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  1. Well, they did an article already on the installation. Weird that they don't have a normal architecture critic anymore. Typically whoever their critic was was de facto critic for the country. I guess Blair Kamin in Chicago would be the closest thing to that now?
  2. It's curious that NY Times has not reviewed the architecture of this building. They did an article on the Latin American art, but no mention of the architecture. Their architecture critic, Michael Kimmelman, seems immersed in politics these days, judging by his Twitter feed.
  3. Yes, at $670/SF, that is pretty substantial. They could build a Fiesta from scratch for maybe a third of that. If they were just filling it with offices and some exterior cosmetics, that would cost maybe $100/SF.
  4. If you want good architecture and mixed use, you'll have better luck waiting. Both of those things entail risk and require willing investors. "Featureless and austere parking podium" is the kind of thing you get in a rush to just put something there.
  5. They're not making any new blocks on Market Square. If you want the best thing possible on your last remaining block, gotta wait until the cycle returns and investors have a real appetite for Houston again. I'm guessing 2025.
  6. You're right, those are cheap ways of inflating the numbers. Unfortunately this has become about as meaningless as "Houston has the second largest Theater District behind New York!"
  7. If they couldn't get this done in 2013-2014, I can't even imagine how they're going to do it now.
  8. Well, I wouldn't go that far. The Netherlands is a miracle of engineering, and most cities have benefitted from swamp drainage and flood mitigation. Downtown Houston used to flood much worse before they built the reservoirs, Galveston would be gone by now if not for the seawall, Austin used to regularly see downtown flood up to the level of 7th Street before they built a bunch of dams along the Colorado, downtown Dallas had massive flooding before they rerouted the Trinity River, San Antonio was able to build a riverwalk by bypassing that section of the river, etc., etc. But yes, t
  9. I think the alternative would be to keep Houston's most prominent scenic resource intact and accept the current frequency of flooding with some possible alternative improvements. They knew back in the 60's when they decided not to channel and pave the bayou that there was a tradeoff involved. Why these massive expenditure, horrendously ugly, good ol' boy plans keep getting proposed is a relevant question.
  10. "Brava!" is what you shout after a great performance from an opera diva. This building is two blocks away from our opera house. The hint of European culture and refinement and the association with young beautiful female singers are probably more marketable to this building's potential residents than anything involving historic Market Square.
  11. Taking this one down because the Costar Mossad will hunt me otherwise. Highlights: - Camden was going to have a pop-up hotel (WhyHotel) in the Conte but gave it up because the hotel market is even worse than the residential market. - Occupancy is at 39%, they are leasing about 10 units a month now instead of 30. - This is on top of a 6% drop in rents for downtown apartments. - Second Camden tower will likely be delayed. - Houston's hotel occupancy is down 38% and revPAR is down 57% year over year. - But that ai
  12. Looks like some legit Indiana limestone. Refreshing in a world full of the Austin garbage.
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