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  1. Beautiful, I missed the open house, glad to see they still have the plans. Thanks for posting.
  2. Up for sale on Zillow. Photos are as bad as the shape of the house in them. I'm seeing very heavy alterations to the front fa├žade, including removal of the brick latticework and two windows cut into the brick wall adjacent to the front door. Sad. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/4810-N-Braeswood-Blvd-Houston-TX-77096/28025606_zpid/
  3. https://www.redfin.com/TX/Houston/3730-Sun-Valley-Dr-77025/home/30116854 I toured this house last week. It's in depressing shape, but the MCM charm is there in spades. I wish I had $3/4M to bring it back to life... I would ask for it to be held open by someone, but I don't know how many people will want to go inside, the smell of dampness is oppressive! In other priced-out-of-my-range news, the Lars Bang house on Braesvalley is also for sale: https://www.redfin.com/TX/Houston/4815-Braesvalley-Dr-77096/home/30115797
  4. The four-story Hill Country barnhouse! http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/12/developer-rolls-out-floor-plans-for-heights-projecr-with-buyer-feedback/
  5. I don't know how *dangerous* it actually is, but my hair stands on end any time I drive the Bermuda Triangle of Kirby, Old Spanish Trail, and South Main in 77025/30. One-way streets crossing the frontage roads also deserve an honorable mention, for example, Shepherd & Greenbriar at US 59 in 77098. Two days ago a minivan turned the wrong way onto Greenbriar just as I was coming around the Audi dealership. There have been enough accidents at that intersection that they've recently reworked the curbs.
  6. I feel that I would have noticed this house when driving up and down North Braeswood. Have we lost it to the wrecking ball? Edit: Never mind, I thought it was on this side of 610, not outside. Question still stands! This house looks very deserving of renovation.
  7. Nena, Regarding the Long Point fault, I have a copy of the fault study done by the engineering company and a 1970 USGS survey of it. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. Hello Nena, the house is wonderful but is unfortunately in very bad shape. I think it's overpriced by at least $70k, if not more given the repairs it would need to address the sagging roof, water damage, and foundation problems. However, seeing how overheated the market is right now, and with all the new corporate buildings going up nearby, I would not be surprised (albeit very sad) if there is new construction on that lot by this time next year.
  9. Finally got around to searching for information about this house, which I've driven by hundreds of times. Hopefully I can contribute some good photographs in the coming days. Count me in for lottery contributions to save her!
  10. Here are some pictures from the start of the weekend. There are also some shots of the Winfield Gate development.
  11. Well, let's take a look: The properties at 2115 Argonne (13,500 sq ft) and 2415 Mimosa (32,000 sq ft) are owned by the same entity and are both being vacated by December 1. The letter to the residents at 2415 stated that the property had reached end-of-life and would be redeveloped, but did not say how. The combined lots are actually larger than 2229 San Felipe (36,200 sq ft), but I agree that the odd shape makes an unlikely candidate for a high-rise. I expect that some sort of "Chateau Twenty" will eventually loom over the properties on Avalon Place, and perhaps more interestingly (for the sake of neighborhood drama), block the downtown views of the lowest few floors of the Huntingdon. The HCAD map facets label these properties as Dickey West Park and Meyers Court, respectively, so I believe they're outside of Avalon Place and would not be subject to the latter's height restrictions (if any). Does anybody have more information?
  12. Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church - 2025 W 11th St Lazybrook Baptist Church - 1822 West 18th Street
  13. Lots of activity this side of River Oaks. I just signed a lease at an apartment on Mimosa lane; the day it started, I was given notice to move out by the end of November! It would be nice if the developers building in this area could put a few clams towards fixing the damage they cause to the side streets; I don't understand the point of paying millions for property only to have to dodge potholes that could swallow a Smart car. I'll see if I can post some pictures of the goings-on.
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