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  1. @Lux, I believe the whole development is going to have underground parking? It's possible that they excavate the underground garage as they start on the buildings, so maybe they'll come back and expand it when they start on adjacent phases.
  2. Kind of funny that they’re marketing it as Midtown sub market when it’s in River Oaks. Where did you see that Hsu was working on it?
  3. Huge step back. Previous plan would have eliminated a sea of surface parking and have continuous storefronts down 19th. The garage could have helped handle increased traffic as 19th continued to redevelop and become a vibrant destination. This new version is just another glorified strip center.
  4. Agreed. Say what you will about his designs, but the man's not dumb.
  5. Wow what a terrible waste of that corner.
  6. Cool deal @decks05! Any hints on # of buildings and heights? Is it still 3 buildings as previously shown?
  7. I’m sure it’ll get upgraded as they build out the future phases on the east side of the development
  8. So I think this will be the eastern half of the large grass field at Sawyer & Summer. The western half looks to be occupied by the office development at 1601 Sawyer, also said to be breaking ground in Q4. There's some good info in the leasing pdf, including a massing diagram showing a ~7 story building in the spot where the residential portion is proposed.
  9. That’s the old proposal, which was 28 stories and encompassed the entire block. The new proposal is 21 stories and takes the eastern half of the block.
  10. Looks like they had about 2 floors left to go on the amenities building though... Are they switching all the work over to the new crane for the tower? Or (I hate asking) is this project going to get sidelined...?
  11. Wow that's an awesome photo. I would guess that's sometime between 1971 and 1975, as 3 Greenway is built and 5 Greenway is under construction. You can see they've excavated most of the basement under 3/5GW and the foundation for the towers is in place.
  12. On that note, I did see a soil testing rig near the corner of Argonne & Westheimer in that parking lot (1 lot W of this proposed development) a few months back. I didn’t want to needlessly bump this thread at that time. But yes, Shanghai Rivers plot may not be far behind the antique pavilion’s...
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