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  1. Work has been ongoing all year....Making great progress... Radom Capital: This part of North Montrose needs a good coffee shop. The closest one right now is Blacksmith over on Westheimer...
  2. It would be great to see a drone flyover of both the Hanover Buffalo Bayou and GID Regent Square sites....Amazing to see so much under construction in such a dense part of Houston..
  3. The construction lender will not allow this project to be abandoned...I doubt GID (very well financed developer) will be willing to walk away either...
  4. Do you happen to still have the "Menil Gray" paint code? We are trying to locate for a small paint project... Thanks, Greg
  5. Way too late for a change but would love to have seen “electric sled” design like what Musk envisions in LA and Chicago. Almost like an autonomous BRT. This could have eleviated some of the rural folks concern since it would be much easier to add local stops (so they benefit). It’s just st as fast and I’m assuming it would be cheaper to build and more future proof than 300+ seat trains. Just my 2 cents
  6. I drive by the Regent Square sales office on Dunlavy coming home from work and there continues to be cars in the parking lot (usually 2-3). There must be some reason these people are showing up for work but there has literally been no perceivable progress at the Regent Square site. There HAS been quite a bit of maintenance going on at the Allen House apartments (owned by developer and supposed to be torn down as part of Regent Square plan). So it looks to me like that they are retrenching on the Allen House (continue the covered land play). Maybe Allen House will be the last par
  7. It is interesting all of the stalled projects in this area (which is my neighborhood): This one, Sunrise MF @ W Clay & Montrose, Regent Square (since 2005!), development planned for site next to Fed (MF/hotel/office). There is also the site at Allen Parkway & Montrose that seems will never get developed. I guess the RE is so expensive no one wants to make a mistake. All the while other projects get started/completed all of the time in what I believe are less interesting locations... Thank goodness Weingarten was able to get moving on their new development at River Oaks S
  8. Topic name may need to be updated. I have seen plans and no retail is planned (unfortunately)...
  9. Do we know anything about the "New BBQ Spot" ? Name? Lots of work going on at the old J Blacks...
  10. Do we have a name for this development yet? Anyone seen any renderings? Ground floor retail??
  11. I drive by their office almost every day (on Dunlavy) and there have been cars in the parking lot (between 1 and 4) for the last few months. So it would seem something is going on... also the Allen House apts got paint and a cleanup earlier this year. They also have a banner out front saying “new interiors”. It it would seem that they may be keeping the income producing Allen House units and ready to start building out the vacant land... just my $.02
  12. Someone in the Regent Square comments mentioned some activity going on at the Lighthouse site and that it might have traded hands. Has anyone heard anything? With Autry Park adjacent and BBP right across the street it would seem like a site with huge potential...
  13. As of a couple of days ago workers have been putting a fresh coat of paint on the Allen House units facing Rochow. My understanding was that this was supposed to be the next phase (high rise resi) being developed. It seems like there is going to be additional delay with Regent Square unless they are planning to start building on the vacant land first (which would be mostly retail, I believe). Keep the income producing properties intact as long as possible and start building out the retail... I see cars parked at their office on Dunlavy fairly regularly so it would seem something
  14. Anyone know what is going in at the old Teala's on W Dallas? Lots of activity. Looks like a complete interior demolition and refit... thx
  15. A few weeks ago some new fencing went up around the Regent Square owned site at Rochow & W Dallas. At the same time, the same contractor put fencing up around the now cancelled Monroe condo site on Rochow (now cancelled). I thought that was a strange coincidence so I checked HCAD and it looks like the Monroe site was purchased by the Regent Square folks in April 2017... Has anyone seen any site plans that show any Regent Square development on old Monroe site?
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