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  1. People seem to think that because nothing has been done, all the previous ideas wouldn't have worked. But we have no idea if they would have worked or not, because none of them were done. It's very possible we could have had a working facility by now that would be a huge point of pride for the city and county and one of, if not the most notable historical landmark in Houston.
  2. No, my point was that Minute Maid Park hadn't been a good catalyst for development, because of a combination of those factors and the fact that there are better areas of downtown that lack some of those drawbacks. Petco has enviable development and shows that factors such as parking and dead days can be overcome, but Petco is not a good comparison because it offers great views to nearby highrises (almost as nice a visual amenity as Discovery Green) and doesn't have a roof that closes over it.
  3. I'm not sure what you're driving at. My point is that, right now, most people would probably rather live close to Main St./Market Square or Discovery Green and walk to Minute Maid than live next to Minute Maid. From the photo you post of Petco, the view into the park is gorgeous and has attracted highrises with that view as a selling point. With Minute Maid, views into the park aren't much of a factor for development outside because the roof is almost always closed. I'm not sure whether it is common for ballparks to offer views to outside buildings. Some ballparks do. But not Minute Maid.
  4. Yes, traffic is better there than around NRG. But I am comparing living at MMP to other parts of downtown, which is the more pertinent decision if you are a developer or someone looking to live downtown. Right now if you could live near Main St./Market Square or Discovery Green and walk to MMP, this seems like the better deal. Petco is a little different since everything is full thanks to the waterfront so you're not living in an empty zone. Also, the point about interior visibility is that the attraction to living next to a ballpark in some cities is getting to watch the game from your b
  5. Would you want to live next to MMP? Every other night for 6-7 months of the year you have dramatic spikes in traffic and crowds; the rest of the time you have a giant dead zone next to you. Tons of parking lots everywhere. You can't see into the park, and after a few weeks the whole "Wow! That's Minute Maid Park!" feeling wears off. It's not like there's a good bar district now that the only neighborhood sports bars next to MMP have been bulldozed. I don't see any advantage to living there, unless you're right on Texas Ave. or between it and Discovery Green. If you want to watch games, live so
  6. I think the office landlords feel a pressure to do some kind of little renovation so that they can tout to potential tenants that it's been renovated. Just a little splash of newness in the common areas is what most office renovations amount to. In this case, it does not seem apparent why a plaza with a glass wedge sticking into it would be any more pedestrian-friendly than an open plaza. When you think of great office plazas like the Federal Center in Chicago, there are no glass wedges jutting out of the buildings, just crisp open plazas. I could just as easily see, if the wedge had been buil
  7. I do wonder how many short hitters of the past had his power, and what sort of weight lifting/supplements regimen is necessary for that physique. In most eras of baseball history Altuve is either an infield hitter with wicked bunt skills or maybe decides to be a horse jockey instead of baseball. The fact that he is a power hitter with 20 home runs at mid-season is very unusual. Note that I literally love Altuve and think he's the Astro GOAT.
  8. I am kind of surprised that the concrete paving of the bayou channel has lasted so well. Considering that the concrete at the condo tower that collapsed in Florida was "rapidly deteriorating" because of standing pools of water, this must be a very different type of concrete if it can go 70+ years of constant water and debris and still look like it's ready for another 70.
  9. Wow, thanks. Pretty much confirms that Discovery Green is the greatest idea anyone has had for downtown in the modern era. I am rather surprised that more has not been done in the Historic District, which is most likely because there are few sites large enough to build a large building with a parking garage. We need to learn how to do fine-grained development.
  10. Less space for water to flow?
  11. Rode this as a kid. It was fun, meeting other people and talking to them. I remember stepping on gum somewhere and tracking it around the train. Funny how things like that stay in your mind. Any train to Galveston would require additional bus usage getting around Galveston and will likely not be attractive to people who do not typically ride buses. Especially if you have kids and are carrying all the bags of swim articles. I love trains but driving the car to Galveston is just so easy.
  12. 59 is still being sunk through the Museum District, correct? Is the 59/288 extra-wide section still being rebuilt? How long until you think TxDOT comes back with another (scaled-back) plan for I-45? I could see it being widened north of 610 but left at its current size inside 610, similar to the Katy Freeway.
  13. Come on man, this HGAC vote is like the 2017 World Series for him. You're not going to take it away. It's going to be cherished forever.
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