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  1. You posted a quote as if it contradicts something that I said. It seems to make no sense at all. What sort of "congestion" does a parking garage create? The idea was to give visitors a place to park since the Rodeo and the Texans won't allow them to use Reliant Park parking.
  2. So it looks like Emmett's plan has definitely been scrapped by Ms. Hidalgo. Doubtful if anything ever gets done while she's in office, based on her comments. https://www.click2houston.com/news/2019/11/20/what-happened-to-potential-plans-for-the-astrodome/
  3. Of course it's just getting replaced with another food hall there, but I could see if they were negotiating leases for multiple locations with the same operator, the operator wouldn't want them too close together.
  4. I hope they don't change too much about the interior of Conservatory, I rather liked it. Strange that a food hall would just up and move like that, but I guess a food hall is just essentially another restaurant when it comes to leasing space in a building.
  5. I think it sometimes appears that Austin has more because they are all concentrated downtown, since Austin zoning doesn't allow them to be built anywhere else. Whereas many of Houston's highrises are built with retirees in mind and located in some leafy neighborhood where it stares down on swimming pools and picket fences. Yes, we know this about you. 🙂 If they are still planning to build pure office using the same design from 2013, they certainly win the award for stubbornness. That location screams for hotel and residential components, in addition to office.
  6. Last time I checked it was Champions. First thing out there was Champions Golf Course. I guess before the golf course the only thing around there was Bammel, but Bammel got depopulated by a giant oilfield blowout.
  7. 2015-2017 there were more here. And more than in Austin.
  8. It will cost more, true, but it may end up being more feasible as this is a taller building and can thus generate more income with a renovation. If your renovation cost plus 10-20% incentive is less than the increase in value resulting from a renovation, then you renovate. The increase in value will be based on how much income those upper stories can generate. It would probably have to be office space rather than residential, and from what I know, there is a lot of empty Class B historic office space downtown in buildings already renovated (Esperson is sitting half empty a couple blocks away). So prospects are still a little iffy for this one. They can get a bank loan, just need to show the bank what the value will be post-renovation.
  9. We need to get some people down there and make sure those panels never go back on. Who's got the Ectomobile?
  10. Quality newspapers give perspective. Houston 19154 is right. As far as how Abbott handled the designations, he did what was best for economic growth in the state. I say this as someone who doesn't particularly like Abbott, but this is a no-brainer for any governor. Tell me, when you do your income taxes, do you take advantage of any/all deductions and loopholes available, or do you put on your boy scout uniform and try to visualize what was the original intent of each provision in the tax code and how you might best serve your country? It's the same with federal economic development programs. If you have a chance to place the most valuable real estate submarket in your state (downtown Houston) into a federal welfare program which will allow it to circumvent the normal taxes weighing on growth, hell yes you take it, assuming you can control your laughter long enough to sign the forms. Governors and congressmen who don't do everything they can for the economy in their state or jurisdiction get voted out quickly.
  11. H-Town Man

    Skyline update

    Ahh, Houston as it should have been, with the ocean lapping up to the shores of downtown. A Seattle-on-the-Gulf.
  12. Well s---. All the planets seem to be lining up lately in Houston development.
  13. The design was done in the last year or so and looks more serious than the concept renderings we sometimes see. It shows the landowner (I think Crescent Real Estate) is looking seriously at building here and may be looking for an anchor tenant to sign. Whether they can find one may depend on oil prices, right now lukewarm at $63/bbl but getting warmer with the Iran conflict and progress towards a China trade deal.
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