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  1. I had thought so too, but that's actually the Broadstone Memorial Park, at the 7700 block of Washington
  2. Have we seen any renders of this one? With a 160' crane height, I'd imagine it'll be in the 10 story range.
  3. I've been noticing this for the past few weeks, and wondering what's up. The exterior on this one looks terrible with a mish-mash of different stucco colors that all look weathered. I'd imagine they're just making repairs to the facade, but I would really love to see this one reclad. The massing is very interesting on this building and it would be quite striking if it wasn't covered in such a lackluster material.
  4. "Bully"? They never "bullied" anyone. They bought the land, fair and square and clearly stated that it wasn't ever going to become a 4-year university. The advantages that it could have brought, on the other hand, are endless. Anyone who celebrates the loss of UT's presence here is shortsighted to say the least.
  5. It’ll be almost the exact same height as the SkyHouse
  6. Also the portion on the right/east on level 1+2 is the proposed concert venue, I believe. Is the basement usable space?
  7. Maybe not so baby... if it gets built, then it looks like it would be a 12 story podium with ~40 floors above. That could make it comparable to 609 main in height. IF the one on the right got built as shown, it would be edging into supertall territory. I don’t know anything about this project, and don’t know how much those models accurately reflect what TAMU has planned for the site.
  8. Google maps has updated the 3d imagery for the Med Center. Looks like it’s up to date as recent as Q1 2019.
  9. The last structure (former golf building) was being demolished earlier this week.
  10. The adjacent property is still labeled as Artesian Eclipse. Fingers crossed we someday get our Tim Burton toilet plunger tower.
  11. Emporis height estimates need to be taken with a grain of salt. They calculate 13.3’ per floor if no official height is disclosed.
  12. AD Players building is currently being reduced to a pile of rubble
  13. I’ve been wondering when that site would be redeveloped! It’s right next to Greenway Plaza, directly south of the former XOM research campus development. Very prime piece of property.
  14. That looks like the southwest portion, facing west down Dallas street. That portion was originally slated for low/mid rise apartments, retail, and the theater. It’s about 1/3 of the total land for regent square.
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