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  1. Looks like they had about 2 floors left to go on the amenities building though... Are they switching all the work over to the new crane for the tower? Or (I hate asking) is this project going to get sidelined...?
  2. Wow that's an awesome photo. I would guess that's sometime between 1971 and 1975, as 3 Greenway is built and 5 Greenway is under construction. You can see they've excavated most of the basement under 3/5GW and the foundation for the towers is in place.
  3. On that note, I did see a soil testing rig near the corner of Argonne & Westheimer in that parking lot (1 lot W of this proposed development) a few months back. I didn’t want to needlessly bump this thread at that time. But yes, Shanghai Rivers plot may not be far behind the antique pavilion’s...
  4. I think that permit is for Hines’ Market Square residential tower
  5. Looks like student housing to me. That plus the Cougar red makes me think it’ll be near UH. Edit: I’d bet it’s the southwest corner of Scott and Elgin
  6. jmosele

    Skyline Update

    Downtown, Midtown, and the Museum District have all been recently updated with 3D models in Google Maps. It looks great!
  7. I thought the office portion was cut to make way for a ~15 story residential building? Is the office back on the table? Doesn’t look like there’s room for both.
  8. These are the worst kind of townhomes imo. Zero curb appeal, massive curb cuts, no backyards. When I look at Zillow and see a townhome that doesn't show a picture of the front of the house, I can assume that it's one of these. It's almost like the realtors are ashamed to show you what it looks like from the outside.
  9. Shasta clearly has a bone to pick with UT. They must still feel the sting of receiving that rejection letter years ago 😢
  10. I had thought so too, but that's actually the Broadstone Memorial Park, at the 7700 block of Washington
  11. Have we seen any renders of this one? With a 160' crane height, I'd imagine it'll be in the 10 story range.
  12. I've been noticing this for the past few weeks, and wondering what's up. The exterior on this one looks terrible with a mish-mash of different stucco colors that all look weathered. I'd imagine they're just making repairs to the facade, but I would really love to see this one reclad. The massing is very interesting on this building and it would be quite striking if it wasn't covered in such a lackluster material.
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