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  1. On 1/2/2019 at 4:30 PM, 57Tbird said:

    I also went to Poe, Lanier, and Lamar (1953).  I lived in Southampton near Rice U,  I rode my bike on Shepherd to the Alabama for the Saturday morning kids' movies... usually a cartoon or two, a comedy, and a western (Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, etc.).  After the show I would go to Chris' Coney Island on the SW corner of Shepherd and Alabama and have a couple of hot dogs @ 2/$.25, and then play the nickel pin ball machine there.  Often went with my cousin who lived in the 2000 block of Sul Ross. This was the late '40's. Good times!  Parents didn't worry about their children as much back then.

    You were a few years before me. I graduated in 63. I have to agree with you those were some really great years to have lived in the area. I had friends that also lived in the Southhampton area. I had a cousin that lived on Wroxton Rd and a couple of other friends that lived on the same street. Had a good friend that lived at 2224 Albans and several more scattered through the neighborhood. I sometime wish I could go back to those days.

  2. I remember those stores well. We lived at 1525 Sul Ross. I think I frequented all of those stores at one time or another. My favorites were the Walgreens, Alabama theater and the Western Auto. I liked the Walgreens for the same reasons you did. Of course the Alabama theater was a Saturday morning given. The Western Auto kept my bicycle going and later my 55 Ford convertible. It was a great neighbor hood to be raised in. I also remember the Dunlavy Weingartens not very far from where we lived. The local schools were Poe elementary, Lanier Jr. High, and Lamar. Some choose to go to San Jacinto as it was closer.

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  3. The McDonald and the Prince family were related through marriage. Doug Prince had a number of drive-ins in Houston for years. The McDonald family were from the Angleton  Freeport area. The McDonald's came to Houston and started building drive-ins too. I think the first but not totally sure, but certainly the best location was located at Gray and Main on the north east corner where the current McDonald's is located. There was a Prince's drive in directly across the street where the Greyhound bus station is located today. The chain McDonald's was trying to get into the Houston Marker for years without success. They finally offered the McDonald family enough money and they sold the rights to the name and the property at Main and Gray. I do not know about the other properties that the McDonald family had. I have some pictures of that old drive-in but for some reason the system is not allowing me to post them.

  4. On 6/24/2018 at 10:58 PM, Rpearson said:

    My husband is a great grandson of Raymond Pearson. We would love to see any pictures that you may have of his car dealership. 


    Thank you,


    I graduated from High school in 1963, I went to school with a Ray Pearson, that was the son of Raymond Pearson, I think he went to work for one of  the dealerships because my husband bought a Mercury Cougar from him about 68 or 69.

  5. Another great old dance hall from the late 60's and into the 70's was the Texas Ball Room. It was located in the V at Stubner Airline (now called Veterans Memorial Parkway) and Shepherd or right where Shepherd and I 45 merge. The always had a live band. It was a fun place then had penny a pound night on Thursdays. They has a scale and it cost the guys a penny a pound to get in and the girls was a flat dollar to get in. Wednesday night was free for the girls and cost the guys regular price. Arch Yancey DJ at KIKK would advertise the club and say the girls get in free and the boys know it.

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  6. I was raised in the Montrose area on Sul Ross street in the fifties. The book stop was the Alabama theatre. I went to a lot of movies there. I remember a Walgreens, Wacker's, post office and a Western Auto being in that strip center. May have been others in the center, just don't remember.

  7. On ‎9‎/‎12‎/‎2010 at 10:55 AM, 57Tbird said:

    I went back and looked again at the same page full of ads (1969), where I found Van's and found this. I didn't remember there being so many clubs in Houston back then. There are dozens in there.


    Dee Vickery is now a preacher. She has a ministry near San Antonio. She reaches out to a lot of young people and really doing a lot of good.

  8. On ‎12‎/‎2‎/‎2015 at 9:52 PM, vw4fun said:

    I remember the white sands at Magnolia Gardens when I was a kid.  My parents enjoyed going there many a time.  They saw Elvis when he was there.  I remember going with them around '62 and George Jones was playing there at the time.  During a break I took a picture George Jones leaning on his white '60 Ford Falcon with a broken head light and a Pearl beer on the hood.  He was wearing his cool flat top at the time.  'Ol George was my Dad's favorite country singer.  I'll find that picture and post it on here one day.  

    Post the picture of George Jones, we would love to see it.

  9. My family lived on Gibson street just a few blocks from there until 1958 when we moved to the Montrose area. I went to school at Ben Milam and there were several kids from Faith Home that went to school with me. I have fond memories of us playing together. I wish I could remember some names but my mind is slipping as I get older.

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  10. I was raised in the Montrose area at 1525 Sul Ross St. I graduated in 63 and left home and never returned to the area. I do remember that Art Wren's restaurant  was a hang out for gay men. I remember some boys at Lanier and Lamar saying that they would go by in a car and yell things at men coming our the café. That was a long time ago and the house I was raised in is now long gone.

  11. On ‎10‎/‎21‎/‎2015 at 8:40 PM, MirrersTrucking said:

    Ok, hang on... When did Lawrence Marshall close and Landmark change names??? Does that mean Ray Childress is unemployed now? Is Mel Farr Ford still around? Also, what is the name of the Ford dealer on 59 that is or was just inside the North Loop?

    The Ford dealership just inside the North Loop was a Bayou City Ford. It was a Big Ford truck dealership.

  12. one afternoon some friends and I went to the wrestling matches downtown. I remember Handsome Johnny Barend and the Missing Link and another wrestler that I can't remember the name of. After the wrestling matches we goofed around for a short while and about six in the evening we heading to Shakey's for some pizza. The place was crowded and with very few seats. All of a sudden about ten people get up that was sitting together and left. My friends and I grabbed  the seats and right behind us came another party of three and sat next to us. As I started looking at the new people that has sat down I noticed it was Handsome Johnny Barend, the Missing link and the other guy we has seen earlier. Only now they weren't at each other throat ready to tear each others head off and the biggest surprise was the Missing Link, he had his hair combed and was not being led around with a steel collar and chain and now he could talk instead of just grunt. We all had a good visit and had a lot of fun that night and I gained a lot of insight on the wrestling profession.

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  13. A great Country and Western club was Van's Stampede Ballroom AKA Make Mine Country. Popular in the early 70's it was a really fun place to go. It was located on Richmond just east of Mandel in an old Weingarden store. I think there is an art gallery there now.

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