I brought this up for the green/purple lines awhile ago but forgot about the red line too. I’m curious what their plan is; probably close it to one track while they excavate and move on to the other after that’s finished.