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  1. ^^^ those WINDOW WALLS are absolutely gorgeous! not to mention, the high ceilings... WOW!
  2. ^^^ our baby's growing and looking quite healthy... indeed!
  3. ^^^ there seems to be so many renderings/concepts/depictions... currently, for the MONTROSE COLLECTIVE... that i am not all that certain, as to what is actually being constructed...?
  4. ^^^ "THE STREETS OF BUFFALO BAYOU PARK"...... seriously???
  5. ^^^ ok, enough with the KIBBLES 'n BITS scenario! maybe, just maybe, someone can deliver unto us proud HAIFERS, the approximate date/time... that the official new renderings/concepts may be hereby presented to the masses. props, in advance...
  6. ^^^ the recessed lighting technique/design within the very first illustration, is simply GORGEOUS! what a beautiful lobby...
  7. ^^^ well, of course they can. however, we are all accustomed to HUMAN NATURE now aren't we? give'm an inch, and some shall convene/enjoy the WHOLE COUNTRY MILE...
  8. ^^^ this particular hotel is being constructed like a FORTRESS. one can easily tell, that there is a whole lot of money being spent upon this project...
  9. ^^^ "unfortunate"? not in the least. this particular edifice was probably constructed during an era, whereby, smoking was all the rage. well, let us fast-forward to 2020. aTm HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER, is probably going to be a non-smoking facility. therefore, those SMOKER'S RAILINGS are no-longer necessary.
  10. ^^^ @hindesky @ekdrm2d1 gentlemen, it is really getting hard for me to continue to reference/enjoy these OUTSTANDING ILLUSTRATIONS... without presenting a very hearty THANK YOU! the time... energy... commitment... and quality... that the both of you are spending upon these endeavors for our sake, is absolutely commendable. ROCK ON!
  11. ^^^ not to mention, HYPER EXPENSIVE. however, definitely a GAME CHANGER! looks like something right out of LA. montrose, is definitely looking up!
  12. ^^^ @Avossos i hear you loud and clearly my good pal. however, regardless of the scope/scale of the base, at the very end of the day... it shall still be a (308rm) luxurious downtown houston W-HOTEL. thus, making my long awaited W DREAM come true. LET'S REJOICE!
  13. ^^^ @H-Town Man this is not the actual rendering/concept of the proposed W HOTEL! the aforementioned illustration, was one the earliest depictions/concepts for when they first started discussing the idea of constructing a hotel on top of the HOUSTON FIRST edifice. please trust me on this, WE HAVE NOT YET VIEWED THE ACTUAL TRUE ARTIST RENDITION/CONCEPT, OF THE ACTUAL W HOTEL, THAT SHALL ACTUALLY BE CONSTRUCTED ATOP THE HOUSTON FIRST TOWER. heck, the edifice hasn't even been thus approved by the HOUSTON CITY COUNCIL as of yet...
  14. ^^^ @LBC2HTX i knew that OCEAN 48 was indeed forthcoming. however, i was thinking that it was primed for another section of ROD. nonetheless, it shall require prime real estate in basically a "SHOWCASE" area. i am certain that the food/service shall be exceptional as well as the prices. additionally, in regards to THE NIKE STORE, i simply cannot understand why a large city such as houston, has not long since harbored one of these popular and swagalicious chain stores. actually, i think that a NIKE STORE in the BLVD PLACE district would be a powerhouse. this particular boutique, shall need to reside in a heavily populated shopping area where everyone can see it... in order for it to remain sustainable.
  15. ^^^ @Montrose1100 @rechlin dudes, this is all so very funny... and right on the money! our poor ultra-ambitious, and yet, reluctant RD... he just cannot help himself...
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