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  1. How in the world can Beck's Prime sell enough burgers and prime rib to cover the increasing cost of that land? I have to imagine they are sitting and waiting it out until the price is right (ala Bed Bath and Beyond next door).
  2. The article stated "The approval gave the green light for construction of the hotel that will be on top of the George R Brown Convention Center parking garage." I'm confused...I thought the Houston First building on which it would be built was 100% an office building. Am I misunderstanding?
  3. New bus rapid transit along Post Oak Boulevard driving along post Oak today and I saw the new buses that will be running along the BART route. I have to admit they are better than I thought they would be.
  4. They are balconies with glass railings. Check out the link for the way they look from the inside, though...this place is VERY nicely done and definitely a departure from the other mid-rises we've seen. https://www.giorgettimeda.com/media/immagini/6216_z_EDITORIAL_houston_007.jpg
  5. One trend I'm happy to see growing is the use of landscaping on elevated portions of the building, whether it be on the roof of a mid rise building or on the walls of a taller one. I lived in Singapore for a couple of years and "green" buildings were everywhere.
  6. That second picture looks as if it is a library (pretty sure it's not), but it made me think that a library would do better here than its location on the north-east side of Downtown. I see more pedestrian traffic with residential nearby, and it's location off the light rail would make it ideal.
  7. With these 3 Hanover developments facing the backside of BLVD place, I hope there is a some thought put into creating a welcoming facade on the west side of whatever becomes BLVD Phase III (assuming Apache sells). Otherwise, all that fantastic development is going to see nothing but parking lots and dumpsters (i.e. BLVD Phase I)
  8. Sigh...blue glass office building that obscures what was a pretty nice brick residential mid-rise (and a big one at that). I can't help but be disappointed.
  9. With the completion of this phase, is all the available land in the immediate area now spoken for? Looking at google maps, it looks like any further expansion would require some existing buildings to be torn down.
  10. I think Post Oak is aspiring for the title of our "Champ Elysees", but you're right about Montrose shaping up to be something special. I just wish something bold and exciting could be done at the intersection of Westheimer and Montrose. Is that corner cursed to always have mattress stores and an urgent care clinic? So much potential, but unlikely to be realized in my lifetime.
  11. I saw this few for the first time stuck at the light at Kirby and Westheimer. Panning left you have 2727 Kirby in the frame. I really looked like the dense, residential and urban area I've dreamed of seeing come to fruition in Houston. Granted, the illusion goes away when you turn south on Kirby and see the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot, but hey, it's progress!
  12. That sign is....underwhelming.... I was kind of hoping for something striking, maybe similar to House of Blues signage in Downtown. This doesn't even look straight...
  13. I toured one of their largest floor plans, a 2B2B (I don’t recall which floor). This is the shot out of the living room/kitchen space with a nice view of the pool. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and finish of the property, although some of the built in shelves in the bedroom were definitely of the apartment variety. I might have expected more for >$4500 a month, but I think this is common in all the high end rentals. Ok post some additional pics once I figure how to get around this 10mb limit on uploads. More shots from my tour of a 2B2B. The rest are of the community areas.
  14. Oooofff.... this is not a very good looking building for such a highly sought-after and visible piece of land. This pretty much looks like most of the generic stuff going up in Midtown...
  15. I find myself more excited about the potential “Boulevard” being created along Kirby than I am about Post Oak. While I love where PO is going with some of their developments, there are some key shopping centers like the Centre at post Oak (one with. Nordstrom’s Rack) and Post Oak Plaza (one with California Pizza kitchen) that I think are so entrenched that they will not be going anywhere for years. Kirby, on the other hand, looks more promising as even their shopping centers around the Richmond intersection are old and are more likely to be redeveloped, making the street more uninform in its density. Of course, south of 59 is a whole other story...
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