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  1. ^^^ as i have stated a few times beforehand, this edifice's design just "reeks of the cool winds of MIAMI, FLORIDA". we are just not accustomed to seeing this form of "COOL EASY BREEZY" condominium design within our fair city of houston, and especially with its forecasted height. we shall be forever beholden to HINES development... for their seemingly never ending commitment/dedication to the future of our most wonderful/fair city...
  2. ^^^ i cannot seem to get enough of gazing/staring at this most magnificent structure. what a stunningly MAJESTIC edifice! every illustration posted seems to become a glamour shot. well done, HAIF photographers, for keeping us abreast per this structure's beautiful weekly growth...
  3. ^^^ @MidCenturyMoldy props for the wonderful/compelling video that you supplied. the overall construction process of this burgeoning and truly important edifice... is simply AWE INSPIRING/STUNNING.
  4. ^^^ those wrap-around window walls are something that dreams are made of. THE FITZROY RESIDENCES seems to have it all... and then some. MIDTOWN is going to love this magnificent place...
  5. ^^^ my gosh HAIF, judging from all of these extremely generous illustrations provided via our COOL, HARD WORKING, DYNAMIC and FAITHFUL photographers, THE PRESTON is going to become one of the most luxurious developments in the southwest. this burgeoning edifice just reeks of ALL THINGS MIAMI in my opinion. a TOAST to all involved...
  6. Rosewood Houston will open in 2024 in the exclusive Uptown District near several of Houston’s most popular sites and cultural attractions including The Galleria, Texas’ largest luxury shopping destination, and the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world. The Rosewood property will consist of 150 guest rooms in an exclusive mixed-use and high-rise development. In addition to the hotel, the six-acre site will include 80 full-service luxury residences atop the hotel, multi-family residences, lifestyle-driven amenities, and retail and office space in Houston’
  7. ^^^ in my view, there really is no other word to describe this most magnificent place...
  8. ^^^ so posh, so sophisticated, so glamorous. it just seems as though it should be a part of an INTERIOR design, as opposed to an EXTERIOR design. simply gorgeous, and it's not even completed yet...
  9. ^^^ i wonder what are they using those SUPER DUPER ice trays for?
  10. ^^^ @kbates2 no, this one. actually, i haven't eaten there in years. they used to have the BEST oatmeal, raisin, pecan cookies ever! they used to be located in the tunnel. i may just have to swing by one day...
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVrELhxOFnM ^^^ just in case you want to jam to the tune... THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE TO REMIND ME... naked eyes...
  12. ^^^ HOUSTON CENTER is fast becoming a new MASTERPIECE right before our very eyes. the "dusk" illustrations featuring the blue lighting design are simply gorgeous. what a way to enliven and brighten up this particular downtown district...
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