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  1. monarch

    Battlesteins building purchased

    ^^^ outstanding news. YES!
  2. ^^^ handsome edifice! would be really cool if it was indeed lit up like that at dusk.
  3. ^^^ generous illustrations. looks wonderful from my end.
  4. monarch

    1419 Robin Street: 4-Story Condo Building

    ^^^ simply gorgeous!
  5. monarch

    McNair Mixed-Use: ~6-acres at 3200 Post Oak Blvd

    ^^^ good ole ultra conservative BOB.. is finally goin UPTOWN...
  6. monarch

    Hotel RL & Residences @ 1005 St Emanuel Street

    ^^^ who, what, when, where, why?
  7. monarch

    Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    ^^^ well done @hindesky
  8. monarch

    The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    ^^^ @Twitter1 there are no words...
  9. ^^^ absolutely GORGEOUS illustrations @Twitter1 oh, and by the way, the HANOVER building ain't too shabby itself...
  10. monarch

    TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    ^^^ magnificent video urb!
  11. monarch

    Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    ^^^ is this RANDALL DAVIS edifice actually becoming... beautiful?