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  1. ^^^ let's not forget about the forthcoming next HANOVER BLVD PLACE development... which shall include a 50+ story structure indicating a hotel... and possibly related condominiums. could be our long awaited RITZ CARLTON...
  2. ^^^ where on earth have you been for the last couple of seasons under new athletics director CHRIS DEL CONTE? please allow for me to openly suggest that you do as i do, fly in to austin, tx around the beginning of next february 2021... attend the next CHRIS DEL CONTE TEXAS ATHLETICS TOWN HALL MEETING at LBJ AUDITORIUM... listen and gaze forward as he indicates any and all relating to what is being constructed and what is now planned and on the next agenda... toward the very end of the session, please ask questions regarding forthcoming football facilities... THANK ME LATER!
  3. ^^^ @Houston19514 "ross's point" was to insinuate through nuances that the texans "temporary" structure is actually permanent. i know that it takes you a while. however, eventually, you'll get it. nice try though...
  4. ^^^ this ULTRA LAVISH medical development is starting to resemble a LUXURY RESORT to some degree. every newer rendering/concept... seems to become more and more posh and luxuriously detailed. the WOW FACTOR here is off the charts...
  5. ^^^ this development is well on it's way to becoming a SHOWPLACE. happy 4th of july everyone!
  6. ^^^ @Ross to answer your specific query... why certainly. the design and implementation of the TEXANS INDOOR BUBBLE PRACTICE FACILITY, was hereby created as a cost saving "temporary" facility. (and one can only assume the same for RICE) the TEXANS organization was brand spanking new, and just did not harbor the overall construction budget to create/construct a state-of-the-art hard structure with so many question marks surrounding their newly created football program... as well as land acquisition to build upon. do you recall just how expensive the then RELIANT STADIUM was back then? there were many many houstonians that were constantly bitching about related construction cost, and were scared to death that the city/county were contemplating utilizing TAX PAYER DOLLARS. it was a HUGE mess, but at least we finally got the stadium constructed. this was one of the key reasons the HOUSTON SPORTS AUTHORITY was created... to basically assuage the public tax dollar concerns. trust me, the TEXANS have been dreaming and designing their new sports complex, with a state-of-the-art hard structure practice facility... for which will probably be constructed around their new land acquisition around the POST OAK district. however, the overall problems with the TEXANS, is that this organization moves at a snails pace, and they take forever to move forward with their related projects. the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS is the richest collegiate football program in the world. yet, back in the day... they constructed the FRANK DENIUS INDOOR PRACTICE BUBBLE. this indoor air infused facility... has become an outright EYESORE upon the campus... and is just not conducive to the overall training needs of the TEXAS LONGHORNS of today. therefore, within a couple of more seasons, we should be seeing the new designs of their brand new state-of-the -art indoor hard structure practice/training football facility... complete with an EIGHT/TEN LANE RUNNING TRACK. this has been a long time coming, and we cannot wait to view their forthcoming renderings/concepts.
  7. ^^^ it's an indoor AIR INFUSED BUBBLE. definitely temporary...
  8. ^^^ judging from the aforementioned/latest illustration, it seems as though the very top CAYDON like FINS, have become heightened... as well as a bit sharpened to boot... OUCH! the ground floor retail GFR... seems a bit more defined as well. is it just me, or does it seem that the overall edifice has become a bit more heightened as well...? this latest rendering seems a bit taller for some reason. nonetheless, i harbor a strong sense that this particular UPTOWN DISTRICT edifice shall become instantly ICONIC. it shall also induce more upgraded development around it as well. just wait and see...
  9. ^^^ HOLY MOTHER! this is one gorgeous edifice. one can only imagine just how its going to look once completed...
  10. ^^^ pretty much the same rendering/concept. perhaps, a bit more high resolution. definitely will be a GAME CHANGER for this burgeoning district. let's keep hope alive...
  11. ^^^ the architecture throughout this particular development is quite a HODGE PODGE of design. nothing seems to be defined. it's a bit difficult to figure out exactly what's happening here...
  12. ^^^ i for one, simply cannot believe that here in the year 2020, we still have these ULTRA ANTIQUATED, very low hanging, and seriously hazardous power lines hanging directly in close proximity to such beautiful and state-of-the-art condominium development. IS THIS FOR REAL? this is so very dangerous! and why is it hanging so low....?
  13. ^^^ props for the explanation @tangledwoods it certainly seems as though you are well informed regarding construction/engineering. at first glance, it just appears really loose and shoddy. however, i'm certain that all will end well. this is RIVER OAKS DISTRICT proximity after all...
  14. ^^^ holy mother! this is one seriously IMPOSING structure. once it reaches it's full height, it will be second in command throughout UPTOWN... only to WILLIAMS TOWER .
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