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  1. ^^^ "ambition" seems to know no bounds in this projected ION DISTRICT. wow...
  2. ^^^ my goodness! this development is actually coming to LIFE. what a MAGNIFICENT place this is going to become. heck, in the second illustration, is that an actual SMILE starting to come across the face of the very stoic BLOSSOM HOTEL? (geeeez, it seems that the BLOSSOM is actually starting to breathe for a change) this particular development just reeks of possibilities. houston is finally on the verge...
  3. ^^^ actually, we are all "scratching our heads" wondering just when are they going to break ground... and start constructing the long awaited... RIVER OAKS DISTRICT HOTEL. heck, if this was dallas or austin, the hotel would not just be completely constructed, it would be a monumental significant brand catering to the most elite patrons. at times, houston seems to be just too damn lethargic, bureaucratic, and complacent. sure, enough, we have ALL faced some very difficult past couple of years per se. however, ROD is a very beautiful and significant development that should be moving forward... not surrendering. JUST CONSTRUCT THE DAMN HOTEL ALREADY...
  4. ^^^ pleeeeaaaase bring back forty-five ten, this boutique was like a mini neiman marcus. MAGNIFICENT!
  5. ^^^ for months now, i have been trying in earnest to allow myself to FALL IN LOVE with this burgeoning development. however, the overall exterior design is fast becoming a very serious game of HIT & MISS. just what on earth is going on here with this exterior design... MY GOSH? there is simply no BEAUTY here. thank god for the sumptuous floor scale of (43 stories). otherwise, there would be nothing here to really celebrate. how on earth could they design/construct a building here THIS UGLY right in front of one of the most dynamic/gorgeous hotels in the city... MARRIOTT MARQUIS? the staff of this hotel must be absolutely terrified every time they step out on that magnificent TEXAS SIZED pool terrace. our wonderful/magical HAIF photographers @hindesky @cityliving to name a few, have tried their respective best to present this edifice at its most glorious hour. however, i think that their superb efforts have been in vain here. this place is just flat out UGLY...
  6. ^^^ @Paco Jones dude, my pal, is there a reason that this particular development went from an initial proposal of (722 units) down to the now proposed (475 units)? the current overall design does not seem to be enhanced from the original design per the renders/concepts. therefore, are the units going to be larger per se? would love to know as well as comprehend the reasoning here on the units if possible...
  7. ^^^ i for one, am going to LOVE this new "X-HOUSTON" development. even with my provided COOL BLACK SHADES... i can truly see just what their architects/designers are trying in earnest to provide for the houston market... MODERN ECLECTIC EPITOME OF COOL. as you may recall, this prospective development shall be constructed in an area with a modern day ($485mm) newly built MUSEUM OF MODERN ART... that actually resembles a white YETI COOLER. every time that i go near this particular museum, i always feel that i need to bring along one of my coolest cardigans. (it just seems like it's going to be soooo COLD in there) oh, yes. i have definitely scoped out many of the X-projects constructed or planned across this nation. always seemingly original... always standing out within their respective communities... always eclectic cool... always commanding attention... always extremely stylish/sophisticated... always seemingly magnificent. nonetheless, HAIF provides an open-forum for all patrons alike. therefore, i openly share-in and appreciate everyone's opinions and thought-minded contributions. however, we all share in the direct knowledge that houston is a city without the standard ZONING ordinances that many GATEWAY cities share in. therefore, i find it really difficult to see just what is soooo very "OFFENSIVE" regarding the illustrated design of this particular prospective edifice? this particular project is being developed just steps away from our DARLING MONTROSE... one of the most ECLECTIC MODERN/CONTEMPORARY COOLEST SOPHISTICATED GENTRIFIED HIP communities within the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. surely, many of you have come to realize that the architects/designers of this particular houston X-project took all of these attributes into mind during the design of this structure... right? it sure looks like that way to me... and i am no architect. upon my view, it just seems that the proposed X-HOUSTON project is going to fit just nicely where it's designated. actually, i'm counting on it...
  8. ^^^ i was under the impression that they were already constructing the final design and were a little slowed via COVID... what happened? oh, wait... CAL MCNAIR...
  9. ^^^ not at all certain about their "STUFFED" process. however, as long as i get one or two of the wings depicted in the illustration, then i shall become the angel that has certainly earned it's wings. also, props for the heads up on the "korean-style wings" location. YOU ROCK!
  10. ^^^ my goodness! every now and then, i LOVE to have a good wing of two for dinner. this place is definitely on the bucket list...
  11. ^^^ whatever the design may be, they had me at "43-STORY BUILDING". i'm all good now...
  12. ^^^ ... not at all. actually, it's quite handsome... just wish it was a bit taller. one can dream...
  13. ^^^ from the looks of it, this particular prospective edifice is one BIG 1980'S BLAH! i have decided that i shall await DEISO MOSS to hurry up and inject their badly needed "EXCITEMENT INTO UPTOWN HOUSTON"...
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