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  1. Downtown Apartment Market

    Downtown Austin is a recreational downtown, downtown Houston is a business downtown. We have arrived late at adding the recreation component, mostly because the demands of handling 150,000 daily workers commuting mostly by car put a burden on everything else in terms of busy streets and endless parking needs. We also had some big city issues of blight and urban decay to overcome, which Austin never dealt with because they were never a big city. But everyone on here needs to take a deep breath and stop making yourselves miserable. If you could trade downtown Houston for downtown Austin right now, and the trade is permanent, would you do it? You are permanently out of international top rankings for tallest skylines. You don't have any famous architecture to speak of. Philip Johnson, SOM, I.M. Pei, Cesar Pelli never came to your town. Instead of great performing arts companies and concert halls, you have a lot of bars with Indie bands. Instead of a great baseball park, you have Whole Foods. Your idea of a major office tenant is a back office for a Silicon Valley company. Hip, yes; important, not really. You have a lot of bars and grocery stores and restaurants, more than the other guy, but you know what? They're gaining. The other guy is gaining. You've been at this a long time. They're just getting warmed up.
  2. Downtown Apartment Market

    Thinking further on how this went from 205 units absorbed in Q1 to 502 units in Q2... I can't help but think that the start of baseball season had something to do with it. Everyone goes downtown to see the champs, discovers all these new towers that weren't there the last time the Astros were good, nightlife that wasn't there either, and decides this wouldn't be a bad place to live.
  3. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    But it's a different developer. Caydon is not PM Realty Group.
  4. Texas Medical Center - Main at Holcombe Property

    It's generally a rule on this forum that you don't post asking if there are updates. If someone has an update that they can share, they will almost certainly share it. Everyone wants to be beloved on the internet.
  5. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    Southwest corner of Main and Richmond. It appears that the two land parcels they bought are immediately south and west of the corner parcel, unless it is included in the 4510 Main sale.
  6. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    Do you know if these parcels include the hard corner? Or is it basically two lots on either side of the corner lot?
  7. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    Would be an incredible development in that location. No clue who Horizon Real Estate Group is.
  8. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    We had some photos on previous pages. Looks like a portion of the parking lot got wet but receded fast. Can't tell if any got to the building. But the sale of the property occurred before the flood.
  9. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    I agree totally. Short of a major renovation, they should be grandfathered for parking.
  10. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    It appeared on another developer's list of projects and was posted somewhere on these pages.
  11. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    If you are thinking of the Greensheet building, it would have been renovated two years ago if we weren't in a horrible office market. The Central Square building does not look like it's brimming with tenants and that is much closer to the type of product that the average Houston office user desires. It could be a great incubator but we need to wait for the market to absorb the other ones first. If the 600-unit PMRG tower rumor at that spot is real, then it was a bad market plus a perfect location (for other uses) that killed Greensheet.
  12. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    You have to think though that there's a reason why Hines or Midway didn't buy it. They must have studied it, and they could have outbid anyone else if they had wanted it. There may be significant challenges or problems we don't know about.
  13. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    Good point and great description. As Jane Jacobs said, older buildings are essential in urban neighborhoods because they have the lower rents that allow mom and pop businesses.
  14. Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    Rendering: https://ahprd3cdn.csgpimgs.com/si2/WzZKcdrlMcMI23yu6QeS8mzego-_PBm6R-yTTly2rt5RfxfbxaW28eLG2kHFhL0ot0Z3EPEobfh_DSpspksHAP8OAjAJ-K5-977ZupASeD6d2uD8F9ESYurrNtYrJyxz/1/image.jpg
  15. Downtown Apartment Market

    Thanks. 502 in a quarter is crazy!