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  1. RT @EncoreBeachClub: #EDCweek: @MajorLazer @NGHTMRE @YellowClaw @Flosstradamus @Alesso @Kaskade & @DJSnake. https://t.co/i2jP5OLd25 https:/…

  2. Honestly I kind of want to direct a music video just to see how that goes... #futureproject?

  3. Doing the gym search tomorrow, gotta get my groove back.

  4. I want to try #hopdoddyhouston, however I don't want to get into the mess that is opening week. #decisionsdecisions

  5. Waking up to mom giving me weather warnings.... She's two hours away.

  6. This show is going to be

  7. @smlemusic remix of @kflay #FML is my vibe right now.

  8. Sister left the Xbox at my place, guess who isn't getting any work done?

  9. @ShutThatBishop thousand dollars

  10. I need another late night talk sesh to clear the mind. #minddetox

  11. @Pistoleros_htx on has an on point playlist.

  12. RT @TexasHumor: You know you're from Texas when you or someone you know has several of these at home. https://t.co/eJcKsd0zk9

  13. RT @UHouston: To our friends in Brussels and all around the world - peace be with you. https://t.co/k3tIRYZSCF

  14. When your Bluetooth headset dies and you have to go back to wires, it's like switching to two cups & a string. #SundayGroove

  15. curse these swole calf muscles.

  16. RT @DailyDoseBuzz: Daily Dose™ Of Champions #dailydose https://t.co/MRukxln9PI

  17. RT @officialxWealth: Baby blue Maserati GT

  18. #nationalnappingday yeah I can get with that.

  19. Last night, from what I recall, was to much. @liquidtodd at #ElectricFoam was something else.

  20. I kind of want to go to the gym right now but it's closed. I think spring break I'll have longer workout periods.

  21. Sometimes I think the deejaying route would've been better for me

  22. Countdown to next week begins

  23. Tomorrow starts the three day Arvizu tour. Three cities in three days! Let's do it! #Houston➡#SanAntonio➡#Lufkin

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