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  1. That looks like the southwest portion, facing west down Dallas street. That portion was originally slated for low/mid rise apartments, retail, and the theater. It’s about 1/3 of the total land for regent square.
  2. Very cool. Now imagine that pic when Midway + HEB develop on that open plot, and the BB&B inevitably gets torn down for something better.
  3. I like this. Is the developer linked to the Bristol Parc? It would be nice if that building got a fresh coat of paint with this influx of capital. It might be the most tired looking (occupied) building in the whole city!
  4. There was more soil testing today, and some survey flags throughout the property
  5. This one has me very confused. HCAD verifies that “Artesian Eclipse” has owned the land at 2120 since at least Sept 2015. I can’t access any records before then. The same entity also owns 2202 Welch, a townhome about 2 lots west of the larger property. 2200 Welch (between those properties) is owned by an unrelated entity, as far as I can tell. My guess would be IF they ever broke ground here, they would use the townhome lot as a construction or sales office. But I have tried contacting the people listed on their website before, and I haven’t been able to get any info. So who knows.
  6. I’m trying really hard to be excited for it, but it’s just not doing anything for me. I know it’s better than an empty lot, and it’ll try to engage the ground level and have great amenities. But I worry this is the last large office tower we may be seeing in awhile, and I feel like this design is a missed opportunity.
  7. As consolation, everyone else loses views of 3/4s of the Cosmo.
  8. I swear we've seen these on this site before, but I can't seem to find them. I share the same thoughts now as I did when I first saw them: huge step down from the initial design.
  9. Found some renders! Looks like 8 stories with GFR along Westheimer. https://www.crescentcommunities.com/businesses/multifamily/novel-river-oaks
  10. Hey Urb, I don't think those images posted correctly
  11. I much preferred the old proposal over this I10 feeder-road lookin building. This thing is so bleh. The old proposal would’ve brought excitement and a sense of cohesiveness to that stretch of Westheimer from 610 to the other end of highland village.
  12. I'm diggin the funky retro vibe. I think it'll fit Montrose nicely!
  13. Exactly. My point was, the 438' height quoted previously was misleading. It's a 330' tall building, with its top 438' above sea level. Edit: I'm not sure what the 108' figure is, because that sounds too high for this area. Regardless, I think we can expect this building to rise closer to the 330' figure we previously had.
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