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  1. The one on Edgebrook was also a cleaners when I moved to the neighborhood in 1972.
  2. There was a Price's at the corner of Washington and Shepherd in 1958. Here's an old Price's sign.
  3. I moved to the Sun Valley subdivision near Almeda Mall in 1972 and lived there until 2005. I remember a lot about the area as it used to be. It sure changed a lot over the years. Long gone are places like the Breezeway, one of my favorite dance places, Homers, Burger Mart in Edgebrook, Holiday World, just to name a few. I have many fond memories of the area. I don't know what year this picture was taken but it must have been in the 70's. The are grew profusely after Almeda Mall was built.
  4. Old Richmond road used to run through the city of Bellaire, over the years the street has been renamed. Does anyone know the name of the street now?
  5. The reason I was saying a Texaco service station was there later was because of this picture. From looking at the picture I would guess that the Allright auto park also sold Texaco petroleum products. By the way the building across Fannin street gave me the tip as to where the original picture I posted at the top of this thread was made. I had been beating my brains out trying to figure out where the picture was made when all of a sudden I noticed the building on Fannin. I know I had seen it somewhere and started digging around and found this picture and then I starting looking through the 1937-38 city directory in the 1100 blk of Prairie.
  6. Thanks for the link. That was very informative.
  7. I see, the church was on Texas street, that makes sense to me. Looks like the whole block suffered substantial damage. As I said above you were right on top of this one.
  8. I have to admit, your fast, but it was not at the Christ Church Cathedral. It is indeed in the 1100 block of Prairie. According to the 1937-1938 city directory 1102-12 was Waddell's House furnishing Co. 1114 was vacant, 1116 was Texas Buffet, 1116 1/2 was Hamilton Bros. Shirt makers as the upper sign would indicate and Southern Engraving Co. as the lower sign above the Texas Buffet would indicate, 1120 was Union Building and Loan. I didn't see a church listed on either side of the 1100 block of Prairie. What had finally tipped me off to the location was the white building in the next block with the windows open. I thought I had seen that building before and when I got to checking sure enough there it was, I then worked my way back through the street guide of the 37-38 City Directory and found the location. I had long ago checked the 37-38 alphabetical listing for the Texas Buffet but it was not listed there. I could also see the RT MAKERS sign on the second floor but had no idea what the first part of the sign said, the same for the VING CO sign at the top of the first floor. Perhaps the Church was a later tenant that came along after the home furnishing co and was not listed in the 37-38 directory. Regardless, you were right on target with the location. I will post some more mystery locations soon. Some I will know the location and others I will not know.
  9. This place has been dead for the past week or ten days so I thought I would liven things up a bit with a picture I have had in my archives for a couple of years. The location has been a mystery to me for a long time. Only a couple of days ago did I finally figure out the correct locating. It is always such a good feeling when it finally comes to you. OK sleuths get going. When we get a location I will tell you how I finally decided where the picture was made.
  10. When I was a young woman in the late 60s to mid 70s we used to frequent a country western bar and dance hall called Champions Ballroom. It was located on then Hwy. 149 now called 249. The address was 14005 W. Montgomery Rd. Looking at Google maps it would have been right where the Firestone tire store and the Lone Star Title Loan store is located. When you view it from above you can see the remainder of a concrete slab behind and between the two stores. That is what is left of the dance hall area. There was a lot of parking area in the front of the building. Are there any older kickers out there they used to haunt this place or possible remember it? I have many fond memories from that era.
  11. I had eaten at the one on Westheimer and 610 a couple of times. I had forgotten about it until this thread came up.
  12. Speaking of Pasadena Plaza, here is a picture I made there in the late 70's to early 80's. We had met there for a parade that morning. The white Eldorado in the foreground was my car. Note the Montgomery Wards store across the street to the far right of the picture. http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh167/Chelle_L_C/Pasadena%20Plaza%20Shaver%20at%20Spencer%20hwy..jpg
  13. I know we didn't have as many freeways in Houston in the 1960's but I sure liked driving around in Houston better then than I do now. To tell the truth, I liked the whole city better then. If you were on the streets regularly you knew the streets that had the traffic problems and which ones to avoid.
  14. In the early fifties we lived on Lincoln street which is now part of Montrose Blvd. My cousin and I would walk down to the Tower theatre on Saturday afternoon for movies. About 1955 we moved to the West end on Gibson street near the intersection of Washington and Shepherd. My older cousin and I would catch the bus on Washington to downtown and go to the Majestic. Lowes, or Metropolitan. I was only ten to thirteen years old and scared to ride the bus alone, so I would walk down to the Yale theatre at Yale and Washington. My mom and dad moved to Sul Ross street in the Montrose area in 58 and the theatre of choice was the Alabama theatre.
  15. I knew there were still a few around, I was just not sure about their locations. I knew about the one in Des Moines Iowa. I had been to a truck show there a couple of years ago and ran across it.
  16. I remember a Bonanza steakhouse on the Gulf freeway down about Howard Dr. I had eaten there several times. I am sure there were others in Houston as well.
  17. When you say I-45 and Beltway 8. Are you talking about North or South? I do not remember one at I-45 south and beltway 8. I don't imagine there was ever one there as it was would so close to the one at Almeda Square at I-45 and Kingsport
  18. We lived in West End until the mid 50's and that was where my mom always bought my school clothes. I went to school one block away at Ben Milam elementary. We lived in the 4900 block of Gibson.
  19. Class of 1960 for me. I have a good friend here in Smithville that was also in my class of 60. We were both on the city planning and zoning commission here and I kept noticing that there was something about her that reminded me of somebody I knew. I just couldn't put my finger on it. She and I got to talking one day and found out we had both attended Lanier at the same time and we also shared some classes together. All of a sudden it all started coming together. It was refreshing to meet an old friend that I had went to school with some fifty years later in a town that was a hundred and twenty miles away. Sometimes it can be a small world. I still have contact with a few friends that I went to school with at Lanier. The assistant principal was Mr. Stewart. His daughter was a class mate and she now lives in the Brian-College Station area. Mrs. Rubright was principal. My favorite teacher there was Mrs. Chalmers.
  20. Before it was Hwy. 249 it was Hwy. 149.
  21. The area brings back good memories. We used to frequent Highland Village pharmacy on the south west corer of Drexel and Westheimer where the Smith and Wollensky stake house now sits. They had a great soda fountain back in the fifties served up some of the best shakes and malts you could ask for. An interesting sidebar about Highland Village pharmacy. My dad worked for Ford Motor Company and traveled a lot. He had been gone for several weeks and I was really lonesome to see him. I was with a friend at the pharmacy one day and my dad was really on my mind and I was telling my friend that I sure wish he would come home. About that time I looked up and he came walking up to me at the soda fountain. Purely by accident he stopped by the drug store on the way home to pick up a RX and saw me sitting at the soda fountain. I don't know if it was coincidence or the closeness that we shared that I was thinking and talking about him in the moments before walked in and saw me.
  22. Lots of comments about the big hair, what's the big deal? Everyone wore big hair during the 60's it was the style.
  23. You are right, the buckets were very rare in the 67, 68, and 69 pick ups and you are also right that it did not have to be a Ranger to have the buckets. I had a 69 Ranger and I had a bench seat. Another one of my street cruisers was a 71 Mustang 429 car
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