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  1. Hey @UHouston can we fix the water problem in the #uhcoad? Someone has to take a #powerhousepiss

  2. There's no running water in the building. This is nice. I can't wash my hands.

  3. I want to do so much, but at the same time I just want to do nothing. #FridayFeeling

  4. *Complains about money situation* *goes out and buys expensive dinner* #ihavenoidea #why

  5. "Hope you're ready to smell like white people" - #weirdwednesday #quote

  6. This fade is stunning! Nicely put together @Armani https://t.co/Kg3URK8hl9

  7. I've only listened to @TJR mad decent block party LA set 500 times now. #clapyourhandsifyourereadyforthebassdrop

  8. Can't define our love

  9. Palette for the semester: Navy Blue, Orange, Black & White as inspired by #EaDo and two Houston Teams #Astros & #Dynamo #designthinking

  10. this dude at school is literally talking so loud it feel like he's having a conversation to everyone. #backtoschool

  11. Goal: get as much sleep as possible before 8:30 am tomorrow. #backtoschool

  12. RT @abc13houston: Price of gas hit just 47 cents per gallon in Michigan on Sunday https://t.co/HOpfGoVK1u https://t.co/nl2466Dgqz

  13. Ooh hello there

  14. RT @BradWalsh: They say dress for the job you want so I covered my naked body with scratch and sniff stickers

  15. Why do cats feel the need to put their muddy paws on a freshly washed car?

  16. Gold Dust (@CRNKN & #HotelGaruda Remix) - @wearegalantis perfect #sundaysongbook so chill.

  17. The @giorgiomoroder remix of @joywavemusic tongues has ridiculous vibes.

  18. The @HoustonRockets Facebook trivia, fans are being savage.

  19. RT @UHouston: Hooooops Houuuuuse?!?! #CoogsHouse!!

  20. "A lot of my supporters where white sheets"

  21. Making an overall portfolio is hard. Especially when you don't even have some of your best work.

  22. This mini session I'm taking, I wish it wouldn't end honestly.

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