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  1. What a find! KFMK was the first 'free form' FM rock station of the late 60s and preceded KLOK and KAUM. Check out KILT's special about drugs on Houston's college campuses. http://vasthead.com/Radio/radio_works.html
  2. Interesting read about these bands Niche. I'm the guy who runs the 1960s Texas Music site. Through the years there has been an ongoing debate about the role Interantional Artists played in the career of the Elevators. As I see it here are the two points of view: 1. IA contributed to the breakup of the group and it's lack of national and international success (your viewpoint Niche). The group would have been much better off if they had been signed to a nationally recognized label (like Columbia or Warner Bros) that could have properly promoted and have managed them. 2. from this website Elevators FAQ: "Q: Did the Elevators get ripped off by their record label (International Artists) and/or Lelan Rogers (worked for IA and Kenny Rogers brother)? A: Hardly. Especially not when compared with the average deal that a semi-national band on a small label got in the mid-1960s. I A kept the Elevators on salary, which was not common, and plowed significant amounts of money into "Easter Everywhere" and the third LP sessions. Lelan Rogers is often portrayed as a bad guy but was only an employee at I A and not really in the position to rip anyone off. He should receive credit for helping to break "You're Gonna Miss Me" nationally, and band members like John Ike and Stacy have spoken of him in respectful terms later on. The dubious "Live" LP was conceived long after he had left I A." No doubt International Artists made some significant mistakes when managing the band (as they also did with Bubble Puppy) but Elevators also were able to accomplish alot with IA in their short 2 years of activity. The 3rd LP "Bull of the Woods" is primarily a solo LP by the guitarist Stacy Sutherland. Roky contributed very little as you've noted.
  3. When do you think the photo of Market Square was from? Was the night club La Bastille located there in the 70s?
  4. Dig those cats and kitties hanging out in front of Michelangelos. Way cool.
  5. I graduated from Lee (then Robert E. Lee) in '75 and you're roommate was right-- it wasn't so bad then (though ask an oldtimer about the fall of '74 student drug riots with the HPD). Apparently it's a rough school now though. A large part of the students come from the Gulfton apartments. Lamar seems like the obvious choice if you're considering the high school options. Pilgrim Elementary will be moving further west right VicMan?
  6. The Silver Dollar that was on Montrose in the 70s? Gay yes, beatnik no.....at least not in the 70s...am I right? What's up with/who was Art Wren?
  7. Where was the coke-fueled Chateau D'jion located? And who was the former resident you speak of? The goings on at what I've always heard described as "Sin Alley" in the 60s (Mid Lane) are no doubt tame to nowadays or even the 1970s. The events there were notorious enough though to give the area it's name and reputation. Maybe it was a place where nice River Oaks and Tanglewood kids smoked their first reefer... Slightly off topic but Montrose was mentioned earlier in this thread and I'm wondering if anyone can comment on any 'beatnik' presense in that neighborhood or West U. during the 50's and/or early 1960s.
  8. MK, in a parallel universe a few miles north of Westbury I was going through a similar Houston experience in the early/mid 70s. I went to T.H. Rogers/Robert E. Lee and for me and many neighborhood kids like me the Galleria was where it was at as a teenager. I worked there for several years around the holiday season as a 'auto host' parking cars, etc. What is the timeline for Westbury Square and Sharpstown Mall/Center's development in the 1960s? Which was developed first? Interesting that they are both in decline now while the Galleria continues on...
  9. Does anyone have any stories or memories to tell about this part of westside Houston which was known as "Sin Alley" or "Sin City" in the 1960s? It was an area of apartment complexes on Mid Lane just inside the Loop. The area was known for the wild and/or "alternative" lifestyles of it's residents. At one time in the 60s it was infamous with westside residents.
  10. I went there as a child also for b'day parties. It was located near Yorktown and Westheimer I think. Maybe where they later in the 60s build Western National Bank. It's another bank now.
  11. Anyone remember or have any stories to tell about Liberty Hall which was located at 1610 Chenevert? All sorts of performers played there...Jimmy Reed, Ted Nugent, Bruce Springsteen, NY Dolls, Velvet Underground, Gram Parsons, just to name a few. I believe it had formerly been a movie theatre.
  12. Went there when it was Cody's also in the 80s. What's in that space now?
  13. A few more Rice atheletes that went pro throughout the years: Jose Cruz Jr. (baseball) Dicky Moegle (football...played for the 49ers and Cowboys) Tobin Rote (football) Bill Howton (football) Buddy Dial (football) Hugo Hollas (football Saints) Ricky Pierce (NBA Bucks) ...several baseball players from Rice's nat'l championship baseball team of a couple of years ago were drafted and are in the minor league's now. Look for several to be in the majors real soon...
