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  1. H-Town Man

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    The plaza looks pretty crisp. I think though that they are missing an opportunity to add more street-fronting retail along McKinney between Fannin and Austin. At one end of that stretch you have Morton's steakhouse at 1001 McKinney being one of their top performing locations in Texas. At the other end, we all know how successful Phoenicia has been. So give us more than just one new retail space in the three intervening blocks. Remove the covered driveway from 2HC and put something there (you can still have your entrance/exit on McKinney). Put something where the green triangle is at the foot of LyondellBasel Tower. Open up The Shops at Houston Center more, I can't even tell what they're doing to it (do we know if the Villalobos renderings above are part of the project?).
  2. H-Town Man

    Avondale Highline: Proposed Multifamily @ 214 Avondale

    My post is supportive of the development, if you read it slower than skimming. I pointed out that the land value (a function of its distance from downtown and restaurants) supports strong development and that the days of Avondale being a nice single-family residential street are long gone. My posts on this forum over the years have been consistently in favor of densifying the urban core, although I do like to see historic streets preserved when they are still intact. This one isn't.
  3. H-Town Man

    3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 30-story, 336-unit high-rise

    Is it common for German architects to do their renderings in map pencil?
  4. H-Town Man

    Avondale Highline: Proposed Multifamily @ 214 Avondale

    I would say this is a pretty terrible location for an apartment complex but other developments have already fubar'd Avondale over the years. This is about the most sensitive development you could possibly expect considering the land value.
  5. H-Town Man

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    I'm guessing Buffalo Place by the name of the street.
  6. H-Town Man

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    At this point it is probably smarter for them to hold the land and wait until this builds out and stabilizes. Then there will be more walking-distance customers for their retail and investors will be an easier sell since it's a proven concept at this location.
  7. Ross makes a fair point that Dallas has been strangled by its suburbs and unable to expand its tax base. This was a bigger issue in the late 20th century when all the growth was in the suburbs; now people and money are moving back to the core. One must consider what is best for the city as a whole. If your suburbs are a wasteland of disfigured development (extreme case, not saying ours are), it affects the whole city's image and makes companies less likely to relocate there. But you don't want to be landlocked either.
  8. H-Town Man

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    Residential property is typically worth less than commercial, although in Houston due to lack of zoning the differences are blurred. Does your lot have any deed restrictions? Does it front on a major road? Any other development restrictions? Normally smaller properties are worth more per foot, but there is utility in a larger site that a small site doesn't have. There is not much utility below a half acre unless it can be assembled into a larger site. The appraisal district usually appraises residential property pretty accurately because they can look at MLS and see what has been paid for similar properties, but if your residence is on a site that could be commercial, that goes out the window.
  9. H-Town Man

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    Interesting. St. Thomas paid about $5.5 million an acre for the High School for Law Enforcement, which was mostly land value, so that checks out. This is getting in the ballpark of downtown land at $160/SF.
  10. H-Town Man

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    Ah, so it looks like The Center is leaving. I hope they got a pretty penny, those people are the salt of the earth. And this project is now rather bigger than anticipated when it was 4.54 acres. Regents Square may have missed their window, they are going to have competitive supply issues if they go forward now.
  11. H-Town Man

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    The site is next to Marston Street but I don't see another street there unless they plan on putting one in. This site does not go through to Allen Parkway unless they plan on acquiring more land. This is nothing at all like the Regents site, which reminds us just what a waste it is that the Regents site sits there vacant. This is pretty much obsolete after jgriff's post.
  12. In what election does one vote to be annexed by a city? It's probably even easier for them to just incorporate on their own if state law allows. That has the added benefit that people in, say, Cypress can govern themselves in a way that best meets the needs and desires of Cypress without having to submit to the decisionmaking process of 2 million people who don't care anything about Cypress.
  13. H-Town Man

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    This will further enhance the prestige of Main Street, and bring more people out of the tunnels. Now if somebody were to get, say, a Hopdoddy on the Main St. end of Greenstreet, you'd have office workers streaming down there all day long, regardless of whether there are homeless around.
  14. H-Town Man

    Bank of America Center (Western Union Building) Renovations

    Right, forgot we had renderings, thanks. Are any bigger windows being punched into the fa├žade on the southern half of the side facing Louisiana? This would be to the left of where Nate's photo cuts off. It appears from the renderings like they should be getting bigger there.