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  1. Oh man that would’ve been awesome but I guess they would have had to tear down the existing buildings?
  2. BigFootsSocks

    Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    @Moderatorscan we remove this spam?
  3. BigFootsSocks

    Randall Davis Condo 3723 Westheimer Road

    It looks like a copy paste of the one downtown
  4. BigFootsSocks

    Randall Davis Condo 3723 Westheimer Road

    Hoping this comes thru it’s the street view element. Edit: NOOOOO ITS NOT DAVID UGH mods can u fix my fat fingers plz edit2: nvm I got it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. BigFootsSocks

    Randall Davis Condo 3723 Westheimer Road

    Item 107 on the planning commission agenda is for a 21 story condo tower (6 stories of garage 15 of residence). There’s a render of the street view element.
  6. BigFootsSocks

    Block 58 Redevelopment by Hines, 47-Story Office Tower

    Is it just me or are none of the pics showing up anymore?
  7. BigFootsSocks

    Grocers Supply Co. - 3131 Holcombe Blvd

    I firmly stand by claim that Passive Aggressive HAIF is the best HAIF
  8. BigFootsSocks

    Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    Your old account get banned?
  9. BigFootsSocks

    The Boulevard Project

    Yeah Dug could’ve formatted that better fasho
  10. BigFootsSocks

    Lower Heights District

    Pics or it didn’t happen bruh bruh
  11. BigFootsSocks

    New Mixed-Use Project - Texas Instrument Facility Site

    Simons gotta be kicking themselves for pulling out of the Outlet Mall deal. Granted that was in 2015 and another outlet was supposed to pop up in Rosenberg. Well that and the contaminated soil probably hurt those chances