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  1. Does anyone have any information or anecdotes about Houstonian William "Bill" Newkirk? He was the talent booker for the Tidelands Club in the 1960s. Newkirk was known and respected in national entertainment circles and was written up in Billboard several times during that era. He also was a Houston sportscaster and was the pressbox game announcer at Rice Stadium for Owl football games in the mid-60s. I believe he announced the first televised Houston baseball game (from Buff Stadium) in 1949. The Newkirks were family friends and I went to school with his son. I remember meeting Totie Fields at their house when she came to Houston to play the Tidelands. As best I as I can recall Newkirk divorced his wife (maiden name Elledge?) and moved to Los Angeles in the early 70s... Anyone familiar with him?
  2. Howard's was there well into the 70s.
  3. I've heard that Corll also lived in a couple of apartment complexes on the west side — Yorktown apartments on Yorktown between San Felipe and Westheimer and Woodway Square apartments on Woodway near Voss. Can anyone verify this?
  4. I can recall going to see the Disney film "The Love Bug" at the Delman. It was a small neighborhood theatre. That was in the late 1960s. IHB2, I remember Cinema West being located at the corner of Yorktown and W. Alabama (just south of Westheimer) in the early and mid-70s. Was it located on Richmond at some point also. I was downtown at the Continental Club on new year's eve 2001 to see some live music and backstage they had the original marquee from Cinema West just lying around leaning against a wall! I have no idea why it was there but it was very cool to see. The theatre had a distinctive logo.
  5. I picked up an awesome black Liberty Hall t-shirt at the Texas Junk Company in the Fourth Ward a couple of weeks ago. They had a few left. I met the owner of the Junk Company named Robert and he used to run with the Liberty Hall crowd... worked there in fact. He told me a story of giving Ravi Shankar a ride from the airport to Liberty Hall as well as seeing the New York Dolls play there in '74. Does this guy ring a bell for anyone?
  6. Here's a good blog with some info on KFMK. http://theragblog.bl...s-houstons.html More here too: http://scarletdukes....hou_radio1.html The bumper sticker scan on that blog page isn't the one I remember though which had a psychedelic male face with the words KFMK Wow! or something like that.
  7. Their "Steak n' Tater" TV dinner wasn't bad either.
  8. The other downtown 'fun shop' I remember from the 70s was Archies. It was a newstand also. Is that the one you're thinking of Subdude?
  9. Briargrove Elementary is very sought after and considered to be one of the area's top schools.
  10. This is great devonhart thank you for posting the clip to YouTube. I used to watch Larry Kane all of the time when I was a kid. Later I got into Soul Train. Too bad most of the Larry Kane show programs were not archived at the time. As I recall in the late 60s and early 70s American Bandstand was not aired in Houston. Did that have something to do with Larry Kane? Was Kane's show on channel 13 (ABC)? I believe Bandstand was an ABC show. I would only get to see Bandstand when visiting Austin.
  11. It seems the Loews was showing grindhouse features by this time in it's history. "Disciples of Death" from Hong Kong and "A Man for Hanging".
  12. On the day of the riot, 13 news broadcast at lunch that there was a riot at Lee. The newscast was noon October 10, 1974.
  13. I have to think that there were some x rated hardcore movie theaters downtown before Cinema West opened in the early 70s. From the book Cinema Houston: from Nickelodeon to Megaplex by David Welling and Jack Valenti (p. 246) several other theaters are mentioned during a 1970 vice raid. These would include: Cinema X, Zipper Lounge, Cinema Arts, Kitty Arts, Kazba Art Cinema, the Rex, and the Houston Mini-Art Theatre. Here's a story related to Cinema West. I was at the Continental Club downtown watching some bands for New Year's eve about ten years ago. Backstage leaning against the wall was an original outdoor Cinema West sign. I'll never forget their distinctive logo.
  14. Alex Bennett: "The man you love to hate" Several mp3 audio file airchecks of Alex Bennett/James Bond at this site The Vasthead Houston Retro Radio. Many other KILT and Houston radio airchecks at that site also.
  15. Great info thanks. Interesting the way they numbered the streets back then.
  16. Thanks for the info sevfiv. That seems about right ...between '61 and '62. Any clues on how the city dealt with the Hathaway addresses when that street became part of Westheimer? I'm wondering what building or lot is currently at the 602 Hathaway address.
  17. My father lived at 602 Hathaway Street for a time in the 1920s. It was the same road as Westheimer and was just west of Elgin. As recently as '61 (according to some Houston street maps) that portion of Westheimer was still known as Hathaway. Does anyone know when exactly Hathaway Street's name was changed as it became part of Westheimer? link to '55 Houston street map showing Hathaway.
  18. I only see directories up to 1926 (#37). Where are the latter dates? I'm using a Firefox browser on a mac.
  19. For those of us who are old enough to remember this and how it was covered by the local Houston media at the time, it will always be one of the most horrific events of a lifetime.
  20. What was the scene at "The Hill"? Hippies hanging out smoking weed?
  21. I think a film about Houston music from that era would be fantastic. It may be a tough rode to get it made, but go for it!
  22. also The Magic Island on the SW Freeway.
  23. Does anyone know the date Liberty Hall opened? Sometime in '70 maybe?
  24. At Robert E. Lee Sr. High in the mid-seventies there were the kickers, freaks (stoners), jets (jocks, rich kids), and the geeks (nerds). The boundaries between the groups were fairly distinct. The kicker boys used to get to school a half hour or so early before school started and park their trucks across Beverlyhill Street in the vacant lot (a lot that was also used for some serious drug dealing by the freaks). Once parked they'd take their car stereo speakers out of their trucks and put them on the roof where they'd blast KIKK or the latest Charlie Rich 8-track. You'd have the same thing going on in the other end of the lot except it would be a freak and his van. If he was lucky he'd have his girlfriend in the van with him. Instead of KIKK it would be music like Robin Trower or 'Dark Side of the Moon'. Cranked up volume to the max. Alot of the freaks would smoke reefer before school started with their car windows closed. You'd see them open the door to go to class and the smoke would just pour out of their cars. This all started to wind down after the big HPD narc bust of several students selling acid in the vacant lot before school. That happened in October of '74. Before that kids would buy their "Quays" (quaaludes -- usually Rorer 714s) for a dollar in the lot before school. I knew some FFA kickers who used to "shotgun" pot smoke into their steers faces right before they were inspected by the teacher. They said it sedated the animal and they always got a better grade.
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