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  1. ^^^ actually, i would like to venture forth just to try my luck with those awesome stairs...
  2. ^^^ soooooo in essence, you're doing a DRIVE BY? 😱 😱
  3. Skanska drew inspiration from Bank of America Tower for new downtown Houston project By Jeff Jeffrey – Reporter, Houston Business Journal Jan 14, 2021, 2:29pm CST The design for Skanska USA Commercial Development’s new 28-story office project adjacent to Discovery Green in downtown Houston was influenced by the company’s experience
  4. ^^^ nothing to date. maybe, COVID has slowed down development a bit...
  5. ^^^ combine this absolutely gorgeous SKANSKA development with our forthcoming first W HOTEL... atop the houston first building... discovery green is slowly turning into a downtown urban masterpiece. these new prospective developments shall turn the discovery green district into a downtown urban tourist destination. HOUSTON, WE CAN NO-LONGER FIND A PROBLEM...
  6. ^^^ this prospective development, is like a giant EXCLAMATION POINT to this all-important downtown district. what an absolute perfect design concept for skanska...
  7. ^^^ yep, it's a DOGGY DOG world embassy suites! bow wow...
  8. ^^^ what a gorgeously designed development. skanska, PLEASE construct this masterpiece. i'm begging you...
  9. ^^^ maybe it's just me, but this latest particular mcnair project design... although, quite majestic and stately in appearance... offers no grace/vitality/momentum, like the beautiful/striking previous design. in fact, this particular rendering reminds me of the above ^^^ christmas nutcracker. stately... majestic... uniformed... completely at attention. yet, it seems to be yearning/screaming for the nearest walnut to crack. i am trying desperately to fall in love with this newest rendition. maybe it's because of it's priceless location, or it's gorgeous height/scope/scale. IT NEEDS TO BE
  10. ^^^ oooops! meant to add the attribute with the initial posting. here you go... https://www.papercitymag.com/real-estate/east-river-houston-development-midway-mega-project-waterfront-restaurants/
  11. Houston’s New Waterfront Destination Takes Shape — An Inside Look at East River, Midway’s City Changing Mega Project A 150 Acre, 65 City Block New District is Coming — Here's Everything You Need to Know The model dominates the center of the long table, giving a 3D glimpse in miniature at just how vast this world will be. No were not talking about the latest superhero multiverse or some other Hollywood creation. In some ways, this is even more ambitious than that. For this is real. And coming to Houston. “It truly is a remarkable opportunity,” Midway CEO Jonathan Brinsden says
  12. ^^^ love me some GONZO247! this totally cool burgeoning artist epitomizes everything regarding our fair city of houston. compassion... diversity... cool/sexy... bold... talent... and total brilliance...
  13. ^^^ money must undoubtedly know no bounds at this forthcoming masterpiece. this is going to cost a fortune... WOW!
  14. Sneak peek: Blossom Hotel to open in Houston's Texas Medical Center area By Olivia Pulsinelli – Assistant managing editor, Houston Business Journal Dec 4, 2020, 3:08pm CST The Blossom Hotel Houston will open at 7118 B
  15. ^^^ @jermh what an absolute GORGEOUS illustration! heck, this edifice is not even completed yet. upon my own personal view, once TEXAS TOWER is fully completed, it shall reign as one of the most beautiful/elegant/sophisticated towers in the south/southwest. mark my words...
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