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  1. ^^^ @Triton that VERY FUTURISTIC outward ceiling lighting design / effect... is officially badass! obviously, this particular HINES edifice is going to achieve some very potent next level surprises and effects. this building is going to be the COOLEST...
  2. ^^^ @gene you are indeed correct my pal, it has truly been a tumultuous couple of seasons with all of the pain and strife of COVID-19, and related horrors. however, we have all seem to have made it out unscathed. THANK YOU for the kind sentiment and love! keep calm, and carry on...
  3. ^^^ isn't the MARKET SQUARE TOWER supposed to be like 40x stories? if so, then BRAVA TOWER must undoubtedly be taller than 46x stories... right?
  4. ^^^ damn @gene dude, what on earth did you have for dinner?
  5. ^^^ in this particular illustration, we can finally see that the TEXAS TOWER is actually exceeding (slightly) the height of 609 MAIN. remarkable...
  6. ^^^ seemingly, every week, the FINS become more and more defined...
  7. ^^^ all in all, because of the height of the parking structure, this should be a really tall residential tower at 42 floors...
  8. ^^^ @hindesky @cityliving @Highrise Tower simply OUTSTANDING illustrations gentlemen! the structure is coming along beautifully. yet, your illustrations are telling an awesome story...
  9. ^^^ just another sure sign of cal mcnair's ABERRANT management expertise. seemingly, everything that he touches... falls through. what a shame...
  10. ^^^ this is aiming to be a fabulous development...
  11. ^^^ sure would be nice, to reference a FULL AND COMPLETE ARTIST CONCEPT RENDERING... of this new prospective project. jesus christ!
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