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  1. I found it on this page along with more info about his Liberty Hall '74 shows. Looks like Bruce had played in the South earlier that year btw. http://www.brucebase.org.uk/gig1974.htm
  2. I had never heard that there was someone else (another boy) in the Pasadena house that night. Not to say there wasn't. I wonder if Ch. 13 checked police records to verify if this guy was actually there 35 years ago.
  3. I was at that WFL game too. As I recall Matuszak suited up but did not play after he was served the restraining order. I think he was still under contract to the Oilers at the time. Matuszak used to work out at my high school (Robert E. Lee) when he was first with the Oilers. I also saw the Deep Purple/J. Geils Band concert at the Dome in the summer of '74. I recall seeing a polo match played there in the mid-sixties!
  4. Would be interested in hearing more of these interesting and verifiable things regarding Corll...
  5. Yes Corll lived in an apartment complex in the early 70s on San Felipe called Woodway Square. The entire complex has since been torn down. I think that's where one of his first murders occured. I believe he also lived in some apartments on the west side of Yorktown between San Felipe and Westheimer for a short while. Does anyone know anything about this?
  6. more here: http://picasaweb.google.com/yousuredid/OldSchools
  7. This is a simple question that may require a complicated answer but why did the Sakowitz retail chain go out of business?
  8. Looks like their shoes were what you would call "trendy". In the early seventies I bought a pair of zip up on the side platform men's boots there. Kind of glam rockish they were.
  9. I wasn't there in the 80s but I sure spent alot of time at the Galleria from when it opened in fall of '69 until about '75. In it's early years it was more of a neighborhood mall that attracted neighborhood families and their kids. It was very similar to Sharpestown Mall in that respect. The ice skating rink was the first one most of us had ever seen. I can vividly recall going skating there in the early seventies and there being dozens of kids in the mall all playing with their clackers which was a very popular toy at that time. There was a constant noise of a low roar made by these clackers in the mall. At this time there was only the Galleria...no Galleria II yet. On the bottom floor was Disc Records and a shoe store The Wild Pair. On the second floor was the twin movie theatre. There was also The Gap...one of the first Gap stores in Houston I believe. There were always teens and tweens hanging out there but I don't believe the 'mall rat' culture among young people had really emerged in Houston by the early 70s--at least at the Galleria. It wasn't really a 'hang out' where I would run into other kids I knew. Sharpestown Mall had a better rep for that..particularly as a place to 'pick up chicks'. For several winters around Christmas time in the early 70s I worked as a Galleria Auto Host. These were high school boys like myself who helped direct parking traffic during the busy holiday season--mostly on weekends. We all wore bright orange windbreakers and hard hats. Wish I still had them. We were paid a low wage and if we were lucky made the occasional tip. We also goofed off and partied while on the job. When the economic boom hit Houston in a big way in the late 70s the Galleria began to change. It became much more upscale and attracted more foreign visitors with money.
  10. You're saying this was Corl who asked you to ride with him?
  11. Real interesting photo of the HV Radoff Building. La Bastille was the early 70s cellar jazz club right? And the Franklin St. Cinema was an adult theatre? The movie playing their at the time of the photo "The Analyst" isn't listed in imdb.com. I wonder what was or had been in the second floor of this building. A couple of the windows look broken. I can't make out the hanging sign on the corner.
  12. Just wanted to add to the Charles Rogers thread. I've finished the book The Man on the Grassy Knoll which theorizes Rogers was one of JFKs killers. If you have any interest in the murder case of Rogers' parents it's a must read! I bought it used on amazon.
  13. If you can track down the film Collectors. http://imdb.com/title/tt0476646/ It's a documentary about these two guys who are essentially serial killer groupies and go around the country collecting artifacts and artwork from the killers. They visit the Sharon Tate home in L.A. (before it was torn down). Naturally the film ends up with them acquiring some paintings that Henley did in prison. He's interviewed and appears in the film. The last scene occurs in Houston when they attempt to exhibit the Henley paintings at a gallery. from IMDB: "A feature length documentary about artwork by serial killers; those who make it, the people who promote it and the people that detest it.
  14. So you're the one! Thanks for posting it. Like your blog too...keep up the good work.
  15. For those that don't have this...maybe this has been posted here before. Scroll down the page until you come to it: http://blogs.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2007/12/ "Available now -- for the first time in more than 80 years -- is the Houston Chronicle's 1924 guide to Houston. This 77-page publication, designed mostly for business interests, contains photographs of the city, facts and figures concerning various industries, and a Houston-Galveston business directory."
  16. The chapter you describe is one of the best parts of the The Man With The Candy. Required reading for any Houston history buff! Interesting that the Corl house photo was removed from here. Are the Corl murders too hot a topic for HAIF?
  17. I found and bought this book. I'm reading it now and enjoying it. If you like that book you might pick up The Man With the Candy by Jack Olsen (about Dean Corl/Wayne Henley).
  18. Was the bar/dance club in the strip center called "Cooters" or "Codys"? Something like that? Cardi's I think it was.
  19. The Windsor opened in December 1962 as a luxury theater. I too saw 2001, A Space Odyssey there as well as such screen epics as Dr. Zhivago and The Sound of Music. By the mid 80s it was still open but very run down and nothing like it's former glamorous self. "This theater had velvet rocker seats and a screen that was 33.5 feet tall by 100 feet wide. The sound system had 19 Altec speakers that were all byamplified with the first transistor amplifier for theaters. The Windsor is now a nightclub." http://cinematreasures.org/theater/8244/
  20. When I was 16 and 17 years old and a student at Robert E. Lee Sr. High I used to work as an usher at tons of rock concerts at the Coliseum and Music Hall. All you had to do was show up about an hour before the concert started wearing slacks, dress shirt, and a tie. You did not get paid. This was back in '74 and '75. As the crowd came into the venue you would seat them in the area you were assigned to usher. This would be while the opening act would be performing. By the time the headliner came on stage your work was done and you could find a seat and enjoy the band or hang out with other usher friends. Most of the ushers were boys from Lee, Westbury, and Milby. I saw many great rock bands...and a few lousy ones. I also saw the Beatles play at the Coliseum when I was about 8. It was an afternoon show. Never forget it. Cannibal and the Headhungers ("Land of 1,000 Dances") were one of the opening acts.
  21. When was it in business? Did they have live music?
  22. Great color photo. Looks likes 1843 than 1943. I wonder where this was taken.
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