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  1. Honestly I feel a little betrayed. I only received four @SourPatchKids out of the entire package today. And I'm the one that bought them.

  2. First competition of the year just submitted. Oh the anxiety of the wait is good to have again.

  3. Me: I'm not going to go out every other weekend this year. (Jan.2016) *goes out every weekend instead* I've failed. #tuesdaythoughts

  4. Just gonna die over hear with this food coma #dotscafe #wednesdaynewfriday

  5. Just found out @Lookas is in h-town Thursday...but I already have tickets to @MichaelBrun ....Can we move one of these to Friday? #edmprobs

  6. Everything is so confusing rn. Like I told myself I wouldn't do this.

  7. Shout out to those friends who care to much about you. #therealMVPs

  8. So 4/7 days at the gym. Kind of proud of myself. The push to go 7/7 is going to be tough though.

  9. In case any of you were interested, the University of Houston College of Architecture and Design is hosting a lecture featuring Thom Mayne. There's more info on the lecture here.
  10. I guess I have good taste in backpacks. My current one has only received 3 threats of being stolen. Thanks @jackspadeny

  11. Just finished #BetterCallSaul .... Now what

  12. Don't you just love the sound of sirens in the morning. #citylife

  13. I went to Target with a good bit in my bank account. What happened? #CommonWhiteGirlProblem

  14. My face when I'm impressed. https://t.co/Puo8yZ6VI9

  15. Hmm very similar to midtown Houston prices #superbowlLI https://t.co/IVrNauSU3e

  16. RT @mr_kennethcole: Apparently the opening act for The @Coldplay & @Beyonce concert is a football game. #SuperBowl50 #PepsiHalftime #SB50

  17. Today's in store playlist is inspired by #SuperBowl performers @ladygaga @BrunoMars @Beyonce @coldplay

  18. Big ambitions

  19. When someone you don't know recognizes you. #

  20. People who only follow 4 follow but then unfollow you. Sorry, don't play that game

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