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  1. 1 mile radius - significant effect, apparent in the short term. 2 mile radius - mild affect, apparent in the long term. 3 mile radius - little to no effect (unless Ion becomes very big, like a Tech Center rivaling the Medical Center). Effect will be stronger west of the north/south freeway spine (288, 59, 45) since freeway acts as a buffer.
  2. Can't have any traditional storefront retail.
  3. Might have something to do with the Frith of Forth (or is it Firth of Forth?). Could be Scottish-themed.
  4. First quarter was mostly over already, and people were hurrying to finish deals in March.
  5. They originally said first quarter of this year. It may well happen, but I wouldn't put money on it. I don't put money on much though. I feel better about this than TMC3.
  6. Cars jumping curbs and killing pedestrians on sidewalks is a common occurrence throughout the age of the automobile. Also happened with horse-drawn carriages, probably more often. I am not sure if it has happened on Memorial Drive, but would not be surprised. Just about every bizarre thing you can think of has happened in Houston.
  7. Most used bookstores in America have been wiped out by rising retail rents nationally (and decline in reading among the public). Main era of this was 1990-2010. I doubt you'd see Half Price Books in a new mixed-use development; rent is too high and it's not the image developers will give a discount for (books just aren't hip the way food is). I'm sure they are looking for a way to serve inner Houston. This is their only store inside of Beltway 8! And they are not going to want to be too far from Rice University or Montrose. But I think a pretty wide portion of the west Inner Loop i
  8. Ok yeah, here is the description of the four lynchings in an older article with no paywall. Looks like they happened between 1890 and 1928, which would coincide with the main era of lynching nationally (the phenomenon reached its peak around 1910). Doesn't appear that any of them were hung from a tree. https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/lynching-victims-will-be-remembered-with-historical-markers-in-downtown-houston/285-c5af6345-ed68-42d3-85cf-a8f19dc285d7
  9. Does this commemorate a particular lynching or all lynchings?
  10. I would say, named with the shuttle in mind as a sort of vague tribute to the city's connection with space exploration. Not so much the shuttle itself as the whole spirit of NASA's endeavors over the years. And with the double meaning of being a place for kids to discover things and for Houstonians to discover what urbanism is.
  11. That would be one of the "few smaller ones" that I referred to.
  12. They did that because of a moribund downtown office market. We may end up having to do that now, but the reason why we haven't seen much of that yet is because our mid-century office buildings were still viable as offices, which offers higher profits than residential. For Dallas, I can only really think of the old Republic Bank building as having been converted, and then I think they finally started on that one with the wide pinstripes, but I doubt it's finished yet. Then maybe a few smaller ones?
  13. Lower Manhattan is the old Dutch streets. It had a magical skyline before they got rid of all the little old buildings along the docks and built a new generation of boxy glass skyscrapers that blocked the view of the 1920's skyscrapers.
  14. They have used the strategy of developing with a large equity partner ever since the real estate busts of the 1980's. It shields the developer from risk and allows institutional money to flow into the buildings, making it easier to develop more of them. It may have the effect of making architectural designs more conservative. California Public Employees Retirement System was their partner for 609 Main and I think also BG Group Place.
  15. Yes. But whether other buildings in Houston are on rock will not affect the lifespan of downtown skyscrapers. If a mat foundation tilts a little, it affects a 1,000 ft building more than it affects a refinery or an airport. And there is much more weight on it to make it tilt. So in 100 or 200 years, our tallest towers are still standing perfectly straight? Or does some other factor (brittleness of structural frame?) get them before then?
  16. What's crazy is that their downtown population is so huge but they have hardly any residential highrises. They're just stacked shoulder to shoulder with midrises in places like the area around Union Station. I spent some time in Denver back in 2008 and it was nothing like it is now. Looked up the demos and their urban core population has grown even faster than ours over the past decade (at the 1, 3, and 5 mile radii), both percentage-wise and in sheer numbers.
  17. Haha thanks, I don't know how many "reputation points" I have, they certainly haven't deflected too many bullets...
  18. I'll say this... as one of the original "preservation twins"... I would trade that old mansion for a stately midrise with some GFR. Something about 8 stories, tall enough to cover up that parking garage. Its time has come and it looks ridiculous sitting there. No need to demolish, just move it somewhere else.
  19. Does anyone have a link to a summary of what was passed?
  20. They probably saw the work being done on Sears and those renderings for future phases and said, "Ok." Having Rice behind this and located down the road is huge. Tells them this is serious. Universities care about what's around them.
  21. High land values and an established talent base and reputation for tech will do that.
  22. Very unusual for a ground lease to be extended 40 years. Most likely this is some combination of a 10-20 year lease with multiple 5-year renewal options. So Beck's has 40 years of ground control but isn't boxed in for all that time. Also, this is almost certainly a net lease so taxes would be passed through to the restaurant and not affect the land owner.
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