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  1. ...and the Al Ray didn't close in '64 as I saw films there as late as '69. Interesting thread about it on this board here.
  2. He's still gigging all over Texas. Look for him to perform in February at the Gulf Coast Hall of Fame Show in Port Arthur. http://www.panews.com/communities/local_story_360114821.html Roy in Port Arthur
  3. Houston Blacklight and Poster Co. peel off sticker business card
  4. Thanks for this. When did this article appear in the Post? There was also a jazz club down there in the early 70s called La Bastille. I remember driving down to Old Market Square while in high school during the spring of '75 and the hippie scene was basically gone. Interesting that it came and went so quickly...
  5. This was the HISD following the federal mandate of forced public school integration? Some cities responded to the mandate more quickly than others. In Boston I think there were riots about this - - the forced busing. Some cities just ignored it. I was a student at TH Rogers Jr. High at the time and the demographics of the school changed significantly from '70 to '71. Many more black students and teachers in '71. I have no idea what part of town they were bussed in from.
  6. In a way yes, because you can view the work on his very public website here: http://zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografo...as/default.html I ran the story of the Poe tragedy by a long time Houstonian who remembered it and she recalls reading in Time magazine the week after it happened that the man's son was the offspring of an insestious relationship the father had with this daughter. Anyone else know anything about that?
  7. Thanks Doc for this great info. When did Howard pass away and the Fun Shop close? The short story on his site is a downloadable PDF file. You must have Acrobat Reader or Preview (mac) to view it.
  8. Great pics bookman thanks. I graduated from both T. H. Rogers and Robert E. Lee ('69-'75) and this is the first I've ever heard of a Randy Harvey getting killed. Anymore details? And was being a student at Lee in the 70s that bad?..a "living hell"? I had friends when I was in high school that went to Westbury, Milby, and Lamar and from what they told be about their schools it was just like Lee. Sure being in a graduating class of over 600 students sucked. Thanks to Houston's urban sprawl kids from so many neighborhoods/areas went to the school. A kid from Tanglewood had classmates from Dairy Ashford...they might as well have lived in different towns. You NEVER saw them after school around town. The student body of Lee in the early-mid 1970s was divided into the groups kickers, freaks, jets, and the always present nerds/geeks. Maybe it was a different scene at privates like Kinkaid or St. Johns back then but I'm sure it was the same at all of the west side high schools (Sharpestown, etc.). This was the day when there were much fewer private schools in Houston.
  9. Any ideas when Howard's opened and when it went out of business? Judging from some of the posts my guess would be: opened: late 40s closed: mid 70s
  10. I used to go to this store alot in the early 70's. It was downtown someplace and had been there since the 50's I think. Anyone remember it? If you were a kid into magic at that time in Houston it was the place to buy your tricks. There was also another magician's supply shop at that time on S. Main maybe. I think it was called Archie's Magic.
  11. These were given away by Houston station KAUM in around '72. I used to have this also except it was a full sized wall poster. It picked it up a record store in Sharpstown mall for free. They also had bumperstickers and apparently 5x8 cards.
  12. My father grew up in the Montrose area in the 20s and 30s. He attended Montrose Elementary, Sidney Lanier Junior High, and San Jacinto High School. He often told me stories of spending 25 cents (or "two bits" as he called it) to take the trolley car downtown on Saturdays to see a movie and get a hotdog at James Original Coney Island. I believe the only one of those schools left that is still open under that name would be Lanier. I'm familiar with the Montrose area's emergence in the early-70s as the "hippie" and gay community of the city but can anyone comment on what the neighborhood was like in the late-50s to early-60s? Was there ever a beatnik community there?
  13. FreakyDude try viewing them as a flickr slideshow...
  14. What's the history of Montrose Elementary School? When did it open/close and is the building still there?
  15. I've assembled these in an online slideshow. It's a cool way to view them. http://www.flickr.com/photos/76262968@N00/show/ or you can link to it from the 60s Texas Music site http://go.to/texasmusic
  16. Liberty Hall booked many of the same touring acts that played at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin. These were performers who could draw at a mid-size venue but not enough to play at the Music Hall or later Hofienz Pavillion at UH. One difference from AWH though was that Liberty Hall seemed to have more of the classic bluesman play there. I recall a New Years Eve show in around 1974 or 75 that my friends went to...Jimmy Reed performed. What are the dates on most of these newspaper ads/clippings? My guess would be '70-'72. I don't know much about Jubilee Hall. Looks like it wasn't around very long. Same with La Bastille.
  17. Awesome, awesome stuff. My guess is that alot of these newsprint ads came from Space City News? Are the ads for the downtown clothing stores/restaurants from the Market Square area? In the late 60s/early 70s that area had a strong hippie/counterculture presence along with Montrose of course. I used to have a giant color poster of the KAUM eagle advert. I also liked that Quicksilver ad "a pillow concert". Was it bring your own pillow? KAUM was a very good station around '72...a competitor of KLOL "Mother's Family".
  18. Vicman--I'd imagine all of the Tanglewood kids are in private schools. The Grady apartment kids must live in the apartment complexes you listed a few posts back. When Grady was an elementary school in the 60s there were only 2 classes per grade. This was before all of the external "shack" buildings were there. There were 34 kids in my K class...with only one teacher, no teaching assistant.
  19. Is the current student body of Grady bussed in? If the neighborhood is 100% white where do the Grady students come from? Are the Tanglewood kids zoned for Revere? \
  20. This occured during my senior year at Robt. E. Lee and my memories are a little sketchy. I'd welcome anyone elses memories of this event. The riots occured in October of '75 in the parking field across from the school on Beverlyhill St.. The field was a drug market where students gathered as early as an hour before school to party. HPD undercover narcotics officers had been "staking out" the field for several weeks since school had started that September. They also placed several undercover (dressed up to look like school students) in the field to purchase drugs--which they did. Several drug busts were made that October in the field including one bust of a 16 year old boy selling pezz candy LSD. After one of the busts several students began to attack one of the police cars. It had it's windows broken by rocks, etc. Several arrests of students were made. Ultimately the drug busts succeeded in stopping the drug use and selling in the empty dirt lot parking field. The field is now part of the parking lot for Pappasitos Mexican Restaurant on Richmond.
  21. I went to Grady when it was still an elementary school in the 60s. What's up with the zoning of it now that's the problem?
  22. Further research has determined there was a Cinema West in Austin on S. Congress. http://home.austin.rr.com/michaelwhitworth...lt%20cinema.htm I'm assuming this was owned by the same guy. The 'Cinema West' logo on the marquee is the same as the Houston theatre.
  23. There was a thread here about the Al Ray last year. Someone wrote that it and the Village Theatre were the only Houston theatres that showed foreign or 'art' films in the 60s. I know the Bellaire Theatre also started showing some of these films in the early 70s. I believe the Al Ray showed some Warhol films when they came out. I wish I had some 60s newspapers (Post or Chronicle) to check it out. I saw "Battle of Algiers" there in about '69. The Al Ray is not listed in any of the extensive movie theatre history websites like Cinema Treasures. I've never seen a photo of it. It became an adult film theater in the 70s. I don't know when it closed down.
  24. Two or three years ago I was at the Continental Club downtown and saw they had one of the signs from the Cinema West theatre backstage. Does anyone remember this theatre? I believe it was an adult theater on Richmond or Westteimer in the 70s (before VHS tapes). Was it a chain of theaters?
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