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  1. Now is a good time to point out that what could have been a great amenity and focus point for Midtown, a park encompassing the entire Superblock, was doomed by Camden owning a portion of the block and refusing to sell, and doomed further when they built their project in the middle of the block instead of taking the offered land swap, cutting the envisioned park into two pieces. Of course they didn't *have* to do either of these things, but they could have benefitted all of Midtown (including their own holdings there) with a little more vision.
  2. This may be due to their being on the "frontier" in Midtown, east of Main and north of most of the other new multi-family development there. But they have pushed the frontier outwards, benefitting other buildings like the Travis.
  3. What's best about this photo is the stakeside truck on its way to the farmer's market.
  4. Their rents are probably low due to the pandemic and will go up afterwards, if it ever ends.
  5. In most cities, a park like DG would support 20-30 eateries within walking distance, assuming there's any tourism at all. When Block 100 gets developed, it goes from layup to slam dunk.
  6. Pretty sure there's something, otherwise it wouldn't have qualified for the DLI incentive.
  7. He expanded the boundaries of highrise development in Midtown and future development will be made easier because of it. What he was trying to do - build a bunch of towers between Main and Fannin as if it were Post Oak Boulevard, in an area where solitary figures roam carrying paper bags of who-knows-what - would have been close to a miracle. Doing this during the pandemic when virtually every urban highrise is becoming a distressed property no matter how well located proved to be impossible.
  8. Does Biv really know something or is he just regurgitating old information?
  9. That low muttering you hear right now is a bunch of Houston developers saying, "Hope you enjoyed your time in America. Rook."
  10. The Rustic is not even comparable to this in land value. Land over there is worth maybe $40-50/SF, a tenth of this. That is why the Rustic is located where it is, in the back of everything, because you couldn't put something like that anywhere else downtown. It is not a question of whether something will do well here. Anything would do well. It's a question of whether it will do well enough to return the cost of the land plus the cost of whatever you build on it. At this location, it will take a very tall building to do that.
  11. Here's a little perspective on how far we've come. Photo taken August 2001. Minute Maid Park (then Enron Field) is in its first season, 5 Houston Center and 1000 Main are under construction. Enron, the city's biggest corporation, will start imploding in a month. The city's hopes for a rail system have been dealt another setback with Tom DeLay refusing to allow federal funding for a starter line, although Metro has vowed to build it all with its own funds. Mayor Lee Brown is hoping to build a hotel for the convention center but such ambitions have been tried before and failed to get off the gro
  12. It's insane that the Burj dwarfs the Eiffel tower by that much.
  13. If we get something like Texas Live!, it would be at the bottom of a very tall building. There is no way something like that would be feasible on $400-500/SF land.
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