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  1. Over a period of time It had went by two different names. The Buffalo Hotel and the Town House. I am not sure of the time line or which name came first. If you look at the aerial picture that I posted above you will see at the bottom that it was called the Buffalo Hotel in 1953
  2. T Bird, was the Mobile station across the street from the Retting's ice cream parlor on the corner of Main and Elgin?
  3. Thanks for the info. When I was making the post I had written that I thought it was possible that it could be from the 1929 flood and was miss dated, but then deleted it because I did not want to influence anyone thinking. I wanted total independent conformation which you quickly gave me. Thanks again for the quick response.
  4. I was looking at various pictures of the 1935 flood of downtown Houston and while trying to get a firm location and direction as to what I was looking at I found this contradiction. Look at the two pictures I have posted. Look to the building on the north side of the bayou on the left. I know it is hard to see but if you enlarge the picture you can plainly see what it says on the side of the building. In the first picture it says Grocers Supply Company. The second picture the same building says Guenard Speed and then I can't read the rest of it. I looked up the address in my 1937 phone book and couldn't find the Guenard Speed what ever. I was however able to find the Grocers Supply Company listed at 819 Commerce street which would be a viable location for that building.
  5. Yes, where the American General building is now. Its the same location where Town House or Buffalo House as it was also called at one time was located. Waugh drive and Allan Parkway.
  6. I am sitting here wondering why anyone would be hoping against hope that the 7-11 stores would return to Houston? We have one here in Smithville where I now live and there is nothing special about it. Their prices are high and the only time I visit it is to get a single item that I do not want to make a trip to the grocery store for. I could do that at any C store. If you have seen one C store, you have seen them all.
  7. I was scratching around and found where the name was later change to Buffalo hotel and eventually torn down for construction of American General insurance.
  8. That's it, the Town House. The years have took a toll on my memory. Thanks for refreshing my memory and the great pictures.
  9. I am sure that there are a few on this board that remember the Buffalo House Motel on the corner of Buffalo Drive (Allen Parkway) and Waugh drive. As a kid in the fifties I remember it well. It was a very nice motel and restaurant, probably one of the nicer of the era. It was also rumored that there was a pretty swinging night club there too. I had an older cousin that had something of a wild streak in her and it was one of her favorite haunts. If anyone has any pictures please post them.
  10. Thanks for the info. The picture was actually taken from the intersection of Polk but because of the overhead that now covers San Jacinto between Polk and Dallas you no longer have the same view. As you point out, from Dallas you can plainly see it. I took the picture in the early to mid 80's and I had Googled up and down many streets downtown looking for the intersection and finally given up. Again thanks for the help. Looking at my old picture you can see the parking garage on the right was still under construction at the time.
  11. I found this picture in a box of photographs I had in a closet. I know it is in downtown Houston but I have no clue as to where.
  12. Here are a few pictures I found in my old photos taken at the Prince's drive in at 4509 South Main about the mid 80s. In the first picture you are looking south east toward Fannin street. The grey two story brick building behind Prince's is Redman's uniforms. The second is at the same location with Main street in the back ground and looking north.
  13. That was some great information Sevfiv. I wasn't aware of the other locations. I do have a picture of the building when it was a Rettig's building.
  14. The Buick Grand Nationals was another car to take serious as well. I don't guess you could call this 69 F-100 a boulevard cruiser but it sure was a nice pick up back in its day. I ordered it with all available options for that year.
  15. At least when it was a Fingers, the home plate of old Buff stadium was preserved. This will be another jewel from the crown of Houston snatched never to be seen again.
  16. This is a picture of the house at the time the murders took place.
  17. I was meaning to say that the Foleys picture was at Pasadena town square.
  18. I was raised at 1525 Sul Ross and the location of the proposed green area was the location of an old service station and garage in the fifties. Interesting how things change. There is one constant in this world and that is nothing stays the same.
  19. I think it was Pasadena town square.
  20. I remember when the Valiant came out, I had to go down to River Oaks Chrysler Plymouth to look them over. It was a car that quickly grew on me although I never owned one. Time for another picture of one of my boulevard cruisers. 1963 Galaxie 500XL convertible. (I know Galaxie is miss spelled but that is the way Ford spelled it.
  21. The Borden's ice cream building was a Rettig's ice cream building before it was a Borden's.
  22. Beautiful 57 with the Kelsey Hays wire wheels. The 57 bird is one of my favorite cars. I have never owned one but look forward to finding the right one some day.
  23. Prince's #8 was located at 9409 Jensen Drive. There is now a McDonalds at that same location.
  24. Least we forget a picture of good ole Bill Williams, one of my favorite haunts when I was a teen. Bill Williams was located at 6515 Main. Known for their savage style fried chicken. The drive in portion of the restaurant was the big attraction for me. A hamburger and a drink that took an hour to eat gave you ample time for some boy to notice you and start up a conversation.
  25. Thank you Mollusk for the kind works. The car is indeed a 67 model. 67 was the last year for the four door convertible. Our car was a low mile (45,000) mile car when we bought it and had less then 50,000 on it when we sold it in 2002. We owned it for about fifteen years.
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