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  1. That sucks... I go there for Sesame Hut and their hot and spicy chicken. That's the mall my family went to when I was a kid but I haven't been past the food court in my adult life.
  2. They said he was alert and breathing so that's good. Hopefully he doesn't having anything internal going on.
  3. xsatyr

    2223 N. Main

    That part of North Main is infested with homeless people, alcoholics, and drug addicts. I know I used the word infested but I don't mean it to be derogatory. It does pose problems for retail and development because they won't be going anywhere with that church there. It's going to take a while for that area to change but I welcome any would be investors. That building used to rent out to a daycare though which was always odd to me.
  4. I'm glad that switch does not exist.
  5. How long ago was that? They made improvements that has drastically changed the flooding on White Oak.
  6. He is saying the vertical railings for the balconies do not match with the vertical linings of the panels placed over them. It's like staring at a hung framed picture that is crooked. It's kind of an eyesore.
  7. I know a few who hate it and plenty who don't care. Some of the residents don't even know what the area is called. Many of them hate it because they are worried about being priced out of the neighborhood when gentrification hits. That's going to happen with or without a name change though. There is also some racial undertones in the conversations I have with my neighbors but I think that is normal. Edit: I saw what you were referencing. Many of the complaints were talking about retaining the culture of the neighborhood. I am not buying that at all. Behind closed doors their main concern is their ability to stay in the area. That is just my observation from the conversations I had though.
  8. Is this by Moody Park? I know there are a couple projects across the street in their infancy/preconception stages there. There is also something going on behind the original Donerakis.
  9. I actually like the name Tampico Heights and I was raised in Northside Village and still reside there.
  10. It's not their baby anymore. It's going to be up to DirecTV and AT&T.
  11. I'm cool with moats as long as they have retail at water level and it's nautical friendly.
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