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  1. RT @EncoreBeachClub: #EDCweek: @MajorLazer @NGHTMRE @YellowClaw @Flosstradamus @Alesso @Kaskade & @DJSnake. https://t.co/i2jP5OLd25 https:/…

  2. Honestly I kind of want to direct a music video just to see how that goes... #futureproject?

  3. Doing the gym search tomorrow, gotta get my groove back.

  4. I want to try #hopdoddyhouston, however I don't want to get into the mess that is opening week. #decisionsdecisions

  5. Waking up to mom giving me weather warnings.... She's two hours away.

  6. This show is going to be

  7. @smlemusic remix of @kflay #FML is my vibe right now.

  8. Sister left the Xbox at my place, guess who isn't getting any work done?

  9. @ShutThatBishop thousand dollars

  10. I need another late night talk sesh to clear the mind. #minddetox

  11. @Pistoleros_htx on has an on point playlist.

  12. RT @TexasHumor: You know you're from Texas when you or someone you know has several of these at home. https://t.co/eJcKsd0zk9

  13. RT @UHouston: To our friends in Brussels and all around the world - peace be with you. https://t.co/k3tIRYZSCF

  14. When your Bluetooth headset dies and you have to go back to wires, it's like switching to two cups & a string. #SundayGroove

  15. curse these swole calf muscles.

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