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  1. Your very welcome Nena. If you go back to Google street view, and zoom in on the front of the building you can see some of the detail at the top that is original. When I was looking close it looked like some of the front was covered with plywood.
  2. Nena, the address is 1145 Rothwell, it is now part of a Stasco warehouse. It was Southern Tire company as far back as the early fifties. I don't know what it was before then. As you say it has been through a few incarnations since it was built. This is the same building back when.
  3. I Christmas shopped at Almeda Mall during the Christmas of 76. I only lived about a mile from there.
  4. This ad is from 1969. After looking at the ad it appears that Make Mine Country and the Stampede was one and the same at the same time. Regardless it has the correct address and was going strong in 1969.
  5. Little Frau, you are totally correct. I met my husband there in 1969. At that time it was either the Stamped or Make Mine Country.
  6. After it was a Weingartens it became Van's Stamped Ballroom, later the name changed to Make Mine Country. The order of names may have been reversed and it could have been MMC first. I was a regular there throughout both incarnations. It could have later become the Texas Opry House after I quit frequenting the place.
  7. GNU is dead on target, I looked in my 43, 44 city directory and got some addresses. In 1944 Mary's was called LaHoma café the address was 813, the service station was not yet built. The oil field tool company was Dalley-Owens Tool Co. at 773 McCarty. The auto courts just north of the tool company was named Nif-Tee Tea cabins and was owned or ran by Liles Beulah. The location of Mary's and the service station was a Union 76 truck stop in the 80's and 90's. The building that someone had thought to be the original Mary's was built when the truck stop was built. I had been in that truck stop before with my husband and have eaten in the café where Mary's used to set. Its funny with all the looking that everyone on this board was doing trying to find Mary's café it is hard to believe that I had been by that very same spot many times and had actually eaten in that very spot. It gets to be a very small world sometimes and the answers to questions are under our very own noses.
  8. If you look very close at the sign and not the shadow, you can see it is a long word that is written on it. Also you can see it is oval and not round. Even looking at the shadow you can see it is oval.
  9. Someone mentioned that the service station sign could be Humble except that they were white with red letters. Some were in fact red with white letters and I believe that service station sign could very well be a Humble station.
  10. Yes, the L and C grocery was located at Arlington and 14th across the street from Reagan. My parents shopped there from time to time.
  11. Is the G and G model shop still there? I used to shop in there in the 50's. It was probably one of the best if not the best model show in the city of Houston.
  12. Libby, did you live on Branard? We lived on the next street over at 1525 Sul Ross. I well remember the vacant lot but after graduation in 63 I left for college and don't remember a lot about the area after that time period. I did notice in later years passing through the area that a grocery store had went up at that location. I have lots of fond memories from the fifties and early sixties of that area.
  13. The metal decorations on top of the canopy look like the fleur-de-lis. The dome light fixtures hanging from the bottom look to be very similar to the domed lights of the era that were common indoors. The grocery store on the left would be the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co or commonly called the A&P.
  14. I was using my lap top earlier and didn't have any pictures on it. I have found the picture, hope you enjoy it. It also has a big Rettig's ice cream sign on it too. Looking close at the picture it appears that an A & P store was next to the drug store. The photo is from the Sloane collection so we will give him credit for the pic. I have posted two pictures one from when It was built and the other as it looks now.
  15. When I lived in the neighborhood in the late 50,s the building was a cleaners. I think I have a picture of it when it was a Madings. I will check tomorrow and if I do I will post it here.
  16. I too have found many photos of Houston on the net as well as this site. Like you I am a sucker for old Houston area photos, I probably have well over a hundred of them on my hard drive. I especially like the photos of Houston from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. The 60's, 70's and 80's are OK too. Past the mid to late 80's do not interest me.
  17. I too remember the strip center and the drug store. I also remember a good looking guy that either worked in the strip center or lived directly behind it named Les. He owned a red and white 57 Ford. Les was several years older than me and I thought he was the coolest guy in the neighborhood. 57 Bird, who could ever forget Phil's, not only the best chicken fried steaks in town but also the best burgers around. I also remember the old carpet cleaning place across the street from Phil's. Next door to the carpet place was a model A pick up. It sat there for years, I always wanted that ole Ford.
  18. I did a little searching and found this article about the Record Rack. ( https://houstonhistorymagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Rockin-and-Boppin.pdf ) According to the article the Flintjers bought the shop in 1957 from the original owners and sold it to employee Bruce Godwin in 1986.
  19. I think it could be for converting the east bound lane for west bound traffic for a mass exit of downtown if the need ever arises. Sort of like the gates that are on I-10 for hurricane evacuation.
  20. Being a typical teen in the fifties I liked music. We lived on Sul Ross near W. Alabama and Shepherd. One of my favorite haunts was the Record Rack record shop. I bought a many 45 and 33 1/3 records in that shop. I was there so often that I got to know the owners personally. John and Helen Flintjer (I think that is the correct spelling) were great people and we stayed in touch over the years. We reconnected later years when we all belonged to the car club Convertibles of Houston. They sold the record shop either in the seventies or eighties and it lasted for quite a few more years. A couple of years ago during a visit to Houston I drove by the old location and it was no longer there. It was an old shop and was first opened in the forties. It was sad to see it gone. I am sure that others from that area also remember the Record Rack.
  21. Just about all the Utotems looked alike. I can tell you for a fact the one pictured above is on San Felipe. I had a relative that owned the Shell station in the back ground.
  22. Yes, that's the one. The Shell station in the back ground was at the end of Midlane street.
  23. Mollusk, you are so right, when I was growing up in that neighborhood Jimmy Green Chevrolet was there and that was in the fifties and sixties. Anything before Jimmy Green I don't remember. I only wish my foresight had been as good as my hindsight. It would have been interesting to talk with some of the old timers in the neighborhood about things that used to be in the area. I have no doubt that I had neighbors that could have told me all about it had I known to ask.
  24. Nena, it has been so long that I can't remember for sure what the house looked like, but I suspect it was the one on the right #2 because it was on the corner.
  25. I think the house is still standing, he also had shop across the street that was torn down some years ago.
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