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  1. I'm not sure how many people realized it but St. Luke's has been through some trouble. Some investigative reports about a string of patient deaths following heart procedures led to them losing their Medicare/Medicaid certification, which is a big deal. They had a patient die a couple years ago after receiving a blood transfusion for the wrong blood type, which doesn't typically happen in a first-world country. And their new hospital campus which was originally going to be complete around 2019 is now hoping to be complete around 2024. This place, particularly their heart surgery, is one of the 2 or 3 things that put Houston on the medical map. When they built their Cesar Pelli-designed professional building 20 years or so ago, they seemed to be a step ahead of everyone in the Med Center. Now they appear to be trying to stay above water. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/in-depth/2019/07/22/339994/after-a-dire-year-baylor-st-lukes-medical-center-looks-to-the-future/
  2. They gotta keep track of what they're building. It's like the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box.
  3. Also, if they are just giving it to MFAH in October 2020, it will probably be a few more months before the museum is open. We're probably looking at 2021.
  4. I think we need to take meaningful, visible steps on flood control before we can expect companies to consider us. Like a new reservoir or something. Aside from that, I think our best hope longterm is to outdensify and outbuild Austin and Dallas, and bill ourselves as the only truly urban city in Texas. Dallas has used its zoning to its advantage with its clean-cut look; this is how we use our lack of zoning to our advantage. And we have to hope that tastes will change. There are already a lot of people who prefer our grittiness to their slick contrived look. We just need these people to tip the scales.
  5. So... they're making it shorter? Or perhaps will build a different structure on top.
  6. Then the task will just be to get them all out of Baker Street.
  7. They worked with Whole Foods in Midtown. Might get one here.
  8. This is a step back or three from the earlier rendering unless I am not seeing something.
  9. The quote clarifies that they need more space and it mentions that they would like a satellite park. It does not say that they wouldn't want to expand within Hermann Park if space were available. They are not going to come out and say, "We sure would like some of that golf course land." It would set off a political hornet's nest. There are really few institutions of any kind that would not want to acquire adjacent land if it were available.
  10. Ok, it's completely false. I just don't care very much about this. I don't have any problem with an underground garage in Hermann Park, just don't think it will happen for reasons stated. You can have the last word if you want.
  11. The three exceptions that have been cited seem if anything to prove the rule that underground garages are pretty rare in large parks. I think that a significant portion of park users would rather not unload the kids, the dog, and the cooler in an underground concrete cave and then carry them up an elevator or concrete stairwell to the surface. This could just be my outdated mindset. I also think that the people managing the park would rather not pay for the additional security. It is more likely to me that if the zoo ever expands, it will be into the golf course or the land to the east of Ben Taub. But maybe we will join the Chicagos and Londons of the world and build a vast underground garage.
  12. Still think a below-grade garage in Hermann Park wouldn't be appealing, but it sounds like they're making it at grade somehow.
  13. I guess the fact that the zoo doesn't come out and say "we would like to expand into the golf course" must mean that they are not ever interested in expanding. Because if they were interested in someday expanding, in the long term if not the short term, I am sure they would just come right out today and say it.
  14. I imagine they would, in the long term if not the short term. They are on the small side for zoos.
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