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  1. I'm sure it's just a loophole they're exploting, but the bouncers that check ID/temps tell you that your bill will show a 50/50 split of drinks/food...even if you order drinks lol.
  2. I had assumed this would be revisited eventually. They even put in entrance and exit ramps onto/from 610 that lead to nowhere (yet) that are clearly for the Hempstead Highway.
  3. There's a texadelphia opening on the other side on Gaylord. Couple of GFR pads there. Really like how they maximized the space.
  4. So you're saying this comment doesn't add to the discussion? Huh who would've thought...
  5. I uhhh... I hope this makes sense...let me know if you want ur own commission ty
  6. https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2020/06/05/texas-central-stimulus-money.html Does anyone have access to biz journal and want to provide a summary?
  7. Yeah my bad that’s what I meant, couldn’t remember if it was an underpass or overpass
  8. Last one to do is Quitmann and then construction can start. (I may be making that up but it sounds familiar)
  9. Lol the little Husky in the rendering is a nice touch
  10. The articles about the I-35 corridor are federal studies and TCR is not affiliated with that line. From the conversation @Luminare and @mollusk had years ago (which, wow) there would be a spur to Austin around the area where it bends to head north to College Station
  11. No worries, I believe it’s designated as an affordable housing development
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