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  1. The building in question appears to be circular in the photograph. I am 95% sure it is not the Prudential building.
  2. I found an aerial shot of the intersection of Stubner Airline, Shepherd and I-45, it was probably still US 75 when this picture was taken. The Texas Ballroom sat in V where the white spot is. Stubner Airline was still just as deserted in the late 60's as it is in this picture.
  3. Exactly, right where the Texaco is now located. When I started frequenting the location there was nothing past the TexasBall room on Stubner Airline. It was nothing but pastures and was a narrow one lane street in each direction with deep ditches on each side of the street. I had a boyfriend that bought 1966 Shelby Mustang, he was going to show everyone what it would do. Stubner Airline was virtually a deserted street at the time. He took off and his car got sideways in the road and he ran off the road into the ditch on the left side of the road. It had rained the day before and the ground was soft. He got lucky and the only damage done was to his pride. One of the guys from the bar pulled him out with his pick up.
  4. Probably in the mid to late seventies or early eighties.
  5. I have been sitting here reading about all of these C and W clubs around Houston in the late 60's and through the 70's and never once did anyone mention the Texas Ball Room located at Stubner Airline and I-45 where Shepherd met I-45. The TBR sat in the V between Stubner Airline and the feeder road or Shepherd as it was called from there on south. The house band was headed Ray Bates for several years. Frenchie Burke played with them at the time. Another one of my favorites in the seventies was The Stampede Ball room on Richmond. I also spent many Sunday afternoons out at Magnolia Gardens too.
  6. Pretty interesting read. Lots of stuff with in the link.
  7. I checked your link, the rink I went to would have been west of Gulfgate and was probably the Gulfgate Rink. Looking at Google, it appears that the building is still there. I also pulled out an old Houston map from the fifties and the street that is now Loop 610 was then Holmes Road. There was a crossover at Holmes road and Chaffin. The entrance to the rink was at the end of Chaffin.
  8. When I was ten or twelve years old my mother would take me to a roller rink at Telephone road and what would now be called Loop 610. I don't know what that part of Loop 610 was called then but you could turn right off of it into the parking lot of the skating rink. I do not remember the name of the rink either. Hopefully someone here can remember the name of the rink. I do however remember an older man that was always there named Oscar. Oscar was an avid and very professional skater.
  9. Things change over the years. The building my be configured differently now than it once was. I tried three or four different street locations trying to read the number over the door and at one location it said 7661. That does not mean that it was always that way and you could be entirely correct about the original location now being a vacant lot. It is hard to say with so much change over the years.
  10. Actually the building is still there. I am including a screen shot from Google for you. Please note the address 7657, the next doors is 7659 and the next the taqueria is 7661.
  11. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Mine is going fast too. I had at first thought the Curls for Girls salon was on the side of the pharmacy building, but after looking at it a bit and I started to wonder and checked the 1970 city directory and found why I was having those doubts.
  12. I looked in the 1970 city directory and found Big Humphrey's to have been located at 7661 Park Place.
  13. Indeed it is the southbound Gulf Freeway feeder road, however I do not think it was the former location of Big Humphrey's pizza eatery. I read the link that you had attached and it said he was located on Park Place. The location of the beauty salon in the picture I posted is and always has been a Gulf Freeway address.
  14. The strip center is on the west side of the freeway. See the picture above on my earlier post, you can see the side of Kelly's to the left of the picture.
  15. No, I am talking about the east side of the building, the Gulf Freeway side. When I posted yesterday I was almost sure the beauty salon was to the rear side of that building, but the more I thought about it I have decided it was in the building directly behind the old pharmacy building. I used to have my hair done there in the late sixties or early seventies. About the only thing I do remember for sure was the girl that did my hair was named Gail. When I pulled up the street view on Google maps it looked so different, for one it was not a red building back then and also it looked a lot nicer and more professional. The one thing that is still the same it is trim around and above the door to the Curls for Girls beauty salon. I also don't think that it had the canopy extended out from the building like it does now.
  16. Yes it was a Lang's pharmacy was in there for years. on the left side to the rear or Gulf Fwy. side of the pharmacy was a beauty salon named Curls for Girls.
  17. This place has been dead for the past couple of weeks. I guess everyone is out of town or busy Christmas shopping. When I was living in the city I always had a convertible and thus I was always ask to be in the parades around town. I was living off the Gulf Fwy. near Almeda mall and had a friend that was the chamber maid for the city of South Houston chamber of commerce. She would always ask me to bring my convertible and participate in the Christmas parade and other parades throughout the year. It was a pretty big event for the small city of S. Houston and fun was had by all. I have searched but can't find any pictures of the Christmas parade, but did find a couple of another parade in the Pasadena area.
  18. I haven't visited this tread in a long time. Another one of my cruisers from the past was a 1973 Mercury Cougar convertible.
  19. That building is on the north west corner of the intersection and is the old Weingarten' store. I lived only a few blocks from that intersection in the early to mid fifties and it was a Weingarten's then. The Madding's drug store is on the opposite side of the intersection and was still a Madding's drug store in the fifties. Today the building is gone and a El Rey toco place is in its place. Where the Jack in the Box is located across Washington used to be a Prices fast food place in the fifties, and on the other corner across Shepherd was a Gulf service station. The pawn shop you speak of was a Weiner's clothing store long before it became a pawn shop.
  20. I have some updated info for this thread. I was in Austin today and went by the state library to look at some old Houston directories. I looked at the 1945, 46, 47, 48 49 and 50 directories. Apparently Mary's café was for only a brief period, not one directory called it Mary's café. In 1945 it was Bill's café and kept that name through 1949. The Humble service station next door did not show up in the directory until 1949, so the picture had to be taken after 1949. Some time about 1950 or 51 it showed that the owner of the service station named Anderson put in an auto parts store next to the service station and I think it was the old Mary's café building. The Dalley-Owens tool company at 773 McCarty had also changed names to George Rental Service
  21. Is this the building you were talking about? It was located on the south east corner of Shepherd and Washington Ave. It is an old Madding's drug store.
  22. Marmer had it right, it does say and cash registers and adding machines. I found it in a 1958 Houston city directory. The address is on San Jacinto street and it is the J.J. Limmon Co. business machines. One more figured out.
  23. It was not a car dealership of any make vehicle. I have nailed down just about every car dealership that was located in downtown Houston during that era. Next time I am back in Houston or Austin, I will go by the library and look in some of the city directories from the mid fifties. In fact I have some business in Houston next week, and I will allow for a little extra time to go by the library.
  24. I have a 1970 city directory and at that time it was Houston Safe and Lock. What was in that building in the mid 50's is a mystery.
  25. Does anyone know anything about this building? I can't make out the lettering on the front of it. It appears the picture was made in the mid fifties. It was located on Leeland between Fannin and San Jacinto streets
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