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  1. The problem with having two different classes combined into one is the professors different teaching styles and approach.

  2. One more final after today and then I can die. #finalsweek

  3. When you go to a commuter school and nobody wants to come up and study for finals because they all live & work in other parts of the city<<<

  4. I've gotten to were I hardly ever use my iTunes account and I keep forgetting the password. #onlycauseihaveamac

  5. “PLEXUS NO. 12 SERIES” BY GABRIEL DAWE. http://t.co/41HMvnwNnS

  6. Studio is over and now it's time to chill and admire some nice rides. #ferrari #Houston #houhttp://t.co/Ew6EdOKOE7

  7. Hard to believe that the semester went by so fast. Time for gate. #universityofhoustonhttp://t.co/yd5M67qHAz

  8. #tbt still hanging on to these handmade 2"x2" cubes from first year. #universityofhoustonhttp://t.co/LQIo6376CX

  9. God's message to Mary - ghettobible: Sooooo… Back up in the clouds of Heavennnn, God was all like, "Yo... http://t.co/kjvvAM3RV1

  10. Photoset: betype: Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact (Behance Book).... http://t.co/mz5Y3s9BTE

  11. Happy Black Friday. Maybe one of these is on your Christmas wish list? http://t.co/2uXa4IDN1x

  12. My mom bought a new tree. As if we didn't have enough.... Getting into the holiday spirit!… http://t.co/Wc0Me8VoXP

  13. You know you're an #architecturestudent when you're still in school and everyone else is on vacation.… http://t.co/Lhc6Y3rEo2

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