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  1. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    The renderings we saw of The District I and II looked to me like splash renderings, concept sketches to generate interest. I had the same thought when I saw renderings for the Allen. I imagine we'll get a quality product out of Caydon (not so sure about The Allen, even the name just seems weird) but the renderings we saw were beyond belief.
  2. UT Research Campus

    I'm not sure what public 4-year university is in Chicago besides UIC. I assume you don't think the University of Chicago is a public school. UCLA and CSU are on different tiers of the California higher ed system and therefore not competing. We do not have a tiered system.
  3. UT Research Campus

    It really isn't unheard of that a state would establish a flagship school and then place the other public schools on a lower tier. University of Illinois at Chicago is below University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UMass Boston is below UMass Amherst, etc. Texas is doing all it can to maintain two universities at or near the top 50; I don't think they want to level the mountains and have 6 or 7 schools all hovering around #100. Part of the fun of college is going off somewhere to school and that somewhere is usually not the big city, although Austin is turning into a big city. UH and TTU can hope for massive change but I don't think Houston and Lubbock have the legislative power to pull this off. Focus on the Houston philanthropic community. It is the best in the state. Find a pipeline billionaire who wants to help higher ed.
  4. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Ah. What does the C refer to?
  5. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Hopefully more of an Alessandra-type downgrade and not a Randall Davis, wish-it-hadn't-been-built type job. Edit: Remembering some pages back, it looks like they're getting their funding from the same place as Randall Davis does.
  6. UT Research Campus

  7. Battlesteins building purchased

    Would make a pretty good hostel.
  8. Theater District Master Plan

    Interesting. Thank you for your work.
  9. UT Research Campus

    The endowment supplies only a fraction, I think around 20%, of the annual budget, the rest of which comes from other sources. So there's a lot more that goes into your list. The California schools are highly ranked because in the 60's they developed a rigid 3 tier system whereby only the top students went to the UC schools, then the next level students went to CSU schools and the bottom level to community colleges. Whereas Texas never developed any such system and you have, to put it delicately, quite a range of students at both UT and A&M, our presumed flagships. If you cut those schools down to the top 10,000 students and kept nearly the same research funding you would have something like a UC school. Of course it would destroy the whole culture of both places.
  10. Battlesteins building purchased

    Agreed on inefficiency for parking. Looks like it's 50 feet wide. Not really efficient for anything, though. Marriott could just be acquiring it to control what's next to them and letting it sit a few more years.
  11. Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    I don't understand why you extend the Red Line to N. Shepherd Transit Center and have not one but two lines to Hobby when you could be using that money to extend the green/purple lines to Northwest Transit Center. It's going to be real interesting watching a light rail train go past all the junkyards along N. Shepherd. Instead you could be connecting all those people along Washington to downtown. This would also get more pieces in place for conversion of the Uptown BRT line to light rail.
  12. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    lol holy moly guys, let's get some holiday spirit and enjoy each other's company! No reason a forum for people who love architecture and their city needs to be so sinister...
  13. Battlesteins building purchased

    It very well might be. Parking is all the rage downtown. Although I would think they would have signed a long lease with the garage they've been using. And I don't think there are any curb cuts along this part of Main so I doubt the city would allow one, but we've certainly shot Texas Ave full of curb cuts so I wouldn't be surprised.
  14. Shepherd Row in the Heights

    Looks like a little make-up on what's there now.