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  1. ^^^ @brijonmang here you go, now, let's look at it again. "metal on top of the building" is just that... "metal on top of the building. normally, during a dangerous TEXAS lightning/thunderstorm, people aren't sitting around chilling out in the open... around metal conduits on TOP of the building. however, my chief and very initial concerns here, are the direct placement of these HUGE/GARGANTUAN polished chrome numbers located right in the front of a pedestrian area of a hotel. upon how many times have we seen/witnessed/heard-of people getting struck/killed/harmed via dangerous lightning strikes? please take a good close look at the provided illustration. see the door directly behind it? someone could very easily walk right out of that door during a lightning strike and get seriously hurt or even killed. why on earth, do you think that officials stop football games during lightning storms and the such? (they are extremely dangerous) actually, i think that these shiny chrome polished numbers are very elegant, indeed. however, there are very deadly venomous snakes that can be equally beautiful as well...
  2. ^^^ huge difference between "sidewalk on post oak" vs hotel property. i would consider this a huge liability...
  3. ^^^ i am not at all certain of "CHROME" street lights. however, these huge chrome address numbers are at a hotel site featuring a high level of pedestrians/workers/officials all over the place. normally, street lights are situated upon the streets. however, the level of "danger" would be subjective...
  4. ^^^ those very shiny chrome numbers in the upper illustration, are rife for a quick lightning strike. texas thunderstorms can be really dangerous. also, they need to hurry-up and turn on that fountain in the lower illustration. those very ugly plants are dying fast...
  5. ^^^ is there any other way to truthfully describe this particular development?
  6. ^^^ to whom, are you hereby referring to, as a "loser"? i would hope in holy hell, that it's not me...
  7. ^^^check out our newly opened ($300mm+) DKR SEZ addition. no other venue in the world has a custom designed, built in mascot... located within the stands itself. actually, the new SEZ BEVO not only has custom LED lighting that you can now plainly reference. however, the LED lighting design actually PULSATES whenever a touchdown occurs. this is simply BEYOND cool...
  8. ^^^ THANK GOD, we are leaving the BIG XII! however, we are wishing their newest members much happiness...
  9. ^^^ my goodness! this development is absolutely gorgeous. money, must not have been any object here...
  10. ^^^ @Highrise Tower is today your birthday? if so, then what's with the INCOGNITO FACE? my pal, we are living in the dire and very regrettable time of COVID-19. therefore, life can be quite short. should your birthday actually be today, then please... REJOICE! get out and celebrate to the very fullest. you've earned it, and we've got your back...
  11. ^^^ @Highrise Tower yes, mine was just yesterday. for anyone else celebrating a SEPTEMBER birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  12. ^^^ well, heck, we'd all be very happy if they could just move forward, and complete the project on the UPPER LEFT. just sayin...
  13. ^^^ honestly, i am not aware of any HEB development that could top this prospective mixed-use UK concept design. should the city of houston and HEB proceed forward with construction of this particular design, it would catapult the UK district into the stratosphere. my goodness, this is BADass...
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