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  1. I have a recollection of the Ramones performing at the Dome Shadows also in the late 70s. Could that be? Did they have bands play at the Dome Shadows?
  2. Sure I remember The Island very well. It was on South Main right? Early Houston punk venue. Many touring national acts came through there as well as other Texas bands. Great place.
  3. Not too well though they did beat UTEP this past weekend. I think they're record now is 2 wins 6 losses. Last year they went to a Bowl Game (and lost) for the first time since '62. They they're head coach quit and got hired to coach at Tulsa.
  4. Was the Beat scene in Houston in the early 60s fairly large? Was it centered around Montrose?
  5. Vicman -- on a distantly related subject... Where was Lincoln High School in Houston and when was it closed?
  6. There was a Lincoln High School in Houston during the '70s. Nothing about it on the internet though. It seems to have vanished. There's someone on HAIF named Vicman who would know about this.
  7. I was a kid in 60s Houston and I remember the "Beer and Set-ups" sign very well. Anyone with a picture of that? I believe the liquor by the drink law was passed about '71 right?
  8. Hi Croberts, What was/is the galleria area "edge city"? You mean the area around Hidalgo which used to be the run down houses?
  9. There's a black and white video of this July '77 Ramones performance floating around among collectors that I've seen. It's awesome.
  10. I was a Boy Scout at the South Main Baptist Church troop from '69 to '71. The head of the troop was Ralph Mills. Every year our patrol would compete against against other patrols in a large Houston area scouting competition called Camporee (I think). It involved basic scouting skills like knot tying, etc. It was held at a scout campground somewhere right outside town. Anyone remember these competitions? I may have the name for them wrong...
  11. Did you know a guy from those Catacomb days named Stephen Hammond? I interviewed him for my 1960s Texas Music website here.
  12. I wouldn't be too quick to judge this change. The model of combining middle with high school kids under one building is getting popular nationwide and some of the results are favorable.
  13. Anyone remember a bar/restaurant in Montrose around '73-'75 called Ebeneezers? They used to serve me wine there when I was 16.
  14. Where was the Bellaire Gym? Would this be part of Bellaire High School or at a YMCA? Please do tell...
  15. Please post them. Check out the ones I've got on flickr here. There are several from the Family Hand, etc.
  16. I saw Tuff Darts (from NYC) play in Denver in the spring of '78. They were touring to support their LP on Sire. My guess is they must have played at Liberty Hall around that same time.
  17. An old friend recently pointed out to me where this rink's location used to be. South Rice Ave. near the present day Westpark. There is a leather goods store there now I believe. Someone else on this thread said it was on Chimney Rock near Gulfton. That doesn't sound right.
  18. When did this occur? "During the police siege of the People's Party II HQ on Dowling Street, which ended in the death of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, one radio reporter borrowed a gun from a cop and joined in the shooting."
  19. I looked at that link and further down on the page it also listed Channel 23 KTVP, Houston TX. Never heard of it either. There's also Channel 29, KXYZ. Never heard of it. (KXYZ was the original callsign for Channel 13). Finally, Channel 39, KNUZ, which I do know about and was the actual DuMont affiliate in Houston for a breif period in the 1950s. Channel 16 was the second UHF station for Houston after 39. But whereas 39 was able to stay afloat in it's early years, 16 was not and dissapeared relatively quickly. As a side note does anywone remember which UHF station began broadcasting Texas Ranger baseball games in Houston in the early 70s (it wasn't 16 I don't think)? For several years you had a nightly Rangers baseball game on TV in Houston and about only about one Astro game per month televised on Sundays!
  20. Anyone been to Cleburne Cafeteria on Bissonet? I've never been there but have heard for years it's excellent. I don't think it's a chain of restaurants so maybe you can't compare it to the others mentioned here.
  21. You've got a great site with some cools scans. I'll add a link to it from my site... 1960s Texas Music
  22. Well done and I really enjoyed it. Did you edit it in iMovie?
  23. Class of '75 Lee grad here...when did it really start to go downhill?...when did they change the name? Is it now zoned for Gulfton?
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