  14. This info brings up a few questions I have about that area's public grade schools....maybe someone will know about all this... What is the reason St. Georges Elementary was built in the first place? I had heard that many Briargrove Elementary students will be relocated to the new St. George's building while their school will be renovated next year. Is this true? It's unclear to me why Pilgrim Elementary is being relocated or shut down. If the area grade schools are so overcrowded why close one down? Any one know the true story? I understand Will Rogers Elementary off of Richmond will be closing. I'm asuming that their students who live west of that school will transfer to St. George's. Where will the Will Rogers students that live east of Rogers transfer to? signed, Grady Elementary graduate class of '69
  15. Native Houstonian and long time NYC resident here. While I miss not having to pay state taxes I never, ever miss the hassle of owning and maintaining a car . If I really need one (to get out of town for example) I just rent one. Not having to own a car is one of the joys of living in NYC. While having to use mass transit (subways and busses) is not hassle free I find that having to navigate Houston streets in an auto is incredible stressful. Check out the writings of James Howard Kunstler. http://www.kunstler.com/ Just my two cents worth.
  16. Native Houstonian now living in New York City here. Sad to say the NYC 'admission-only' system for high schools isn't so great either. 8th graders must rank their top five high school choices in the order in which they want to attend. Unfortunately some students don't get into ANY of their choices and they get assigned to some school in another bourough. One concept the New York City DOE has implemented in recent years is to divide up some of the mega high schools (1,000 or more students) into 2 or 3 three separate schools that share the same building. The idea is that the students won't get lost in a giant school and will receive more individual attention. At least the private schools in Houston don't cost $26,000 per year like they do here in NYC!
  17. Wow I'm so glad it is remembered. What is that neighborhood like now? Is that area considered part of the Heights? Was the Al Ray Houston's only 'art film' theatre in the late 60s? TIA
  18. This movie theatre was around in the late 60s. I believe it was near Little York Rd. Does anyone remember this theatre (where it was, when it closed, etc.)? Thanks.
  19. Wondering if the picture at the bottom could have been taken from Rice Stadium? Looks like spectators in coats.
  20. Any ideas on what streets these are in the photos?
  21. jb4647 -- Saw some of the Astrodome, Sakowitz, and Joskes pics you also posted in other threads as well. All are fantastic. Please keep them coming! How did your father get the arial shot of the Shamrock?
  22. I totally agree that most Houstonians (and other sunbelters) would prefer an air conditioned/automobile scaled strip mall. Eventually that preference will cause huge problems for the city as oil prices rise. I spent plenty of time in WSq in the late sixties/early 70s and it was truly a unique place in Houston. Nothing like it anwhere else in the city. It's a shame that it didn't endure as it was. I think Houston could have used more pedestrian scaled retail areas and neighborhoods. The developers of WSq were very forward thinking for that era.
  23. I lived in Tanglewood when the Galleria was built in '69. People forget that for the first few years it was open it was a mall more like Sharpestown where neighborhood kids ("mall rats") hung out. I was one myself. Also worked there in High School during the Christmas seasons in the early 70s as an "Auto Host" which meant I parked cars and directed holiday traffic, etc. At some point in the late 70s/early 80s the Galleria evolved into more of an upscale shopping area but in the beginning ('69-'75 or so) the only thing that made it unique from the other malls was the ice skating rink. Joske's, Sakowitz, and Weingartens were on the other Post Oak and Westheimer corners. In the early 60s my family did most of their shopping at the Highland Village shopping center inside the loop on Westheimer. There were no shopping centers futher out from the center of town than that. We went to the Majestic, Metropolitan, or the Loews theatres downtown to see movies. The suburban mall multiplexes didn't exist then. I think the multiplex at Meyerland was one of the first to be built on the west side. By the early 70s all of the great downtown theatres had closed and the multiplexes had taken over. I attended and graduated from Grady Elementary School (grades K-6) on San Felipe and Sage Road when it was still a grade school. I'm sure Grady originally opened in the late 50s. When did it reopen as a Middle School? Sometime in the 80s? I graduated from Lee High in '75 when it was still known as "Robert E. Lee High School" and the mascot was the grey and gold fighting general. The students then were primarily white middle class kids and the school zone was huge. I went to school with kids that lived miles away in Dairy Ashford and Lakeside Estates. My graduating class had 650 students! Now apparently the student body is almost all Hispanic. They no longer have a football team. I was attending the school during the infamous October of '74 HPD drug busts in the parking field across the school (north, where Papsito's is now). It got front page coverage in the Post and Chronicle as well as all of the local TV stations. I'm 48 now and live on the east coast now but visit occasionally and that part of Houston is like a different city from what it once was...
  24. Kind of getting off topic with the Shamrock instead of the Tidelands but what kind of acts performed at the Emerald Room and the Cork Club? It sounds like South Main was a real nightlife center in the 50s and 60s. That audio cassette of perfomers from the Shamrock (90$ yikes!) was probably recorded at the Emerald Room would be my guess.
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