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  1. Wow, they really screwed that one up. It's not like that corner is the hub of downtown excitement; an elegant steakhouse would have been perfect.
  2. The white terrazzo floor in the food hall reminds me of my old high school cafeteria.
  3. I think Jesse would have wanted Houston Endowment up in Texas Commerce Tower rather than down in the park. He always preferred downtown to anywhere else. Lived at the top of his hotels and loved walking past his buildings every day. But I guess they've got their reasons. Cool that they're doing a competition, we should get something nice.
  4. Well hell, we walked the same footsteps. I went to Brill and then to old Kleb, moving into new Kleb in 8th grade. Never went to Haude though. I thought all those schools were nicer than Strack, maybe because Strack was two stories and thus more bruising to the eye, and didn't have a pretty campus around it like old Kleb did. I actually liked the character of old Kleb and Klein, which seemed kind of like a little village in contrast to the new fortresses that have been built there. It was nice to walk outside between classes. I appreciate your mom's hard work. Yeah, Spring-Cypress used to be a nice drive. So was Louetta for that matter. It's crazy how it has all changed. I'd give a pretty penny to be able to drive back there one day and see Gerland's staring across Stuebner at Safeway and its little shopping center with wood-shingle roofs, Gulf gas on the other corner and everything west of the Klein Career Center nothing but trees...
  5. Some background on things like why they paused for a year and a half and how they're allowing for-profit institutions in. Nothing said about when construction will happen. https://product.costar.com/home/news/593844335?tag=8192
  6. Feels kind of early-2000's, quasi-Enron. Some of the smaller buildings feel more contemporary but who knows if those are final designs.
  7. Similar thread under "Architects, Developers, and Designs."
  8. Especially when you think about how long the excavation process seemed to take.
  9. There was about a two-decade span where he and Philip Johnson were the most prominent architects in the world. Johnson played an outsize role in putting Houston on the map architecturally while Pei played the same role for Dallas, though each did important work in the other city as well. When buildings as unique and masterful as Dallas City Hall or the Meyerson Symphony Center or Fountain Place are built, they affect the lesser architects who do work in that city, to the point where over time the whole city bears the imprint of his hand. But Pei to some degree did this for the entire country and late/postmodern architecture in general. How many of our glass and steel or concrete office park atriums, conference centers, hotel lobbies, etc. were attempts by local architects to realize the articulation of space that he had achieved at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. or the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston? Just like every lazy arch or Greek column in an 80's office building or shopping center traces its way back to what Johnson was doing with historical elements at the time. An architect of their magnitude affects the whole spectrum of what is built.
  10. End of an era. Maybe the only full-time family restaurant downtown in the 80's-90's. Love the buildings in this photo.
  11. So if 19th Street in the Heights were made a Walkable Place, new development would have to have building facades along the street, but would still have to meet minimum parking requirements behind the buildings. That's frustrating.
  12. Nice. I had forgotten that. More of a Katherine Mansfield fan. FYI, I would not correct any other poster besides Houston 19514 on semi-colon usage.
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